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The Thoughts Of A Red Cattle Dog With Whipped Cream on Top

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Good Night Sweet Prince And Flights Of Angels Sing Thee To- Thy Rest

March 25th 2015 5:49 am
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It is with a heavy broken heart I come to tell you that I had to let
Redford go Monday morning. He let me know that he couldn't go on anymore.
Ever since I found out May of last year that he had liver cancer, I knew
this day would come. I was preparing for it, but many of you know, you're
never ready. My heart, my soul, my mind - everything that is in me is
filled with grief, but I know I had to do this for him.

I'm a night owl. Always have been. Monday morning about 5, I was in the
kitchen doing something before finally going to bed. Redford always follows
me in there even if I tell him to stay in his bed. It bothered me that he
had to get up every single time instead of resting, which I wanted him to
do because he had a hard time getting up lately. He didn't want to miss
getting a piece of whatever I might be eating. Such a chow hound. I wasn't
eating, but I always find a little something to give him. This time it was
a little piece of pie crust. I turn around to the sink and then turn back to him
and I see blood on the floor. I let out a scream and say, "Redford!!" He's
bleeding from his nose. This is so sudden. I'm scared. I reach for several
paper towels to clean him and there's so much blood. My heart is in my
throat. A couple months before, he had a nose bleed, but nothing like this.
He sneezes and it goes all over - the floor, the cabinets, on me. I'm
thinking I need to get him to a vet but none are open yet. I yell to my
daughter to get me lots of rags and to help me hold them to his nose while
I get dressed and figure out what to do. When I get back, he's sneezed
again and she has blood all over her, too. Most of the rags are full of
blood. She's completely freaking out...and am I. I take over
and hold a rag to his nose and it finally stops bleeding. I'm talking to
him and scritching him and he falls asleep for a little while. I tell her
to sit with him so I can make some calls. It's about 6:45. I finally get
someone at Petroglyphs Animal Hospital, but they won't be open 'til 7 and
there won't be a doctor in 'til 7:30. Relief. I start getting him ready
to go and I can tell he's gotten weak. He's having trouble walking. I
put him in the truck and leave. This is going to be a tough drive. I know
what's coming and I'm dreading it. I start thinking maybe they can help
him. Maybe this is not IT. He's been doing okay...but then reality kicks
in and I know in my heart that this is probably THE something that they
won't be able to bring him back from...

I was right. The liver is one of the organs that helps blood to clot. Since
Redford's was compromised by the cancer, his blood wasn't clotting like it
should. It was traumatic to see him bleed like that and I know I didn't
want him to go through that ever again. He was ready and I had to make
myself ready to let my precious beautiful boy go. I told him all the things
I needed him to hear. How much I loved him and so, so many other things I
felt about him. I hugged him so hard and cried so hard when he was leaving.
Now I am without my Redford and I feel empty, but one thing that gives me
a little comfort is knowing that I did everything I could to help him
through his illness while he was here in our little world.

I'm going to take a break from dogster/catster for a few days. It's hard
for me to get on here right now. I don't think I'll even get on the computer
at all. Sorry if I miss some birthdays and gotcha days. I'm okay. I just
need a little break.

I love you all-



February 7th 2015 7:59 pm
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Please go to her page for an update.




Keighty Is Very Sick

February 6th 2015 11:50 am
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Hi everyone.

First, my family needs prayers for Keighty.
Please go to her page and read the diary
entry my mom just added:

Keighty's Diary Entry

Second, I'm still doing okay. Trudging along
like my mom likes to say.

We love you all-


An Update On Me

August 23rd 2014 10:19 pm
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My mom took me to another vet July 31. I was pretty darn
sick. She wanted an x-ray to see how far my illness had
progressed. The good thing was that my abdomen was not
filled with fluids, so the vet said he'd try a "Hail
Mary" and gave me some prednisone to hopefully help me
feel better so I could get an appetite and eat. I guess
prednisone is a miracle drug, because I felt A LOT better
the next day. That stuff made me very hungry and I was
able to walk better. Before, my back legs didn't work
very well and I had to be carried in to see the vet.
I'm still doing okay.
I probably won't be going to the holistic vet anymore.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We love you


Feeling A Tad Better

July 30th 2014 1:56 am
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Tuesday, Redford ate some cooked hamburger meat, a little
bit of eggs, and a bit of rice and meat. Not much but at
least he ate something. His back legs are still weak and
he does have some diarrhea. He didn't get up much except
when I helped him go outside. He did surprise me once when
he walked into the living room like his normal self, to see me.
I got up, hugged him and told him how happy I was to see him
walking so good. It was just for a brief moment, though.

Once again, thank you all so much for your thoughts and
prayers and for caring about my Redford. What you write
in the paw-mails and the gifts touch my heart and my eyes
can't help but leak. I thank you for each and every one.



Redford's Not Feeling Very Well

July 28th 2014 4:51 pm
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Redford was acting his normal self yesterday when I
went to work at 11:30. Nothing out of the ordinary.
He ate the food I hide his meds in and all was well.
When I came home about 6:00, the crew goes out to
meet me to say hi and he was walking very slow. His
back legs were a little lower and seemed weak. He
met me, then went to the grass and plopped down right
away. He never does that. He got up, but he could
barely do it. He did not want to eat last night and
that alone scares me. He loves to eat, as you all
know. He didn't want to eat today, aside from a tiny
bit of corned beef hash. He's been drinking a lot of
water, though and all he's been doing is laying down
on a blanket in the bedroom. He's been out to do his
biz, but comes right back in. Oh my gosh...what if
this is the end? I'm so heartsick. I love him so much.
I knew this was coming eventually, but I'm not ready.
I'm not prepared for it.



Just A Little Update

May 31st 2014 12:22 am
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Hi everyone...
Well, I'm doing alright. My mom took me to a holistic vet the
21st. I'm taking three types of eastern meds. She hopes this
helps me. I still love to eat-this makes mom happy. She has
to make another appointment to see the holistic vet around
the 4th. We shall see what happens next.

My mom is very sorry she hasn't sent out thank yous to all
who have sent me all kinds of gifts and well wishes. Hope
you don't mind us thanking you here in my diary...
Thank you so very much for your concern, for your love, for
your friendship, for your prayers, and for everything. We
love you all so much.

~Redford & mom~

Please keep praying for my Redford.


The News

May 6th 2014 9:45 pm
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Well, dear friends...

it's major.

I can barely write this. My darling Redford has a mass
on his liver. The liver numbers were so high it could only
mean, man, I hate the word - cancer. Had several types
of blood work done...x-rays...the whole thing, so there's
no denying what showed up.
Never thought for one moment it would be this. I now he's
an old pup, but not this.
He's doing alright for now. Still loves to eat, silly boy!
I'll have to make myself be strong for him, but all I want
to do is cry. I love him so much. He's just special to me.
I love them all, but he's just...special.
I thank you all for caring about him...please continue to
keep him in your prayers.



Need Prayers

May 6th 2014 11:59 am
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Hey there pals...I'm not feeling well today so my mom and I would really appreciate your prayers. I have an appointment to see the dogtor in an hour. Mom is praying it's nothing major.
Thank you all.
(Pray for my mom...she worries so much when we're sick.)


Article Written By King Milo's Mummy

January 23rd 2014 9:23 pm
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Hey pals-
I got an email from angel Milo's mummy today:

Hi Esther-

Here is a link to the article I wrote about Dogster. They finally published it! Please share with friends or anyone you can think of. I'm trying to spread the article around as much as I can! Let me know what you think. Thanks!!

The Death of Dogster
(Click on green link)

So, I'm asking you all to help spread it around, too.


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