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My Tail of Devotion for Clover...Forever Loved

November 1st 2007 7:07 am
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Clover, you came to me in a dream...a little furry ball with the biggest eyes. You were so small you could sit in one would lay on your back in my lap with your little paws curled up and sleep for hours. I was alone...and so were you....what a lovely pair we made! Well, at least Daddy thought so!

He was fast to learn "love Clover"...we came as a pair. Do you remember the first supper date we had at Daddy's? You little stinker! You ate the left overs (without us seeing you of course)...and made messes all over the house! Hmm....good thing he liked us heh?!

The years seem to have passed so fast; it is hard to believe it was almost 18 years. In those 18 years, we were rarely apart.

When I was sad, you would come up on my lap, and gently kiss my tears...put your little head on my shoulder and sigh. You love was enough to take away all my sorrows. You were so cuddly....and would lay in my arms like a wee baby for hours.

We lived in three different homes, and two cabins. You were there for every nail and board as Daddy and I built our dream cabin at the lake. You knew the routine so well....every Friday you would nearly turn yourself inside out with excitement as we loaded up the truck to go to the lake (as though we would ever leave you! BOL!)

The lake was your favourite place....all the silly squirels...and that stinky stinky skunk! You loved your place in the sun at the cabin - on the cushy futon with all the front of the wood stove....THE best place in the whole world.

I watched your every move...never did you leave my sight...until now.

My heart will forever dance for you. Love Mummy....

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