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My life by Thunder

Momma finally updated my page!

January 28th 2006 6:29 am
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Well, as you can see by the photos momma has finally updated my pictures. It's been quite a while since i have written in my diary so let's see, what has gone on lately in my life....well...both momma and daddy have been home with us for a while since they both have been out of a job. Daddy started his new job driving a truck on Thursday the 26th...momma however is still looking for a job. Storm and I have enjoyed our time with mom and dad though.

We went to the dog park not long ago and got to meet some new friends. We met two red/white sibes and a black/white sibe that we played with most of the time. We also got to see one of our brothers who lives with a couple in Georgetown, KY....his name is Ozzy. Thankfully Storm has finally stopped her "i'm badder than you are" thing now at the park....I stopped doing that a long time ago when mommy would put me in time out all the time.

I better go for now since it's been kind of quiet lately.



WooooHooo It's Fall!

October 9th 2005 6:42 am
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WoooHoooo, it had finally become fall here in Lexington and the weather has cooled sister Storm and I have looooooved it! We are letting mommy and daddy sleep longer in the mornings and mommy said she can see that we have a definate "spring" in our steps!

Last weekend we got to go to Frankfort to see our real mom and dad and play in a big play area while mommy and daddy went to the party. We got to try fish...Storm really liked that and I got to have something called turtle. Man did we have fun! We rested the whole way back to Lexington and went to bed when we got home. I haven't seen my real parents since Storm was born and this was her first time to see them since she left. Our dad "Wolf" knew who we were, our mom, "Snowy"...well, she knew who we were but just like all her other kids...she didn't care much for us. She thinks that once you move've got to sink or swim on your own. We also found out that our mom is going to have more pups...not with our dad though. This time a friend of dad's "Shadow" is going to be the father. Mommy said that these pups will be solid white and not black/white like us.



What it's like being 2 years old

June 11th 2005 5:46 pm
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Well, I am 2 now and mommy says that I need to get rid of the terribles two's now before she loses her mind! I am always causing a bit of trouble...I'm a sibe though...what does she expect me to do! I can't help that I like to wrestle with my sister...I know it looks like I'm trying to hurt her but I would never do that...I love her.

I was able to meet one of my brothers at the dog park not long ago...he's 3 years old and looks a lot like me...his name is Ozzy's blueyed Ratliffe...Ozzy for short though. He was cool! We had a great time running and wrestling sibe style! I hope we see him again at the park!

Speaking of...mommt says I have entered the stage of doggiehood where the female sibes think I'm cute and want to flirt with me....EEEWWWWWW...There is a sibe at the dog park names Fiddy that really like me...she is always rubbing up against me and licking me! I just don't want to wrestle her way! It makes Storm mad when Fiddy does this...I guess she just doesn't like any girls trying to mess with her brother!

Well...I must run for now...mommy says that Storm needs to write in her diary and we need to go to bed soon...fine with me...I'm tired!

Good Night For Now!


Yeah! I'm back online!

May 14th 2005 7:35 am
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Man has it been rough for the last few months. Mommy and Daddy had to get rid of the internet for a while.

Well as you can see I have some new photos on my page. Mommy said soooo many people have asked her to update the pictures. I am 2 now and Mommy says that I am most certainly in the terrible twos! They had to get a new couch...I ate the old one...and they had to replace a few other things too. Now I must stay in what they call "my house" while they are not home. I like it though...I get peace from my sister who always is bugging me now. Mommy leaves the TV on for us to watch...sometimes we watch Animal Planet but mostly we watch a local TV Station where mommy's friends work.

Well, mommy says she need to update Storm's page too so I have to go for now. I promise to write more now!



Having a sister isn't so bad!

November 8th 2004 10:23 am
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Well, my little sister is now 5 months old and she's not too bad. She won't leave me alone though if I'm tryin to sleep! She is always wanting to play so she nips at my legs and ears! I try to make her realize that I'm the boss by grabbing her neck and draggin her around the floor but she doesn't care! Mommy gets mad at me though and says that I'm gonna hurt her...well...doesn't she deserve it for bothering me!

I really love her though...some other dog had stepped on her at the park and she cried out...I went runnin to protect her in case someone was botherin her! Nobody's allowed to mess with MY sister except ME! I kinda like how she always follows me around and will play tug of war with me. She talks alot now I have started to talk alot more too.

Mommy hates the fact that I have taught Storm most of MY bad habits and have gotten her to start doin them too! Whenever Storm does something that I taught her mommy will look at me and say "This is all your fault you know!" I think it's funny though!


What it's like to be me

September 28th 2004 5:11 am
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Other dogs have often barked "what's it like to be you Thunder?" Well, here is what a day in the life of Thunder was like BEFORE my pesky sister came along.

I would have a good sleep each night between my mommy and daddy in the big bed (I love to snuggle), then in the morning after daddy had a cup of coffee I would get a great game of zooomie! Man I really loved those! Then mommy would walk me and I would come back and take a nap while mommy and daddy took care of their chores. Mommy would take me to the dog park later in the afternoon and then I would get to eat when I got home. Another nap is needed after dinner and then the evening game of zooomie!

Now that my sister has come along things have changed. Storm and I do the zoomies and play most of the time. She needs lots of naps so I am nice and nap with her, I even let her sleep on me every once in a while. She likes to steal my toys but I guess that's okay since I like some of hers too. Mommy and daddy say they are happy that Storm is here so they can rest and work more on their chores while Storm and I play.

So I guess you'd say that it's good to be me and that I have the perfect family.

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