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Sometimes I'm Brave.. Most Times I'm Not :)

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someone please adopt me

July 26th 2008 11:42 am
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i'm running away. it's bad enough to have Allison and Weiner give me crap and i can even deal with the occasional bullying from Lil Bit, but now there's TWO MORE dogs to jump on me and get in mom's lap and be in the bed!

Hannah and Hayley are back. While i was excited at first (they are cutie girls after all) it quickly turned bad when Hannah just won't stop barking and she jumps in mom's lap and there's no room for me and Hayley snips at me when i try to smell her and i just give up.

to top it off, mom takes me and Allison to the GROOMER today!!! i am feeling very unloved right now. next thing you know, she'll just up and leave and strand me here with.. what? what's that?? she's leaving in a week for a VACATION?!?

i feel sick.


went to daddy's place

July 21st 2008 3:48 pm
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yeah, we call him daddy now... we never did have a daddy before and Wayne loves us soooo very much and we decided that it's time to call him daddy :) hope Trisha and Tiffany don't get too jealous :)

boy, we sure did have a good time but it was sOOooo very hot!! and my coat is a little too thick for playing in the heat, but there were these other two pups there that they tell me were Weiner's sisters. they kinda look like him but not exactly. i tell you what they did WHINE like him! HAHA! yep, they were family all right.

and they snapped at me a few times but i didnt take it personally. they just hate me like all the other dogs cause all the humans love me so much :) i am irresistable.

but the neatest thing about this weekend was dad bought this new fan for the back deck for me. he couldnt find my pool at the store so he bought this fan that blows water out!! awwwwwwwwwww man it was AWESOME!! i laid on mom's lap and just let the water bead up on me and ohhhh yeah... it was great.


haha!! i win!!

July 6th 2008 8:45 am
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mom's been spending too much time in the office where i can't get to her but since we've had fireworks and thunderstorms come thru, she's been letting us come in and i've managed to work my way into her lap like old times....

yep, i remember i used to sleep peacefully in her lap while she did her online stuff but once Lil Bit and Weiner came along, well ..she figured it wasnt fair to let me in and not them.

and the only reason she cant let Weiner in is cause he PEES on everything while she's not looking.

but after the past couple of days, i wasnt about to give up so easily when she went into the office. i sat there at the door and cried and barked and whimpered until FINALLY she came and got me, only me!!

the others were all quiet and still and never saw her get me so i got to stay in her lap while she worked. but then her leg went to sleep and she put me back out with the others so i REALLY started complaining. i bet i complained for 10 full minutes before she finally came to get me but by this time, EVERYBODY was sitting there!!

she grabbed me and i'm sure she expected the others to go back to sleep but Weiner saw what happened when i cried so now HE'S crying!! haha!! but i still have mom's lap.

i win.


i just took on a dog 10 times my size!!

July 4th 2008 6:47 am
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and boy do i feel good :)

so, i was out in MY backyard minding my own business when i see this STRANGER in the yard next to mine!! oh, he was a big'un .. looked like maybe part dalmation, part mutant.. yeah...

but that didnt stop me!! i charged over there and demanded to know his name, rank and serial number! all he did was kinda whimper, but i wasnt going to fall for that. so i let out a barrage of barks and growls and i jumped up into his face and i chased him back and forth and all he did was whine and cry like a little baby.

hmpfh... a little baby... mom heard all the commotion and once she got past Weiner who was barking at a bumblebee (for god's sake... a bumblebee??? ) she couldnt see me because at the time i was behind the shed but in a flash here i came chasing that stranger dog and boy was mom proud of me :)

she came over and didnt even try to stop me or get in between us or nothing. and that other dog tried to whine to her for help but i got in between them and barked and clawed at the fence and... oh... did i forget to mention he was on the other side of the fence?? :)

well, that doesnt matter. i was still very brave.


whoa... i gave mom a scare..

March 24th 2008 6:16 am
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this weekend, we went to Dad's!! woohoo!! i LUV it :) anyway, he built me this awesome deck out back. well, it's almost built. and now it's so much easier to get down those back steps. but, when we first got there, i didnt KNOW that.. and i have always hated those stairs.. so when i saw Allison jump off the top, i figured i could do it too! so even tho it was dark, i LEAPT off before mom could stop me and when i hit the ground... thud... i just stood there.. i think maybe i just jarred the heck out of my right side cause it just went numb. i didnt cry or nothing but i just stood there.

mom just about freaked!! she called me (even tho i was standing right next to here) and when she saw i couldnt move, she snatched me up and ran inside to the light. she put me down and was trying to get me to walk. she thought i was broken and she was feeling all over my back and legs. she is just almost to the point of getting hysterical when dad comes in and assures her i'm okay.. just stunned.. he gets down there with me and makes her back away. he feels all over and says yep, he's okay.. just stunned and he needs a chance to shake it off.

and eventually i did. but mom wasnt gonna let me do any more jumping that nite :) so the next morning, when i could SEE, she showed me how the stairs were so much easier now.... and then we had noooo more problems :)

until dad put a lead weight on my tail to keep me from looking like a fru-fru dog :|



March 7th 2008 3:56 pm
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i love to jump in it!

I love to run in it!

I love to bury my face in it!!


gotta go!


i dont understand

February 16th 2008 8:41 am
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mom lets little bit and weiner go outside with her to the garbage and mailbox.. why cant i? so this morning, i just DID!! and at first i stayed close... me & weiner peeing on the same leaf but then she tried to get me and i ran far far away! i just want to see what's out there!!

i wasnt out long when she came driving up and i hadnt found anything so spectactular to pass up a car ride, so i hopped in :) we circled the block and came home.

i dont see what the big deal was. i was only out for a few minutes.. sheesh..



February 13th 2008 5:51 pm
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so mom's been on this kick lately about apples, yogurt and nuts. but she puts it all together in the kitchen.. you know, same place she makes GOOD stuff?!?!

so i give her my best look and sure enough, she finally drops a piece of what she's got and it's a stupid piece of apple...

i sniffed it and i would have taken it, but Allison grabbed it and chomped down like she was starving... gawd! so mom throws a piece specifically for me and she takes that! by now, Weiner's in the kitchen and Lil Bit aint far behind and all of this for apples???

it just dont make sense.


mom was soo very mad

February 10th 2008 8:46 am
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Lil Bit sprang us all from the kitchen yesterday and while mom was gone, well.. we made a bit of a mess and when she got home, she was soooo very angry at us. we tried to jump on her but she kept telling us to go outside. i dont hear her angry voice much and it confused me so i went the wrong direction after she looked away and when she tried to shut the door, she squished me a little.

not much. it didnt even make me cry or nothing but it scared her and hurt her feelings cause she was already mad and now she was afraid she'd hurt me. but i werent hurt :) and i let her love on me :) i didnt want her to be angry anyway. it was just a little poop .. everywhere.. okay, maybe we shouldnt have done that but once i got past the noisy gate into the living room, i couldnt very well go BACK and i'd hafta to go back in able to go outside and poop and well..

sorry mom :)


shave and a haircut.. two bits!

January 22nd 2008 7:09 am
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mom thought winter was here and let my thick coat grow out but when we went to Wayne's, i was soooo very hot! she decided when we got home that she could always put a sweater on me if i got cold, but it was time to shave me down again. i feel GREAT!! my pool is frozen up so i cant swim in it but i can run around in the back yard and not get all hot anyway.

mom's been letting Lil Bit and Weiner sleep in the big bed with me and her and Allison. hehe.. it's funny cause i hear mom complaining that with "four little dogs and a queen size bed, why do i have to sleep on the edge with little or no covers?!?" .. hehe..

at first i didnt think Lil Bit and Weiner would last in the big bed. Weiner likes to jump down but he cant get back up so he wakes mom up and she gets frustrated.. but he musta growed up some cause he's been sleeping pretty much all night thru.

i dont think mom could evict them now even if she wanted to. all she has to do is turn off the tv in the living room and both of them are at the door waiting to be let into the bedroom... gee, talk about spoiled.

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