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Princess Diary by Effie Bahnhof

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Happy Fourth of July!!

July 2nd 2009 9:18 am
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Happy Fourth everyone. I was hoping for rain but looks like there will be scary fireworks. So, let's toast some Rescue Remedy cocktails and have fun!!

Ta, Effie



May 13th 2009 1:12 pm
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Sunday Mom & Dad asked me to go for a! We drove far away, up 400, past familiar towns & strip malls to Dawsonville. When we finally stopped there were sheep running across the driveway! Big white sheep being chased by a dog. I was not scared.

We went to the back of the farm to an enclosed area, where dogs were running after sheep in a fenced area. 3 big white fluffy sheep. Each weighed 100 lbs. I got a turn!!! I was hooked up to a long line by a nice trainer. She led me around behind the sheep. At first I did not understand what to do; I looked back at Mom and Dad with the video camera. The other dog outside the fence was interesting too.

But then my instinct kicked in, it was OK to chase and herd the sheep! I was in my zone. FUN! Did I say FUN! Because it was more fun than day care, dog parks, waking Mom up early, or birthday parties. She led me both ways and then 1 sheep was all mine. I tried catching him and almost took a nip while Mom gasped and said lamb kabobs. What’s a kabob? I was corrected and stopped; I just wanted to catch him so he could join the others. I chased them for awhile and was so waggy and happy. I did not want to stop but they said I was getting tired and was doing well. Not all dogs take to herding, some have no desire. Not me!!

We watched the experienced dogs herd the sheep and then went to lunch outside, pizza, not lamb ;) I got crust!!

Best part is, I get to do it again in the next month or so! Till then, I can watch my video.

Ta, Effie
The Shepherdess


iPod Dance

February 3rd 2009 9:31 am
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Mom had her iPod on all AM, even at feeding time. Usually I am very jumpy and excited to eat, like I am starving. I jump and spin around and then Mom makes me do Jazz Paws (2 paws up). Well when I did Jazz Paws, one paw came down and tangled into the iPod cord. It fell out of Mom’s ear and was wrapped around my paw, I ran away and it would not get loose, when Mom tried to unhook me, the iPod device swung around and that scared me too. I was spinning around tangled in the iPod. Finally Mom stopped me and untangled me. I got a cookie treat.

That better not happen again!

Ta, Effie


Rainy Day Road Trip

January 3rd 2009 4:18 pm
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Mom wanted to take me for a manicure, since they got the floors refinished, we have to go every couple weeks. Fine by me. Well, we got out and it was pouring rain. Mom could not open the car fast enough. It was foggy too so it took awhile to get there. At the store, I was happy to walk around and be dry. Was not nearly as scared as Mom felt I'd be. I was brushed and my nails were cut. Mom even bought me a chew hoof. Not sure how to eat it, but I carry it around in my mouth. Maybe I'll bury it in my crate.

Ta, Effie


Scary Christmas Tree

December 30th 2008 9:48 am
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Mom has very old ornaments that were her Grandma’s; they are Styrofoam birds with glitter that look like gingerbread. Sounds like fun, right? Yeah, until they fall. Yesterday, one fell from the tree and dropped to the floor, next to where I was laying down. I jumped up and ran. I came back when Mom hung it back up but laid someplace else. For revenge, I nudged the Eiffel tower ornament off the tree. I did not want those birds hung back up!

Ta, Effie


Christmas Goodies

December 27th 2008 7:49 am
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Santa Paws was very good to me! I got a talking cow, squeaking champagne bottle, Drooley & Bark sqeauky purse, and some cookies. Plus bully sticks & peanut butter filled rawhide. I was nice and let Trets open the gifts, since I don't like that camera.

Mom won't let me have a bully every day but I am working on her.

Ta, Effie


Holiday Shopping Trip

December 6th 2008 12:26 pm
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Yes, Mom & Dad took me to do the shopping for the dogs..cousin Nikki, cousin Peanut, my Secret Santa and the GSDRGA ambassadors.

We went to my favorite store, Top Dogs. I had fun picking out the gifts and of course my own, got a talking snowman!

I met another GSD that hates walking on the floors too. She tucked her tail and would not move her feet either. I do not blame her, those floors are horrible to walk humans in high heels, I guess. But when we made friends, no one's tail was tucked.

I got a sprinkle bone too. MMM. But it was not as good as the Arby's roast beef I tried to steal from Dad.




Tasty Thanksgiving

November 28th 2008 12:28 pm
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I had a feast yesterday..Merrick's canned Thanksgivng dinner. MMM. carrots, apples, turkey in sauce. MMM. What a special day. I highly recommend it to my pals.

Ta, Effie


Someone is Sleeping in Mom’s Bed

November 21st 2008 8:18 am
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For a few minutes. It was very windy last night and I was really scared. Around 3AM I jumped right in and woke up Mom. She went back to sleep so I was jumping like a bunny, back and forth. Sometimes I’d kiss her, and she wouldn’t say “Effie go to sleep, go to tub”...

I curled up for a few minutes on the bed until the wind howled. It was not a nice night. Can’t wait to sleep all day so I can be fresh for Mom when she comes home we are baking tonight.

Ta, Effie


New Collar

October 21st 2008 4:10 am
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My collar was getting worn so I got a new one from Dad. Mom was away last week. She went to a place called Dog Beach in San Diego. I have to say I am jealous.

Dad thought it would be nice for us to have sports themed collars for football season so I have a blue & gold Wolverines collar!

Mom says it is not so feminine but I like it. I think she will get used to it. Besides, it is Halloween and I can wear my ballerina costume.

After football season is over we can go buy a pretty pink princess collar.

Ta, Effie

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