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The Trash Truck Scares Me!!

November 22nd 2010 2:30 pm
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Hooray, mom and day are home all week. This is very important to me because today is Monday is trash day. You see, I am very very scared of that terrible truck that makes horrible noises! I get very nervous and upset. The noise of the truck makes me cry and whine, and when no one pays attention to me, I make them pay attention to me by clawing at anyone within a paws shot. And if they are not available, I will scratch at any set of blankets available to me. One day I even put a little hole on the couch. Luckily no one yelled at me for it.
However, when Mom and Dad are home they help me stay focused on other things, like sit, stay, come and the best one of all which is the find it game! They hide treats all over the house, and my sister Bella and I must find them. OH Yummy! This makes my tummy happy and helps to take my focus away from my panic attack and that horrible trash truck! Maybe if I just close my eyes and wish hard enough it will go away forever..... Hey.... it's gone!! Do you think that my wish worked?? Oh boy I hope so!


Who Needs a Watch

February 15th 2010 6:23 pm
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Who needs a clock or watch?? Stupid humans do, that's who. I surely do not need one to be able to know what time I eat and what time is bedtime. Dumb humans need alarm clocks to tell them when to do certain things. HA, I am much more reliable than a dumb ol' clock. Dinnertime is 6:00 every day. I start warning them that my dinnertime is fast approaching about a half hour before it is actually supper. You see, my humans need constant reminders that it is dinnertime. I would totally do it all myself if I also had an apposable thumb. However, since I cannot work a can opener, then the best that I can do is to make sure to remind them far in advance that dinnertime is coming.

What??? oh what is that feeling in my tummy... Could it be? Suppertime?? Yup, it is 5:45pm, almost dinnertime.

Well, I've got to go, my dumb humans need to be reminded early what time it is.



Look, a Squirrel!!

June 29th 2009 12:52 am
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Well, lately my days have been very busy. A young squirrel has moved in and it infuriates me that I can't catch it! Every day the squirrel comes out onto the wooden fence that surrounds my yard. It sits up there and wiggles it's fluffy tail at me to come chase it. If that doesn't work, then it scurrys across the fence about halfway and then stops and looks at me. I don't move, as it may see me hunting it. The squirrel then runs back to where it started from and the whole thing starts over again. By the way, when the squirrel runs back, I love to chase it. I then try to climb the fence to get to it. Also, something that you may not know is that squirrels bark kind of like us dogs. It sits on the fence, flicks its flufffy tail at me, and then barks at me.

You know what????

I think this squirrel may be playing with me.

Well, I will play back, that is until I catch it.

Oh look, there it is!! Gotta run.


Wiggle, Waggle, Walk

October 20th 2008 11:31 am
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Last weekend my family went to "The Wiggle, Waggle, Walk", a charity event put on by "The Pasadena Humane Society" in Pasadena, California. My bestest friend, Darby, and the rest of my family went with me. Little did I know that Dad and I would be taking the walk for charity alone, without the rest of my family. Well, that is not altogether true, I knew that Bella could not make the whole walk, so mommy stayed with her at the park.

We waited for my other friend, Allie, but we could not find her, so dad just fell in line and started walking. I was nervous and kept looking behind me. "Nope, my family is not with me, boo hoo..." I said.

I got to the point that I was enjoying the walk when Dad followed the crowd to the long walk instead of the short one that we usually do. You see, we usually do the 1 mile walk instead of the 3 miles walk. Dad decided to try the long walk.

Almost halfway through the walk, I started to get restless and apparently so did Dad. He realized that I didn't want to continue, which was good because neither did he. I heard himj say, "Good lord, I'm so bored and we are not even halfway there yet. THIS BITES!!!"

So, we turned around and went back. halfway back I smelled something and ran over to it. There was a very nice old lady sitting on a bench, but she is not what smelled. The smell came from a bunch of holes in the ground. GOPHERS!!!!! I ran from hole to hole sticking my nose into each hole. Why, it might be in there. Shoot foiled again, no gopher. Maybe it was in the big hole. Couldn't get my nose in it, so I dug it open. Still no gopher. DAMN!!

I wonder if there is a limit to how far I can dig. That gopher had to be in there somewhere. Maybe if I dog really far I will find that the gopher. Oh well, at least the elderly lady was nice and gave me nice pets and love to boot.

Finally, dad and I left and went to go rejoin Bella and Darby over at the park where the festivities were. Thank goodness that daddy got bored and brought me back because I feel so much more at peace when i am around my entire family.

Hmmm.. that was a fun, yet tiring day. I still wish I had caught that gopher. Hmmm... Oh well, that's live I guess....




That darn bird

August 25th 2008 7:37 pm
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v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v.... teeth are chattering and my body is quivering and it's all because of that darned bird. My daddy has a parrot who squawks really loud and it frightens me. I do not like that bird. I wanna eat it up, yum. It is in the other room and is making lots of noise and I do not like that. I need tender loving care and lots of reassuring that I am not going to be eaten or that my eardrums will not explode due to that darned birds horrible noise.

However, not all is bad, I did get a little licky taste of that horrible parrot the other day. Daddy took him out of his cage, as he sometimes does, but this time the bird flew off him and onto the floor. I immediately hunted it and tried to make friends with it by licking it and maybe even give it a little friendly nibble. Yum Yum, that was one tasty parrot, even though it was the ONLY parrot that I have ever tasted. Yum, maybe it would feel more comfortable and make less noise in my belly!! That would be a dream come true.

Well, one can dream can't one? Until then I will need to find a way to put up with SQUAWWWWWWKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

V-v-v-v-v-v-v- v-v-v-v-v-v-v



July 6th 2008 3:08 pm
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What a GREAT week!! I met a new friend on Thursday. You see, I kind of have a bit of trouble convincing my mommy and daddy that I can make friends with other dogs. Well, this week, I did!! "Ththththt...." See I can be trustworthy around other dogs!! I do like them, so long as they are nice and don't move too fast around me.

Anyways, my new friend's name is Maddy. She is bigger and younger than me, well, age ain't everything, I got the looks. I met her at my friend Darby's house. She lives next door and was friendly from the getgo, only mommy and daddy did not trust me right away. They kept me behind a fence, so I growled a bit, which I guess did not help matters much. Anyhow, when they finally did let me visit her, i went right up an asked her if she wanted to play with me. She was only too happy to oblige. We ran around together for a long time, even Bella tried to get in on the fun, but overprotective mommy and daddy put a stop to that. "She might get hurt... blah blah blah... stop babying her." I say (only it comes out as "Bark, Bark, Bark, Woof, Growl, Woof)."

I can't wait to see my new friend again REAL soon. Maybe this time she will come over to my house. I hope so. Well, maybe not today, I am tired from all of the recent activity, I think that the only activity that I will partake in today is catching some zzzzzzzzz's.



Mom's Chair

March 6th 2008 8:05 pm
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Hi all,

Well, what do I have to tell you about this fine Spring day. Last night Daddy was up later than mommy playing the DAMNED Xbox. I usually hate it when he plays but last night wasn't too bad. You see, I found that when mommy is not in her chair, it is quite comfortable for me to sleep in. It is just the right size for me to curl up in and take a nice nap.

However, enough is enough!! Sometimes, you just have to take the bull by the horns and tell people when you've had ENOUGH!!

Hmm. oh, mommy isn't in her chair. now is my time, but HEY, Daddy is turning on that horrible XBOX again!! Ok, I gotta go. This means war. When a doggy wants her sleep, a DOGGY IS GOING TO HAVE HER SLEEP!!


Hurray For Monk!!

January 13th 2008 12:22 pm
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Agility Class started up again today, and to my surprise, two of my favorite beings on the planet were back. Cesar and his dog (Black Lab/ Pitbull mix) MONK were back. I missed them so much!!!

You see, first of all Cesar showers me will love and affection, not to mention Chicken strips. However, about 2 months ago, MONK tor a ligament in one of his legs and had to have surgery. Then he had to be crated, or kept down for two months, sounds horrible. Anyways, that meant that Cesar and Monk were not in agility classes for the last two months. As I said before, I really missed them.

Oh fantastic wonderfulness, Cesar and MONK are back. I can't wait to see them. During class I whined and barked to see them, and finally mommy let me see them at the end of class. It was the homecoming of homecomings!!

MONK and CESAR, I am so glad to have you back in my life!


Big Party, Big Tired!!

December 16th 2007 12:54 pm
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Wow, am I ever tired today!!

Mommy and Daddy had a big Christmas bash last night, which Bella and I got to stay up for. There were lots of people there and lots of food for us to try to get. I think we finally went to sleep around 3 in the morning. That is about 4 to 5 hours after my normal time. You know that even us dogs need our beauty sleep. What you think that we are just naturally beautiful? Well, we are but the beauty sleep keeps us from biting your hand off.

Anyways, I got lots of lovin' and lots of treats last night, but I would give them all up for a good LONG night's sleep. Well, maybe I am going too far here, i would not give up the lovin' and treats for a good night's sleep, but maybe I would give up a little of it though.

SO, "yaughhnn" I think that I am going to go now, all of this typing has reminded me of how tired I am. I am going to find a nice soft free pillow to curl up on and....

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz......zzzzzzzzzzz....


Hey, I've got Class!! (Which is More than I Can Say for my- Dad)

September 20th 2007 10:15 pm
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Hi all,

Hey, I have been enrolled in a new class. Ha ha, I've got class. The new class lets me use my nose a lot. It is a "Scent Class", you know like drugs and bomb sniffing dogs???

Well, I am not going to be sniffing for any drugs or bombs, but we did do it for fun. Besides, if mommy or daddy put me in a situation where a bomb could blow up in my face, I would bite them where the sun don't shine.

The class is fun, when it is my turn. I get to find my favorite toy in a series of empty boxes. So far it has been a lot of fun, except for the time that I have to spend in my crate. I hate that!!!
I AM A PRINCESS!!! Princesses are not closed up in crates. How dare they do this to me, off with their heads!!! Well, maybe not quite yet, I am hungry and they give me treats, so maybe I will keep them around for a little while longer.


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