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Finally a good home!

Still the baby!!

September 29th 2013 1:25 pm
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Its been awhile since I last wrote and just wanted to say all is great. I am still treated as the baby of the family which I really enjoy. I love playing with all the stuffed toys moms has gotten for us and am happier stealing by brother's toy. I have fun chasing the laser light that is used for the cats. My favorite place to be is snuggled under a fleece blanket or lying in bed with my head on moms pillow and the blankets pulled up over my head. It is my job to keep the cats in line and get the first bites of whatever moms is eating. I hate storms and shiver and cry until the moms snuggle me under a blanket on their lap.


Business comes first.

August 11th 2007 12:26 pm
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Everyday I have to make sure that new kitten is doing what she is supposed to be doing. Gotta keep her in line. Well life is good, and I have no problems with my eyes. I do not see really well upwards unless I tilt my head back, but that is ok. I love my family and all my cats. I love to eat carrots, and have taken up barking for bites of mom's dinner. She kinda gets grumpy when I do that, but I get what I want. It is good to be the baby. I moan and groan alot when I am sleeping, and when I am tired I take myself to the bedroom, climb my stairs to the bed, and crawl under the covers and put myself to bed. Moms think that is cool.


When you are this small your feelings get hurt more.

February 7th 2006 3:16 pm
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My momma belongs to a lady that makes pretty flower arrangements. She took us all to work one day and many people came to see us and take us home. Me and one of my brothers were adopted by a guy who just didn't seem to find the time to take care of us. He even had some strange lady take us to the doctor for our shots. Then I heard the doctor say something bad about my eyes. That maybe I could go blind. When our owner heard this he decided he didn't want us no more and sent us back to the flower lady. She still had one of my brothers that she was gonna keep cuz he had a bad eye. She called him Pirate. Then these really nice ladies came to see us. I couldn't tell them about my eyes. I just knew they wouldn't want me either if they knew. They took me home with them. When my old owner gave them my dog papers they saw the number for a dog doc that fixes eyes. They made some calls and asked lots of questions. I just knew they were not gonna want me when they found out I was broken. But then Dozer showed me his foot where the doctor had cut his toes off and thought "could this be my new home?"
Well they talked alot about how to make sure things would be safe for me if I did lose my sight and that they love me just the way I am. I see okay for now and able to wrestle with my new family and do all the stuff doggies are suppoesed to do. My new moms said they would take me to the ocean so in case I couldn't see later on in life I would get to see one of the biggest things on earth and could keep that as a memory.

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