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A day in the life of Olive Jane

My Human is away....

October 5th 2005 5:27 am
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I've been quite sad this past few weeks because my human is away due to her work, I've only get a chance to play with her during the weekends. But its ok since my human's mother is taking good care of me and my kids (she's quite spoilling us actually!) Hopefully my human's work scedule would be normal in the future so we could be together again all the time!


New Haircut

October 18th 2005 7:19 pm
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My kids & I went to the Vet last Monday to have a haircut, I thought it would just be a trim and shampoo thing but to my surprise, they completely clipped our hair leaving only our eyebrows, we looked like Raccoons!
My human said that she ask the groomers to clip all our hairs so that we can grow new hair in time for the holidays. Well actually I also had a few matted hairs under my belly so I guess it's alright (as long other dogs won't see us for a while! It’s a bit embarrassing you know!)

P.S. My human is now on her regular work shift so we can be together everyday...hooray!!!


a very looong weekend!!!

November 1st 2005 3:54 pm
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My human had a very long weekend due to the halloween season, I was very excited because we can spend time together for a very long time!!! Well first she cooked veggies for me and my kids (yummy!) then she let us out of the house so we can play ball and run around. Then she would always hug & kiss us. Then she gave us a bath, which I really love because it was hot outside. Then her cousins came which means me and my kids have more playmates.
I really love it when my human is around, I hope we can do this often...


Christmas is comming!

November 6th 2005 3:49 pm
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My human and her mom already set up the Christmas tree (an artificial one since we live in the tropics) and put up the Christmas lanterns and lights!
Christmas is comming! Christmas is comming! YEY!!!
This is my favorite day of all!!! Can't wait to open up presents and eat the Noche Buena (Christmas Feast)!!!


Happy Holidays

December 26th 2005 8:52 pm
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I love Christmas, its such a wonderful day! My human gave me and my kids Christmas ham and made us wear nice new clothes for the occasion. I love it when we open presents & when friends and family came over. Well Christmas have come & gone, I wish it lasted longer. Now comes the New Year, well I dont like the way they celebrate New Year here. People would light noisy firecrackers that would frighten me and my children but I'm glad that my human would stay close to us and comfort us when we are scared.


2006 Year of the Dog

January 8th 2006 3:32 pm
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Well thank God we survived the noisy New Year celebration. My human gave us lots of treats and reassured us that the fire crackers outside won’t hurt us. Fortunately 2006 is the YEAR OF THE DOG in Chinese Astrology. Well I hope it’s a lucky year for us dogs all over the world and if 2005 seems to be a good year I hope 2006 will be even better!!!


Valentine's Day

February 12th 2006 9:50 pm
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Tomorrow will be Valentine's Day... I heard that my human will celebrate it at home with family. Yey! that means we're also in the celebration. I also heard that they whould whip up a good dinner! Hooorayyy! To bad dessert would be out of the question for me and my kids… it’s chocolate cake.


been a while...

October 8th 2006 8:53 pm
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my human is so busy that its been a while since we last visited dogster together... she promised to put in some more entries into my diary once there's a bit of slack in her work...

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