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I have a little brother!!!!!!

December 2nd 2006 9:31 pm
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Today me, mommy and my Aunt Shelby went and picked up my baby brother. He is really my baby brother, we have the same mommy and daddy. Mom thought that was pretty cool. He looks like me from head to toe. We went to grandma's house after we picked him up and we played with our fur-uncle cody. Mom then brought us home and we have been playing all night. Well, we've been playing between his sleeping and eating. He sleeps a LOT! I shall keep you informed in how everything is going. Until then...


Little Pup in a BIG City!

July 27th 2006 4:14 pm
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Today we arrived home from our vacation to Atlanta. I had the bestest time ever. We arrived Monday and stayed at the Westin. They gave me a Heavenly Doggie Bed to sleep on, but I didn't use it, I slept with mom and dad. (Picture above of doggie bed) We went to Centennial Olympic Park and walked around until close. Tuesday, mom and dad went to watch the Braves and I stayed with my grandma's friend. Mom and dad came and got me after the game and they bought me a Braves teddy bear. I was so excited I almost tore his nose off that night. Wednesday was the best day ever. Mom and dad left me with grandma and they went to the aquarium. We met back up at the hotel and mom showed me the new toys she bought for me. I got a whale and a penguin. I'm spoiled rotten! Mom and dad took me on the Marta (train) and we went to 5 points. We ate, went shopping and walked around downtown. We went back to Centennial Olympic Park and watched the water show. All the people I met on the street and at the hotel were so surprised to see how tiny I was. Dad said we had at least 500 people say something about me. I was very nice to everyone, a little scared but nice. We came home Thursday and made it in record time. (I think mom wants to drive for NASCAR!) I was very happy to be back home. I missed Bernie so much and I think he missed me too!


Pool party!

June 27th 2006 4:29 pm
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Today Bernie and I played in the pool mom and dad bought us yesterday. Mom put Bernie in and he jumped out. For those who don't know Bernie loves to take a bath. He usually loves that water, but I guess not today. I played in it for a minute, got bored and ran around. Pictures of me in my new pool and posted now so take a look. After that we had picture time. Mom decided to put me and Bernie in our matching shirts she bought us. The picture turned out funny, my eyes are closed. Anyways, that was my day. Wonder what tomorrow has in store?



June 26th 2006 4:38 pm
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Today mommy and daddy took me shopping for some summer clothes, so we went to PetSmart. I got a cute zebra printed dress that was on SALE, a hoodie for winter (also on SALE! Mom loves a SALE), a watermelon bikini, and I got a POOL! Mom said we could invite my friend Dasia (8 month old chihuahua, her mommy works with mine) over to play in it with me. I'm so EXCITED! When we came home mommy and I put on a fashion show for daddy. Daddy said I was the cutest thing he has ever seen (he says this everyday, that silly daddy). Mom laughed at me when I tried the bikini on, the bottom of it fell off when I was walking down the runway. Mom said that it was okay and she could pin it. After the fashion show dad put the pool on the floor and Bernie and I played in it until nap time. Going to wake up Bernie! Until next time...


Tropical Storm "Alberto"

June 13th 2006 6:49 pm
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TS Alberto came through today. We got hit with a lot of rain and wind. We lost power tonight and are writing to you in the dark. Mom tried to talk me outside when it wasn't raining, but I was too chicken. Hopefully it should be out of her by the time I wake up with mom in the morning. Positive side: mom says she sleeps better when it rains.


Glamour Day 2

June 5th 2006 2:29 pm
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Mom got in the first of 5 orders today. I was so excited to see what she got me. It is my Halloween costume. I'm going to be Dogzilla. Mom put it on me and took pictures of me. She said she'll post them soon. I figure the way mom shops I will have several costumes for my 1st Halloween. My 1st birthday is the day after. Do you think she'll buy me a birthday outfit? I hope so!


Glamour Day 1

June 1st 2006 11:54 pm
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Mom decided that we needed some more photos of me on my DOGSTER page. I got to put on my favorite outfit of all # 8 Dale Jr. We are a Nascar family, I wear it when the race is on. Mom made this dress for me, she is VERY proud. Wardrobe change...The sunflower dress was mom's next choice, it is still too big. Pictures are now posted above, look for more photos soon mom ordered more clothes and costumes...


Tooth Fairy

May 30th 2006 7:13 pm
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I lost my first tooth today. Mom was very surprised to find it. It was so tiny. Mom says I can leave it under my pillow for the tooth fairy and she will bring me something. I'm so excited to see what I might get.

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