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The Thoughts Of A Red Cattle Dog With Whipped Cream on Top

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This Guy, Nathan, Has Got It Down Pat, Dude!!

August 10th 2009 6:01 pm
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We're with you Nathan J. Winograd!

More on that jerk, michael vick and that
other jerk, wayne pacelle.

Riding on vick's Bloodstained Coattails



July 29th 2009 9:58 am
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I don't know if you saw the news the other day.
Sarah Palin was on there givin' her resignation
speech. We didn't see it all, just came in at the
last few minutes. What she said freaked my
mom out.

"We eat, therefore we hunt."

She wanted the whole world to know that as an
Alaskan, this is what they do.

Hmmm. I don't think all Alaskans do this.
Anyway, I hope not.

I think she showed the whole world what kind
of a weirdo she really is.

Then mom thought about the wolves in Alaska
that are being killed by hunters and by her, I'm

"We eat, therefore we hunt."

Does this mean these hunters are eatin' wolves??

Man! Sarah and those hunters must be pretty
desparate if they're eatin' wolves now!


The Little Dude

July 1st 2009 9:32 pm
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We lost a good friend today
Jake, the Little Dude, is gone.
Gone but will never, ever be forgotten.
I thought he was an awesome presence.
Always a guy you could count on.
Funny, too.
And could he bark, or what!?
He gave my bro, Coop, some competition.
The Barkin' Duo!
Could you imagine if they would've gotten together!
Loudness times two!
Too bad they didn't.
Yep - too bad.

We will miss you, Little Dude.
You will live on in our hearts.

Run free and well, bud.
Bark some loud ones for us up there in heaven, will ya.
Watch over us, too.


Awesome Pals

June 5th 2009 10:54 am
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What can I say. I've got such awesome friends!
Everytime I ask a favor, they step up to the plate
to help out.

A big shout out of thanks goes out to my good
buddies for sending POPs to Rasta, who is ill.

Winston and his family
Wyoming and her family
Vayla and her family
Petey and his mom
Belle and her family
Dexter and his family

Special thanks to my beautiful angel friend,
Sydney and her mom, too. Thanks for watching
over us from heaven.

We love you guys! You have hearts of gold!


Power of the Paw for Rasta

June 3rd 2009 3:38 pm
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Rasta, a good pup pal of mine is very sick.
He and his family are asking us dogsters to please
pray for him.
So, pals, please go visit his page and send him some
love and comfort.
I know his mom and dad would love that.



The Victims

May 30th 2009 11:53 am
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Mom finally saw that program yesterday on NatGeo
about that wonderful place in Kanab, Utah, called Best
Friends Sanctuary - who took half of vicks dogs.
It had been on several times already but if you know my
mom, she always (ok, almost always) forgets to watch
something she thinks is important.
Well, actually seeing those dogs, made her think of the
article she posted in my last entry and all she could do
was cry through the whole show. These were the lucky
ones. The ones that were rescued just in time. The
ones who were suffering from physical and emotional
scars, but at least, thank God, these ones were alive.
She couldn't help but think of the ones that didn't live
long enough to be rescued. The ones that were killed
through fighting or the ones that were murdered.
What kills her is that there are so many others out there
that are suffering the same fate.
They will never be helped.
They will never be rescued.
They will be fought. They will be killed.
They will be murdered.
And no one will know about these ones because some
"famous" person is not connected to them.
All she can do is cry and cry some more. She hopes
that somehow, someway, these dogs can feel that
somewhere out in the world, someone is crying for
them, wishing so much that she could help them.

Please, lets not forget about all those poor bait
animals that are used and killed in this horrendous
"blood sport". They, also, are innocent victims.


HSUS and michael vick

May 28th 2009 8:14 am
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I know this is a bit much to read, but anyone
who has some time should read this. Mom has
really never trusted HSUS or PETA. She started
thinking a while back why these two groups who
receive donations by countless celebrities and
others (in the millions or maybe even billions) don't
have a huge rescue location. Or why they don't have
small rescue locations in every major city to help
with spay and neuter programs or even help shelters
or rescue groups.
I think HSUS is trying to look good just as m.v. is
trying to look good. Both trying to shine up and fix
their tarnished image. You scratch my back and
I'll scratch yours!

NOT gonna fool us!!!

This is a good read - devastatingly sad - but this needs
to be known. For the sake of all the dogs and bait animals
who, unfortunately, were used in this horrific manner.

In Bed with Monsters

May 25, 2009 by Nathan J. Winograd

Over the years, Wayne Pacelle, the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, has shown how little he appears to care for animals. Time and time again, he has taken positions that are the antithesis of what you would expect from the head of the nation’s largest animal protection organization. Time and time again, he has sided with regressive and even cruel animal shelter directors, championed the killing of dogs and cats, and worked to hinder the progress of the No Kill movement.

From Tangipahoa Parish, LA where he legitimized the unnecessary mass slaughter of shelter animals to Wilkes County, NC where he embraced the mass slaughter of dogs.

From San Francisco, CA where he fought shelter reform legislation which would have saved lives to the post-Katrina Gulf Coast, where he claimed “Mission Accomplished” and left with tens of millions in HSUS bank accounts which belonged to the animals who continued to suffer.

From legitimizing a round up and kill campaign for cats in Randolph, IA to fear mongering over the bird flu by telling people not to help, feed, or touch stray cats but to call animal control when they see them, agencies with a history of mass slaughter, even as the World Health Organization was telling people cats posed no risk.

From New Orleans, LA after Hurricane Gustav where he fundraised off the largest evacuation of animals in U.S. history conducted by a rescue group by falsely claiming it was an HSUS effort, to Virginia where he demanded that the Vick dogs be killed only to fundraise off of them by telling donors that they were caring for them, when they were not.

Given a history of anti-animal positions he has taken, it would seem unlikely that Pacelle could choose to do anything that would still have the power to shock us. But I must admit that Pacelle stunned me with how truly low and vile he has sunk with his latest scandal: helping Michael Vick—the most notorious animal abuser of our time—reform his image.

On hearing the news of Pacelle’s embrace of Vick, Bad Rap, one of the groups who helped care for Vick’s victims, responded:

I just can’t get myself away from the swimming pool in Vick’s yard. I first learned about it while riding in the back seat of a federal agent’s car that sweltering Tuesday back in Sept 07. The agent was assigned with escorting us to the various Virginia shelters so we could evaluate “the evidence” otherwise known as 49 pit bulls - now known as cherished family pets: Hector, Uba, Jhumpa, Georgia, Sweet Jasmine and the rest. I’m not sure if sharing insider information with us was kosher, but you know how driving down long country roads can get you talking. I imagine she just needed to get some things off her chest. She said she was having trouble sleeping since the day they exhumed the bodies on the Moonlight Road property. She said that when she watched the investigators uncover the shallow graves, she was compelled to want to climb in and pick up the decomposing dogs and comfort and cradle them. She knew that was crazy talk, and she was grappling with trying to understand such a surprising impulse.

Her candor set the tone for this entire saga. Everyone we worked with was deeply affected by the case. The details that got to me then and stay with me today involve the swimming pool that was used to kill some of the dogs. Jumper cables were clipped onto the ears of underperforming dogs, then, just like with a car, the cables were connected to the terminals of car batteries before lifting and tossing the shamed dogs into the water. Most of Vick’s dogs were small - 40lbs or so - so tossing them in would’ve been fast and easy work for thick athlete arms. We don’t know how many suffered this premeditated murder, but the damage to the pool walls tells a story. It seems that while they were scrambling to escape, they scratched and clawed at the pool liner and bit at the dented aluminum sides like a hungry dog on a tin can.

I wear some pretty thick skin during our work with dogs, but I can’t shake my minds-eye image of a little black dog splashing frantically in bloody water … screaming in pain and terror … brown eyes saucer wide and tiny black white-toed feet clawing at anything, desperate to get a hold. This death did not come quickly. The rescuer in me keeps trying to think of a way to go back in time and somehow stop this torture and pull the little dog to safety. I think I’ll be looking for ways to pull that dog out for the rest of my life.

So that’s where I’m at. A second chance for Vick? An HSUS sponsored spokesman for ending torture? In my mind’s eye Vick is still in the shadows at the side of that pool. As many times as this scene plays out my head, he hasn’t yet moved towards that dog to pull him out. Not there yet.

Even PETA, a butcher of a different sort, finally got it right:

To clarify misleading stories regarding PETA and Michael Vick, PETA withdrew its offer to do a TV spot with Michael Vick last winter when a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report on Vick’s dog fighting activities revealed that he enjoyed placing family pets in the ring with fighting pit bulls and that he laughed as dogs ripped each other apart. PETA believes that this revelation, along with other factors in the report, fit the established profile for anti-social personality disorder (APD), and we called on Vick to have a brain scan to help confirm this. People diagnosed with APD are commonly referred to as “psychopaths.” They are usually male, prone to lying and manipulation, often take pleasure in cruelty, and cannot feel genuine remorse, which frequently leads to recidivism. PETA had previously been in talks with Vick’s management, public relations, and legal teams about shooting a public service announcement to help combat dog fighting, upon Vick’s release from prison. In December, after consulting with psychiatrists, PETA withdrew the offer for the TV spot, and in January, we called on NFL Commissioner Goodell to require that Vick undergo a brain scan and full psychological evaluation before any decisions were made about the future of his football career.

Everything to Lose

When the Vick case occurred, the entire nation was horrified. The public’s outrage was unequivocal. This was the correct response, and a symbol of just how much people love dogs. But Pacelle, the leader of the nation’s largest animal protection group, is asking people to question that outrage and response. His actions threaten to paint a sympathetic portrait of Vick, despite Vick’s true one-dimensional nature as a sadist who takes pleasure in torturing and killing dogs.

Ultimately, the lesson this embrace of Vick imparts is that the brutal abuse, torture, and killing of dogs is forgivable. That they are only dogs. That the public’s response to the Vick horror was misplaced and overblown. In the end, Pacelle is helping Vick create a false image of himself as “reformed” so he can play in the National Football League again; to avoid the consequences of his actions by getting back the most important thing he cares about—even as he took away from many dogs the thing that mattered most to them: their very lives.

After the depths of Vick’s depravity were fully revealed, the punishment was swift and severe, as it should have been. He was banned from the NFL. He was convicted by the federal courts. He was sent to prison. He was bankrupted. He was despised by the American public. Now, Wayne Pacelle is asking us to sacrifice this precedent. After all, if the head of HSUS is willing to forgive, why shouldn’t the public and the NFL?

Are we really willing to lower the bar on how our society should react to such blatant animal cruelty in order to help a vicious animal killer? What could we possibly stand to gain that would be worth undoing that? Are we really that gullible that we believe Vick can actually influence people not to fight dogs? Are we really going to believe that a PSA or neighborhood talk is going to make people who enjoy watching dogs tear each other apart suddenly have a change of heart? Even if there were a small chance that this was so, without integrity, the “lesson” he is supposed to impart will fail. And it is no surprise that Pacelle can’t anticipate this because he himself appears to lack sincerity for the cause.

So we are left with the question of whether we are really going to accept a few meaningless PSAs and public appearances for an end to the permanent, righteous consequences that Vick must endure by remaining reviled as a monster; by never being reinstated in the NFL; by remaining bankrupt so he cannot afford to rebuild the “Bad Newz Kennels.”

Working to dissipate the righteous anger, working to remove the consequences of Vick’s actions, Pacelle is opening a new chapter to a story that already had the best of possible endings our movement could have hoped for: When Vick was caught torturing innocent animals for sadistic enjoyment, he received a permanent and lasting punishment. He lost his freedom, he lost his career, he lost his money, he lost his reputation, he lost virtually everything. That is exactly how the story should stay ended. And Pacelle’s actions threaten to undo it all.

Nothing to Gain

In the process, Pacelle is helping undermine that which we achieved—showing dog fighters the high cost of punishment; sending the message that dog fighting is unforgiveable and will be met with swift, complete, and permanent recrimination.

To embrace Pacelle’s position, we have to believe that Vick has become a repentant animal abuser who now wants to help dogs. To justify all that we stand to lose as a movement—all the dogs stand to lose—we have to believe that Vick holds the key to ending the scourge of dog fighting. It would be foolish and naïve to do so.

Vick could not care less about stopping or preventing dog fighting. Vick did not have a cathartic realization he was wrong. This isn’t some soul searching effort to make amends. He got caught, pure and simple. Even his guilty plea was not a sincere admission of guilt but a strategic decision (given the overwhelming evidence and a certain conviction) to avoid federal sentencing guidelines which would have locked him away for far longer if he did not plead guilty. And even while he was pleading guilty, he denied killing dogs. Had he not been caught, Vick would be torturing and killing dogs, and taking great amusement in it, to this very day. Our work is about protecting animals, not embracing their abusers. And because our movement stands to gain nothing by this association, Pacelle is asking us to sacrifice the former for the latter. And in so doing, he is undermining our movement. Tragically, it is not the first time.

Finding Our Voice

Through HSUS, Pacelle has:

* Participated in the slaughter of some 150 dogs, including puppies, in Wilkes County;
* Lobbied to stop No Kill legislation in San Francisco;
* Lobbied to stop No Kill legislation in King County, WA;
* Supported breed discriminatory legislation in Indianapolis, IN;
* Told USA Today and Newsweek that killing in shelters is acceptable and that No Kill was warehousing;
* Misled the public about an epidemic of dog bites to convey the view that trying to save Pit Bulls was irresponsible and put children at risk;
* Told the court to kill Vick’s victims even as he was asking people to give HSUS money so he could “care” for them;
* Left New Orleans with tens of millions given to HSUS for the victims of Hurricane Katrina even while those animals were still suffering;
* Legitimized the slaughter of virtually every animal at Tangipahoa Parish animal control;
* Told people not to adopt animals during the holidays, effectively accepting the deaths of 1,000,000 animals as the alternative;
* Told the Randolph, IA community that he did not have a problem killing stray cats.

And now this. This unconscionable, abhorrent, and vile embrace of a sadist who takes pleasure in the torture and killing of dogs.

This movement has been too forgiving of Pacelle. Time and time again he has acted in a way that is the antithesis of what the leader of an animal protection movement is supposed to do. Still, activists in this movement fail to condemn him, even as he now asks us to embrace the most notorious animal abuser of our time. To be equally forgiving of that monster, as we have been of him.

Can anyone imagine the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence embracing wife killer O.J. Simpson to help him regain his image? Can anyone imagine the National Organization to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children embracing pedophile John Geoghan to help him regain his image? Can anyone imagine the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network embracing rapist Josef Fritzl to help him regain his image? It is unthinkable. And yet we in the animal movement, under Pacelle’s direction, are threatening to do this very thing, to having our movement embrace our version of Simpson, Geoghan, and Fritzl as a spokesman. It is beyond obscene. It is unthinkable.

When someone tells and shows us over and over who they are and what they stand for, we should believe them. No one can doubt that Vick is a monster. But sadly, despite the heartfelt pain expressed so eloquently about the dogs drowning in Vick’s backyard while he sadistically enjoyed himself, even Bad Rap, who deserves nothing less than unbridled accolades over their role in saving some of those poor dogs, refuses to see and condemn Pacelle for who and what he is. That is our movement’s own myopia. Just because Pacelle claims to value animals and he works for an organization with “humane” in its name doesn’t mean either is true. His actions time and again belie both claims. Which is why Bad Rap’s conclusion about Pacelle’s decision to embrace Vick as a spokesman that they are “not there yet” is not enough. None of us should ever be there. Ever.

If the dogs Vick tortured and Pacelle lobbied to have killed by the court could speak on their own behalf, their condemnation would be unequivocal. As they cannot, it is our solemn duty to do it on their behalf. And it is a trust we must not betray in deference to the power and position of those in our movement who abuse that power and betray our cause. As with any social justice movement, progress requires us to courageously defend what is right, even when doing so places us at odds with those in positions of power. We must put our allegiances to our ideals above allegiance to personalities and institutions. And this compels us to expose, reject, and condemn those in our midst who masquerade as leaders, such as Wayne Pacelle, but who use that power to willfully undermine our goals.

It is time for Pacelle to resign. It is time for him to leave us, and the animals, alone.

For further reading:

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19. HSUS Supports Breed Discriminatory Legislation in Indianapolis

All of them are available by clicking here. Read them as an indictment against Pacelle. And then decide for yourself. My verdict: Guilty, as charged. Pacelle must go.

That agent wanting to comfort the dead dogs
and the image of what the swimming pool was
used for is totally beyond sad. Heartbreaking.
Made my mom cry. How can anyone think m.v.
is repentant or sorry. We find it too hard to think
he is.

One thing that we all have to remember - m.v.
was not alone in doing all this. He had his
buddies helping him carry out all these heinous
acts. We need to know their names and feel the
same revulsion for them as we feel for m.v.

Poor, sweet, unfortunate pups - Be at peace and
run free and well at the Bridge. We're so sorry
you were not shown love while you were alive
here on this earth.



May 1st 2009 1:53 pm
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Well, folks, Oliver (our last foster) is out on a trial
since Saturday 25th. Seems like it's goin' well.
People seem nice and so is the place. He's got
another pup to play with. They're gettin' along
fine but of course Oliver loves everyone. We're
all hopin' it works out for him 'cause he deserves
it. Hopefully he'll be on his best behavior and
stay that way! Mom misses him but she thinks
it's about time he gets his forever home. We've
had him since he was about 3 months old.
Except there was that time back in December to
January when he was out on a trial at a home
that didn't work out. Now he's about 10 months
Mom says she's taking a break from fostering for
a while. It's kinda hard on her when she has to let
'em go. Her heart breaks a little with each one.
She'll be okay though. She's got all of us to cheer
her up or drive her crazy.

Good luck, Oliver. We hope this one works out
for you, buddy.


Bummer. Eight years old already!

April 11th 2009 11:07 pm
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Well, folks, April 12th I shall be 8 years old.
As my mom says Bummer! I know
I've said this before - she doesn't like us to
get older. Anybody's birthday is a bummer
to her except for Preston's 'cause he left us
so young. She gets sad instead of happy
when birthday's come around. She's weird
that way. She wishes we could stay stuck at
about 3 years old forever! I guess that
would be kinda nice.

She's been crying on and off because April
11th is Preston's birthday. So sad because
he isn't around for us to celebrate it but
we're sure he and his friends at the Bridge
had a big party in his honor. Happy
Birthday to you, little brother. Hope you
had lots of fun and got lots of heavenly


I've been Easter Tagged. This is a new one.

April 9th 2009 6:42 pm
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I've been tagged by the beautiful Madison, Mady for short.

Many of you are already familiar with our tag games, but just in case you're have to answer the questions below and tag 6 pals to play next.

*What is your favorite color for Easter eggs?

I really don't have a favorite color,
so I'll use my mom's favorite: Purple

*Would you rather be a bunny or a chick?

Neither. I'm already soft and cuddly as
a pup.

*How many Easter eggs do you think you'll find when you get to hunt them at your house?

Those days are over since my human
sis grew up. I'm sure we'll get some extra
treats. We have to celebrate the holiday!

*What kind of Easter basket are you hoping for?

I'm hoping for an Easter Basket full of
yummy treats, maybe some whipped cream
my dad makes in there somewhere. Some
cheese and chunks of steak! Mmmmm!
Makes my mouth water just to think about

Again, whoever reads this entry, please consider yourselves tagged.
Go ahead, try it. It's fun and it won't hurt too much!

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