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It's so hard being meeeeee

What's up with this running around?

April 21st 2006 2:48 pm
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Mom's lost her mind. I know it, Burner knows it, everyone knows it but her. She's been making me stand all funny, and when I do it the way she wants me to, she says "good boy!" and gives me cheese. So, pups everywhere, I have the secret to getting lots of treats from the silly parents. No, it's not sitting, believe it or not! Stand pretty, and look really really works EVERY time! BOL. She's nuts.


sometimes a pup's gotta wonder what's going through people's- heads..........

April 11th 2006 3:53 pm
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Ok, I'm just a baby, but Mom says she's been around a while, and she keeps seeing the same things over and over again. Why do people insist on breeding their dogs? We will never understand this. We spend so much time every day telling people the same things about breeding, and we know dozens of good people who do the same thing, even setting up elaborate websites explaining why people shouldn't breed, taking out ads in the paper, contacting backyard breeders (especially BYB's who breed basenjis and RR's) but it never changes!! We try to help people learn how to recognize a quality breeder from a BYB....but it falls on deaf ears!!

It's SO FRUSTRATING. All these terrible things that happen to poorly bred dogs, but NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE!! It doesn't apply to them! Veteran breeders spend decades learning about their breeds, they never stop learning, and they will be the first to tell you that dog breeding is not a money making venture. But Joe Schmo down the street knows EVERYTHING about dog breeding because he got Poopsie from the classifieds (she must be breeding quality...she's AKC CERTIFIED and she's purebred!! I paid X amount of money for her and I darn well better make some money off of her!!) he went to Borders and got a paperback called "All You Ever Need To Know About Dog Breeding" and those snobby show breeders can kiss my patootie all they want to do is corner the market!!

IT MAKES US SO MAD!! Little doggies are MURDERED every single day at the shelter in your town, my town, everyone's town!! But your puppies will never end up with a needle in their leg, will they?? Rose colored glasses look good on you, but your outright ignorance is APALLING.

So go ahead.....breed your ill bred ill tempered genetic time bomb, make 50 bucks ( if you have a "stud" dog) or dump the remnants of your litter at your local ASPCA when your newspaper ad runs out. Those good folks down there will do their best to clean up your mess and will try to find YOUR PUPPIES good homes. Go ahead and make a buck off the backs of your loving pets. It makes me SICK.

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