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My 9th Barkday

April 28th 2014 3:51 pm
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I've been trying to thank all my furiends for the pictures and presents I got for my barkday but mom and me couldn't get on Dogster. I had a great barkday! Thank you so much all my furiends!

I got 3 awesome barkday pictures of me and mom was so happy to be able replace the picture of me in the snow! Thank you Cooper, Mr. Jack Freckles and Austin and Doo.

I got a beautiful crown from Flicka
Yummy cupcakes from Hershey and Winkie, Milton, Family of Scarlett, Elise and Anya, and Charlie

A gold bone from Tinkerbelle

Bluebird from Jerry & Linda
Ladybug from Sophie Claire and Harley Davidson
A Heart from Hershey, Kaci, Angel Bosco and Angel Bailey
Tulips from Romeo Beau
Ladybug from Austin and Doo
Tulips from family of NOT Hurricane Sandy
Bluebird from the MN Gang
Baseball from family of Cooper Allan
Bluebird from Mazy
Tulips from family of Nala Sue
Big Hugz from Penny, Grouse, and Freddie
Big Hugz grom Abbie and Family
Big Hugz from Tessa and Fitzcairn

And thanks to the ones who sent paw mail and comments, I have the best furiends! I hope mom didn't miss anyone. It was fun reading all my barkday messages. Mom and dad got me a new collar and leash and a big cookie that I had to share with all the other dogs here but it was yummy, at least the part I got was. And mom took me for a barkday walk in the park and let me run off leash when no one else was around. Maybe on my next barkday I won't have to be on a diet and then I can have a whole cookie!


My Diet

April 16th 2014 4:40 pm
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I'm still being starved to death, usually mom gives up on my diet by now but this time she is determined I am going to lose weight. I think it has something to do with me hitting 26 pounds. Well the day came that I had to go see the dogtor and the first thing they did was make me get on that thing that tells them I am too fat. Every time I get on that thing, the next thing I know I'm being starved to death, but how bad can it get, I'm already being starved to death. As mom held her breath waiting to see how I've done, the dogtor said 22 pounds! I lost 4 pounds! Mom was very proud but is this a good thing? Mom is now even more determined that I will lose more weight before I go in for my shots. Looks like starvation will become a normal way of life for me. And now she's talking about getting me carrots for treat time. Now I do like carrots but they don't compare to Beggin Strips and Milk Bones. I heard her mention rice cakes too, now that sounds better, any kind of cake has to be good I think!


Snow, Cold, Belly Bands, and Forgivness

January 7th 2014 10:41 am
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Ok, I've been forgiven for the big bed mishap but I'm no longer allowed on the big bed unless mom or dad is there with me. That means I get to sleep there at night but that is all. Being a Dachshund, I have to use my steps to get on the big bed so mom and dad put the steps on top of the bed and I can't get up there. I'm not happy with this arrangement but I'm happy that I'm stilled loved. As for that potty band thing, it won't stay on me! It slides right off over my tail and down my legs so mom puts it back on every 5 minutes. She is tired of that and has been thinking of some way to fix it. One plan was to put straps on that thing and hook it to my collar and her other plan was to stick Velcro all over me and the potty band and then it can't come off, I don't think so mom!
It's very very cold here and we have Tons of snow. Mom and Dad don't let us out for very long and that's ok with me because the snow is so deep my belly gets cold and wet! Keep warm everyone!


My End Of The Year...

December 30th 2013 11:33 am
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Well this year is ending and not too soon for me! I am having a bad end of the year. First of all mom and dad are all cited bout my brudder Toby Jo being Dog of the Week. Ok, I should be happy for him and I would be if I weren't so mad about what happened. On the day that we all got to open packages I got some toys and bones and so did my brudders. Well I thought I should let the brudders know which toys are mine so they won't get them all mixed up with their toys. Since I sleep on the big bed, yesterday I took my toys and rawhides and put them on the big bed and then I pottied on the big bed so my brudders would know this is where I keep my toys. Last night, When mom layed down on the big bed she felt a big wet spot. Ummm, she was a little more than mad. She took my toys and rawhides off the bed and told me to get off too! She took the blankets off the bed and checked the sheets, Then she told me you're lucky the sheets didn't get wet buster! Well today she is washing the sheets and Blankets and I am wearing a BELLY BAND! And on top of that, she closed the door so I can't get on the big bed. How can I take my naps and now my toys are all mixed up with my brudders toys. Oh what a bad end to my year...Happy New Year to everyone! (except me, I'm the one with the belly band)...


Moms Retired!

October 23rd 2013 5:24 pm
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Dad gave us good news today! Well dad made it sound like good news but my brudders and I don't quite understand. Dad said mom is retired today. That means she is tired again I think, so how is that good news? If she's tired then she won't want to go for walks or play "find the bone" with me. We think dad is mixed up and we hope mom doesn't stay tired again for a very long time.



August 23rd 2013 9:17 am
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Thank you Dogster for giving me Diary of the Day! I'm very excited! Me and mom have lots of thank you's to get to but she has to go to work so she said she will read me all my pals comments tomorrow and we will thank everyone for all the presents and nice words to help me heal fast. For now thank you everyone and thank you Dogster!



August 22nd 2013 5:11 pm
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Yesterday on Wednesday, my day started out like always, just a normal day. And then mom and dad left so mom could get a shot for her back pain. While they were gone that guy that's married to my human sister took me away to a place where they make you have a bath. He left me there! I was pretty mad! After my bath and all the other stuff they do you he came back and got me. Well, I was mad but decided I better go with him. Mom and Dad finally got home but I was mad at them too, I wouldn't even look at them. Today I decided it is all forgiven and then guess what? Mom and Dad took me away in the car to that doggie doctor! I tried to tell them that Joey has agreed to get that surgery, you got the wrong dog. Well, it seems that they told JoJo he couldn't go and put him in the cage. OK, maybe it's not JoJo's fault but I'm still mad at him for now because they gave ME the surgery. The Doctor said I have a tumor in my neck and it has to come out in case it has cancer in it. I didn't get any food all day, not even water, I got put in a cage all alone, and then they made me sleep. When I woke up my neck hurt and I was wobbley and groggy and still hungry! Finally Mom and Dad where there to take me home, going up the 3 steps to the door I fell off the second step and landed on the ground, how embarressing! So I tried again and almost fell off again. Finally I got only half my usual food and a little treat, help!!! I'm starving! I hope tomorrow they have no plans for me because I have it with this Mom and Dad! Well, I think I'll go to bed now, I'm tired and hungry and very very mad! Good night all my pals....Cory Jo



August 3rd 2013 1:40 pm
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I heard mom and dad telling my human sister that Cory Jo is going to be having surgery on August 22nd. Well, my name is Cory Jo but I'm sure they must be talking about one of my brudders cause I am not going to have surgery. OK, I don't know for sure what surgery is but I heard it involves going to that doggie doctor and you all know that can't be a good thing. Going to the doggie doctor means getting a needle poked in you and that really hurts! And then the doggie doctor weighs you and tells mom and dad that you need to lose a few pounds! So anyway, I have decided that JoJo will be the one to go get the surgery. I sure hope he will be ok. Well, I better go now and tell JoJo the bad news.


Thank You Friends!

April 27th 2013 2:49 pm
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Well, I'm 8 years old now, yup it was my birthday. For my birthday gift, mom and dad got me a membership to the doggie park where my brudders are members. Well we went last week and all I could think of was I WANNA GO HOME!! There's lots of big dogs there and they kept sniffing me, I don't like that. I had to keep barking to tell them to stay away from me. It's a scary place, I was so scared! My brudders, Toby Jo and Sarge seem to think there is no better place to be than that Doggie Park. I think they are both crazy! They can't wait to get in that gate and when it's time to leave, Sarge's legs quit working half way to the car cause he wants to stay. I just don't get it! Well, today I got a better birthday gift, mom and dad took me off the membership so I don't have to go there anymore!! Yay! All I need for my birthday is a toy, a treat and a nice long nap! Thank you all my friends for all the pressies and paw mails, Me and mom were so excited to see all the Happy Birthday wishes! Thanks to Mr. Jack Freckles and also Abbie for the paw mails! and Angel Whisper and Dixie for the baseball, A steak from Tessa and Fitzcairn, Pretty tulips from Sophie Claire and Harley Davidson and more tulips from my friends, Thumper Kramer, Kisha, Molly, Sheldon, Stuffy, Shadow, Ridge and Dutchess, Whew hope I didn't miss anyone! I also got a baseball from Jakie and a very yummy cupcake from Milo and Maruko and a Kite from Hershey, Kaci, Bosco and Bailey. Thank You everyone for thinking of me on my Barkday! I'm sorry if I missed someone but all the pressies were very appreaciated and I love them all!!.... Your Friend Cory Jo....


My New Game

March 23rd 2013 11:23 am
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Today mom taught me a new game, it's so much fun I could play all day but mom wanted to stop. She put some peanut butter on a bone and showed it to me, then she hid it in the living room. I found it in less than a minute! I love peanut butter, yummmmm! So we tried it again and she hid it in a harder place, I, Cory Jo, the great hunter, found it right away! Then mom said, ok, one more time. this time she hid it in a little harder place to find and she let all my brudders help me look, HA! they are no match for me, I found it first! I wanted to keep playing but mom said no more peanut butter today, she kind of hinted that I weigh too much already. BUT...she did say that we will play the hunting game again tomorrow and I will make sure she don't forget!!

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