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I Am Alpha (and Omega when I'm sleepy)

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groomers today

July 26th 2008 11:46 am
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i love them but i hate what they do! but they love me so much :) they always ask my mommy if they can keep me and Alex (mostly just me tho) cause they love me so much.

it does feel good to get scrubbed in the tub but i hate getting all wet. and i like it when they brush me cause it kinda scratches all my itchy spots but i hate when they pull the clippers out.

i guess you gotta take the good with the bad, eh? at least it got me out of the house and away from that noisy Hannah! good grief! Weiner whines but Hannah yipes!! she'll make your ears ring.

one other good thing about going to the groomers... i'll sleep like a BABY tonite!


i got the spcial seat

July 21st 2008 3:51 pm
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we went to dad's this weekend and mom brought along the bed that Lil Bit thinks is hers hers hers. she's always trying to hog it but this weekend, all i had to do was tell her mom was outside and then wait for Lil Bit to get up and VOILA!! the bed was mine!!! i laid all sprawled out on it in the air conditioner... ahh... it's good to be the winner.

and on the way home, i usually sleep in the front seat but mom put the bed in the back and made stupid Lil Bit sleep in that tiny stupid bed in the front seat while i had the entire back to myself.

yep, it's very obvious that she loves me best of all. i dont care what Alex thinks (he thinks she loves HIM best of all). i am the chosen one.


Alex goes a bit overboard

March 7th 2008 3:58 pm
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ok, so we dont see much snow but he freaks like a weirdo. he's running and running and flipping around.. sheesh.. it's fun, but not THAT fun. afterall, it still gets my paws wet. the only fun part is Weiner wants to come out until he gets out and then he's scrambling to get back in.. hehe.. he's such a weiner


ohhhhhhhhhhhhh noooo

February 14th 2008 3:20 am
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no more apples for me.

they not only gave me stinky farts but horrid diarhea... ugh..

mom sleeps with a breathing machine and it was the SMELL that woke her up at 3:30am..

ohh.. she was gonna call in sick to work today but it's Valentine's Day and she wants to show off her flowers and candy and gift..

she was up at 4am with the steam cleaner and febreeze but who can go back to bed?

and she may as well know when she gets home, there will be more to clean :(

no more apples.. and i loved them so!


cool new snack

February 13th 2008 5:53 pm
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know what i have discoverd?

I LOVE APPLES!!! they cruch almost as loud as my FOOD!! and they're sweet and tangy and juicy and i LOVE them!

tonite i got a bit wedged back at the back of my jaw and couldnt get it out with my tongue or my paw so mom had to hold me, pry open my mouth and dig it out for me.. hehe.. soon as she got it loose i CHOMPED it down :)

mmMMMmmm.. i love apples... but apparantly, they dont love me.. i got the most awful smelling gas right now PE-U!! haha! and i was sitting in mom's lap when i started letting them out :)




February 10th 2008 8:50 am
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the thing is, i could easily jump the gate if i so desired but when mom puts it there, i know it means DONT.. so i dont... but hey, when Lil Bit moves the gate and opens it completely up, well.. i have to go out and make sure they dont get into trouble (without me).. which they did.. pooping everywhere and chewing up mom's underwear. they even tried to get her new flip flop but she came home before they got too far.

i tried to tell her i had been sleeping on the bed the ENTIRE time but she was too angry to even listen. everyone was saying "it wasnt me! it wasnt me!" but they were lying (and it wasnt me).

so she sent us outside as punishment.. which was fine.. it wasnt even cold.. but i hadnt done anything wrong so i barked and barked and barked so she would know that.. and when she did let us back in, i only crawled into her lap so she'd know that i was innocent.

and she musta believed me cause she let me stay there.


Christmas at Wayne's

January 22nd 2008 7:03 am
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i know Christmas is long over, but with Lil Bit and Weiner's illnesses, mom hasnt been letting us online to update our diaries, soooo... I never got a chance to tell you about the smelly little person i met at Wayne's!

i think he was 2 years old in human years and he liked to play rough. at first, i think i scared him cause i would jump up and try to lick the food and other stuff off his face, but when he realized i could balance on my back legs and not shove him over with my front legs, well.. then he would just squeal :)

i babysat him practically all weekend.. and he eventually wore me out!! me!! i was so exhausted that when Wayne and i began the trip home, i looked out the windows for a few minutes and then found me a comfy spot and conked out! it was nice riding just me & him.

and then for New Year's, we all loaded up and went to Hayley and Hannah's so Wayne could cook for us. he thought he was cooking for mom and all but you cant make all that good smoked turkey and gumbo and not give us any!!!


tag teamin mom

October 21st 2007 6:40 am
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hehe.. we've kept her hopping this morning!

Alex wants to go outside and dig in the mud so she brings us all inside and i keep sticking my head thru the blinds (the ones she just replaced not too long ago) so she sticks us all OUTSIDE and then she remembers Alex's mud puddle and brings us all back in.. hehe..

wonder how long before she just opens the front door and lets us all roam free?? :)


it's almost fall

October 17th 2007 4:39 am
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you know what that means??

it means mom will let my beautiful coat grow out again!!

dont get me wrong.. summer is great! and with that heavy coat, i get wayyy too hot...

but WITH that coat, i LOOK wayyyy hot!!

mom says i am the most beautifulest pup she's ever seen. of course, she has to say that cause she's my mom :) and i think she's in the top 10 of humans i've seen. but what do i know?? ha!!


i've been blinded

September 5th 2007 4:29 am
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how am i supposed to sentry the house and yard now that mom put up new blinds??? the old ones were brittle and cracked and i managed to make a hole for myself... but NOW, i can't see but the tinest sliver and can you imagine how ineffective i am at warding off the evil doers now?? oh i bark but they can't SEE me!!


all because mom wants to be able to talk on the phone without me barking like a banshee?? c'mon mom.. i'll change :D

take the blinds down... let me do my job...


then i'll just sleep.

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