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July 20th 2007 9:22 am
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The Official Rules: Pick 3 dogsters who you think are just fantastic and tell a little about why you feel that they are so pawsome! Be sure to tell them how much they are loved with a p-mail or a rosette! Isn't it hard to pick only 3?

I have been loved tagged by two of the greatest pups…..Daisy Mae and Shiloh….

Daisy Mae is incredible…wise…funny…compassionate…and truly a wonderful soul.
Shiloh…has a fabulous sense of humour…and is entirely endearing…so easy to love.

I feel totally honoured to be tagged by such wonderful pups!

So, now I have to love tag three pups…gosh…this is not an easy thing to do. BOL! I love so many pups….I have thought a long time about this, and decided to love tag a few of the pups that were so incredibly supportive when I made my journey to the Bridge…There were so many…and it is so hard to just pick…..

Sophia, Little White Hug

Sophia…so very kind and gentle…supportive and caring. Sophia watched and sent Little White Hugs furever…just to make sure our hearts had not completely broken in tiny pieces…and that we would find the strength to open our eyes and carry on through the day.

One of the lovely hugs was this:

From now on, when a breeze kisses your cheek you'll know it's your girl reminding you how much she loves you & that she's forever at your side.


Willie…such a beautiful and caring soul…I could feel the prayers from Willie…I really felt he and his Mom really understood my pain and sorrow, and felt such comfort in their words.

One of the little prayers from Willie:

Mom and I offer loving hands and paws for her to hold as she gets thru her first days without you.

Rosie the Chi

Rosie and Pepe…..when I first arrived on Dogster I would marvel at the compassion and loving, and wonderful sense of humour of Rosie. I will always love Rosie…she held my Mum’s hand through that last and eventful day, and offered support and love that will never be forgotten. I am proud to say Rosie is my friend….here is a lovely poem she sent to comfort my Mum, and guide me on my journey to the Bridge.

You have become the wind,
that plays in my hair.
You have become the water,
that washes away my pain.
You have become the sun,
that takes away my tears,
you have become the shadow,
who gives me the power
to fight with all my fears.
Now, you are in heaven,
sleeping your endless sleep,
living your prettiest dreams
on a cloud, so soft and so deep ...

Nortie….edgrrrr….& now Giselle!

I cannot quite remember when Nortie came to me….but it was like a gentle wind. We would converse, mostly on Sundays, and Nortie’s Mom would tell me about her wonderful family, and all about her work at the shelter. Even on the most miserable days, Nortie’s Mom would make her way to the shelter, and take those poor pups out for a walk to chase the ducks! Some of the pups were big puppies, and they would take her for a walk! BOL! I thank dog everyday for my wonderful friends, and caring souls….that enrich my does Nortie, edgrrrr and now Giselle (new furbaby!)
My pal Nortie is at the Bridge with me now…and we have a great time…chasing butterflies…..

oopps! that four! BOL!!!

..xoxoxoxoxo Clover…


Clover...Forever Loved


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