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Toys or Treaties - Please~!

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March 23rd 2007 8:34 pm
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Mommy has not updated my diary in a long time because we have our own blog and that is where you can see daily pictures and hear about our Pug mischiefs!

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I can swim!

March 27th 2006 3:28 pm
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I had so much fun this last weekend! We went to San Diego to visit my human grandparents and they bought Porky and I lots of treats! Mommy took us to Ocean's Dog Beach and we played there all day! I strolled the beach with Mom and went swimming. It was fun...especially because the last time we went I was a wee lil puggy and was afraid to go into the water. This time I showed Pork! Pork (my brother) was hesitant to go into the water even when Mom waived the fresh chicken chips. We met a bunch of other pugs but no one else went swimming. This last weekend was the best for me...but my brother was held hostage in San Diego. They said he was too fat to be carried on so now he will be with our human grandparents for a month and I have the house (and Mommy & Daddy) all the myself!


What's so bad about getting my anal sac sqeezed?

March 3rd 2006 2:30 pm
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Today was not a great day for Pork, my brother, or myself. Mom didn't feed us in the morning. No water. No food. Hungry. Then even worse, we had to go to the Vet! They said I need to get my anal sacs sqeezed...Mom got gross out. She has not noticed me scooting on my but. Mom says I like being dirty because my Brother never had that but I say what's so bad about getting my anal sac sqeezed? Besides, I am so cute, I am sure I will get lots of attention and hugs and kisses!


Toys R Me

March 2nd 2006 10:51 am
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I love toys! Sometimes my Mom gets mad at me because I take a bite of my food and then go launge and play with my toys. Usually when Mom and Dad are watching TV, I fall asleep playing with my hedgehog and it's still in my mouth! Of course, Mom and Dad thinks it's cute...especially because I don't love food as much as my Brother Pork. He gets yelled at for digging in the trash non-stop every night. My Brother sits for treats all day but I am just happy with my toys and following Mommy around all the time. Sometimes I get stepped since I like walking right next to her. Some say I'm a Momma's Boy but I say what the heck? Mommy always spoils me and gives me tons of treats and toys. :)

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