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The happy ending tale of Milord Earl Toby the Brobdingnagian of Brompton- Underfoot


May 9th 2008 1:32 pm
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It was cold outside, even if it was a sunny winter afternoon. It was so much time I was wandering on the streets, lonely and every day more and more hungry. I was friendly, but too smelly for a human nose, I had some wounds on my face that reminded of some terrible days of fights with other dogs for food. I had a collar, I still remember it was a chain collar, and God! how much it hurted! It was too tight for me, so tight that it was already inside my neck skin. I could barely remember the human that put that collar on me, I was a puppy then, then something happened, don't know if I got lost or the human just got ride of me, but it didn't matter that afternoon, all I knew was I was too weak even for walking. Some human hands tied me to a fence, they said for me not to be hit by a car, and went away. For some reason I found myself untied and started to walk again, but..a few steps and down to the floor, other steps and down to the floor again, I was too weak and tired but couldn't rest, my tongue was in fire, I was too thirsty and had a very bad diarrhea and needed some water.

Suddendly there she was, a lady accross the street staring at me with a smile on her face. She crossed the street and tried to touch me, I went away. She went after me, I went away again. I entered the park, didn't see her around, thought I was as usual too smelly for humans, but after a while there she was, carrying a leash, food and water. She came to me, I tried to get up but felt to the ground. She talked to me and petted me, how good it felt to have some soft human hands touching my head! Strange, I thought, it seems she doesn't care about my smell, and my white fur is getting all over her black coat and
she's not complaining! She put a bowl with food next to my head, I tried to eat, couldn't. She offered me water, I was too weak even to drink by myself. Softly she made me drink with her fingers, drop by drop, while a group of humans were there, staring at that strange lady who wasn't afraid of putting her hands into the mouth of that huge dog. Someone said something about calling the pound (still don't know what pound means, but sounded scary to me), the lady refused the idea and said she was going to take care of me.

Kindly she helped me to stand and slowly drove me to the park exit, she gave me more water and some food with her hands, I ate just a little, very little, she looked happy. A man arrived with a car and both him and the lady tried to convince me to enter it, no, no, no, I was too afraid of car rides, they understood. She said she was going to walk me to the vets and so she did, a very long and slow walk, since I was going down to the ground every three steps, and many times I pooped, I was so sick, but the lady didn't seem disgusted, she looked worried. We arrived to the place she called "the vets" and a very nice man came to see me at once, and once again a human didn't seem to care about my smell. He told the lady I was a maremma, and a very good looking one, even if out of shape and sick. Then the lady told me to be wise, that she had to leave me in that place for two days, but that she would be back to pick me up. She told me also that she had a senior dog called Portos and that he was the one who would determine if I could stay with them or not, but that in any case I was not going to be a stray anymore. They took me to strange smelly room, where the man called "vet" took a deep look to my neck and collar, my neck looked awful, the vet said I was needing kind of surgery to take the collar out, it was so inside my skin it couldn't be taken out
in a normal way and it was too little to pass my head through it. Vet told the lady not to worry and after petting me for a while she went away.

I don't remember very well what happened during those two days, I remember some needles into my paws, the sound of a chain being cut off, many hands touching my neck. But I was feeling better, much better. I was feeling stronger, the hunger were not there anymore, I had water, and I was in a warm place. Then a man took me to a place that smelled of clean, all my fur was wet, fleas were not there anymore, and finally, after 4 baths, I was ready to meet the lady again.

Sudendly I heard her voice, and a man took me to her. My tail was dancing, I was so happy to see her, and she seemed so happy to see me!!! After few seconds her long black coat was covered by my white fur, she didn't care, she was hugging me and telling me how beautiful I was and how happy she was to see I was feeling better.

We went away from vets (thanks, dear Federico, I'll always remember you!) and we walked for a while, the lady told me I was going to meet Portos at the doggies park. We arrived and there he was, a very serious and handsome german shepherd. He looked at me, he wasn't hostile, he just smelled me and that was all, I was accepted. After a while the lady and the man took us home. Home!!! I have a home!!! And I have a mom, a dad, a human bro and sisters!!! Mom still remembers I slept for about 3 days, only waking up for eat and go to the bathroom. I started to gain weight and started to play, and after many
attempts I finally got into the car (it took to my family 6 months to convince me, and one trip to the seaside with me screaming into dad's ears), now a day if you open a door's car there I go, I love car rides!!!

No, I'm not a stray dog anymore, I'm a spoiled, sometimes naughty dog, very protective of his family, human and canine. Those days are far away and will not be back, and I hope for every lonely abandoned pup in the world to find a loving forever home, paws crossed for all abandoned pups!!!


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Barked by: ♥ Sasha ♥ (Dogster Member)

February 6th 2011 at 9:57 am

What a wonderful arrival story Toby.. It made Mom's eyes leak..

You certainly are a lucky pup and have a wonderful Mom to care enough to make sure you were going to be OK...

Congrats on Dog Of The Day.. I am so glad I visited you page and read your story..


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