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My New Game

March 23rd 2013 11:23 am
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Today mom taught me a new game, it's so much fun I could play all day but mom wanted to stop. She put some peanut butter on a bone and showed it to me, then she hid it in the living room. I found it in less than a minute! I love peanut butter, yummmmm! So we tried it again and she hid it in a harder place, I, Cory Jo, the great hunter, found it right away! Then mom said, ok, one more time. this time she hid it in a little harder place to find and she let all my brudders help me look, HA! they are no match for me, I found it first! I wanted to keep playing but mom said no more peanut butter today, she kind of hinted that I weigh too much already. BUT...she did say that we will play the hunting game again tomorrow and I will make sure she don't forget!!


I'm Doggie Of The Day!

December 20th 2012 6:11 pm
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We are so excited, mom was busy all day and didn't get a chance to check Dogster so after she got home tonight she finally checked and there was my face! She was so excited she called dad over to see. Now dad is all excited about it too. Thank you to everyone who sent me gifts and messages, this is a great honor, Thank you Dogster for choosing me! And Cooper, thank you for the pawsome picture! The first thing mom did was make that my top picture. Woo Hoo! Me, Cory Jo, I am Dogster Dog of the Day! Now to go flaunt my highness, my awesome honorableness to my brudders!! Thanks again everyone and I am wishing all of you a very blessed Christmas.


Taking Care of Mom

December 4th 2012 3:04 pm
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My mom went away on Monday morning and when she came home her foot was all in bandages and she had a strange shoe on. She told me she got surgery, what ever that means. I can tell that her foot hurts cause she layed on the bed all day with a pillow under her foot and ice on top of it. Well, she's my mom so I decided I would help dad take care of her. I stayed by her all day, we took naps and watched tv. Today she came downstairs so I'm watching her in case she needs help. Mom told me thank you for taking such good care of me Cory. I didn't mind, I like to help out. Well, I better go check on mom now. Oh and while I'm here, I want to wish all my pals a very Merry Christmas, I hope you get lots of treats and new toys!


Good Bye Gracie Marie

November 12th 2012 3:25 pm
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Today is a sad day. We found out that our good friend Gracie Marie, a beautiful, sweet mini Dachshund went to the Rainbow Bridge. Mom says we need to pray for Gracies mom because she is so sad. Gracie, we love you and we will miss you. All our love, Sammy Jo, Toby Jo, Cory Jo, JoJo and Sarge. Rest in Peace sweet girl...


Thanks to my pals for the prayers and the POTP's!

October 13th 2012 1:21 pm
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I have the bestest pals in all of Dogster! Thank you so much for your prayers and the POTP's, It's working! I am already feeling better but now I'm getting in trouble for running down the stairs and when I tried to jump up on moms leg so she would pick me up she got upset about that! I've been doing that all my life and now it upsets her, what's a doxie to do? Mom's just love to worry about stuff, now that I'm feeling better,and today I just started my first pill, mom is all worried if I will stay better when I run out of pills. I love that mom so much but she has to calm down! Anyway, I wanted to thank all the bestest pals in the world for praying for me and now I think I'll go lay down in the cage, it seems to make mom happy and then she might calm down a little.


I Hurt

October 12th 2012 8:36 am
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Mom and Dad are worried about me. On Wednesday (10/10/12) I didn't come running downstairs to eat when I heard dad put my dish on the table. When my breakfast was ready dad called and called me but I just wasn't feeling like eating, I kind of hurt. When mom got up I went downstairs with her but I had a hard time with the stairs. I never felt like that before. I still didn't want to eat but mom and dad wouldn't be happy until I ate my breakfast so I ate it for them. Since then I can hardly go up the steps and mom or dad has to help me. Today we went to the dogtor and she said it is probably my back. She gave me a shot and some pills and told mom and dad if this works I will be going up and down steps and jumping up on them to be picked up again in about a week or so. Mom says to ask everyone for their prayers. Mom and dad are still worried, the dogtor said if this don't work I will need an xray and then....well mom don't like to think about what comes after the xray. So if my pals could say a prayer for me, I would appreaciate it so much.


Christmas Time

December 21st 2011 9:48 am
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Wow, mom and I haven't been on Dogster for awhile but today someone sent us a stocking! Mom said maybe we should get back to Dogster so she told me to tell a story. Ok here's my story...There is something called Christmas, I don't know exactly what that means but every year mom and dad put a tree in the living room. Yup, I'm serious, a tree, and I don't think it grows there, they actually put it there. Then they put stuff all over it and some lights and then the best part, there are packages all wrapped in paper under that tree. Well, the other day I was looking over the packages when I got a wiff of a yummy smell. I started searching for the smell and I found it! I took the package and went upstairs to the big bed and opened it. There inside was a bag of treats! I worked hard to get that bag open and when I did, there were the yummiest treats inside so I ate all of them. Then dad walked in and saw that I had the package and was he mad! He said those weren't for you Cory, you are a bad boy! Mom was at work and he said you just wait till I tell your mom what you did. Well, mom was pretty mad too and said I can't ever have treats again and they said they are taking me to the vet and get me on a diet because I am getting way too fat. I don't get it, I thought the packages were there for us to open so I opened one and now I'm in trouble. Ok, I don't understand what this Christmas thing is all about but diet or no diet, I'm glad I got a whole bag of treats all for myself, they were soooo good! Well, there's my story and now I think I'll go look over those packages again and see what else I can find, hee hee. I love Christmas!


My Diary got Picked!

October 18th 2009 12:44 pm
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Wooo Hooo! I was one of five doggies picked for Diary of the Day for today, Sunday October 18, 2009!!! Bark Bark Bark!!! I'm so excited!


Not a Good Day!

October 13th 2009 5:43 pm
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Today I had a pretty bad day. It all started early this morning when it was time for breakfast. Dad put me in the living room and closed the gate, then he got our dishes and filled them with food. That's when the bad day started....he gave a dish to all my brothers and not me. I waited and waited but he didn't give me a dish. I was being so good and waiting so quietly. When my brothers were done he let me out of the living room. I was pretty upset...and hungry! After awhile mom put my coat on and I got to go away with mom and dad, just me by my self! I thought well, this day may turn out ok after all. didn't, we got in the car and ended up at the doggie Dr's. I didn't want to go in there but not only did mom and dad make me go in, they actually left me there. Really, they took me in, gave me to a lady and then they left. All day I wondered what did I do? Then the Dr. lady said it was time for my surgery, I didn't know what surgery is but I went to sleep and when I woke up, there was hurting in my mouth. After I was awake for awhile I heard people talking, it sounded like my mom and dad so I started barking. The lady came and got me and brought me out to the front office and yup, there was my mom and dad! Both of them smiling and telling me they missed me! They weren't going to leave me there after all! I heard the Dr. lady telling mom and dad my tooth was hard to pull out but she got most of it and the rest of my teeth are all cleaned up. So that's why there is hurting in my mouth. It was a pretty bad day but things are ok now. I got a special dinner and lots of hugs and kisses and pets. I'm so happy that I am home!


Cory Jo's Summer

September 27th 2009 5:34 pm
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It's been awhile since me and mom updated my diary. Summer is over and it's starting to get colder out. In June something really bad happened, we lost our brother Sammy Jo. The whole family was so sad. I don't really know what happened but mom says Sammy Jo was real sick and he went to a place called the rainbow bridge. We all miss Sammy, especially Toby Jo, one of my other brothers. Also in June, after Sammy was gone, we got another brother. He looks a lot like Sammy and he's a Japanese Chin like Sammy was. His name is Sarge. My other brothers and I have decided we'll let him stay, we all like him and he likes all of us. Him and JoJo get along the best but we all play with him. We went camping twice with mom and dad, and took lots and lots of walks! After Sammy was gone mom and dad decided that I could have Sammys dog park membership. Well, I went to the dog park with Toby and Tinker but I didn't like it like they do. I wouldn't leave mom and dad and go play, I hid from the other dogs and people and my tail was stuck between my legs, the hair on my back was standing up and I was so SCARED! I just wanted to go home. I don't know why Toby and Tinker get so excited when dad says lets go to the doggie park! After Sarge came to live with us, I told him about the doggie park and how scary it is. Well, mom and dad decided that since I don't have any fun going to the dog park that Sarge could have my membership. Now I don't have to go anymore and Sarge loves it there so that worked out well. Mom and dad take me and JoJo to different parks and they keep us away from people and other dogs so that works out well too. Another thing we did was go to the Dachshund Fest and this year mom and dad only took me. I didn't really like being around all those other dogs and strangers but mom and dad stayed with me all the time so it wasn't so bad. I tried the "weiner race" but got scared and ran back to dad at the starting line instead of going to mom at the finish line. They didn't care, they just laughed and hugged me. I tried bobbing for weiners too but I didn't want that weiner bad enough to stick my face in the water so I didn't do good at that either. I wore my tootsie roll costume and was in the costume contest and costume parade, but I didn't win at that either. Mom says she had a good time anyway, just spending the day with dad and me. Well, that's all I can think of right now, so I think it's time to go watch tv with mom, good night everyone!.......Cory Jo

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