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A Day in the Life

I've been tagged!

May 31st 2007 6:02 pm
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Okay, this is what I gots to do:

From King Rocky...

"I've never had a diary before, cause I'm a pug of few words! So we will se how this works out! Now as for this game I'm going to tell you the rules I guess. Each player starts with 7 facts about themselves. Dogs need to post in thier diary the rules, and thier 7 facts. Then choose 7 dogs, or names. Don't forget to peemail them that they have been tagged, or send them a rosette telling them they are tagged. Now my 7 facts... I don't like the vacum,,,,, I like to just watch games,,,,,,,,, I walk pretty slow,,,,,,mum won't let me have them but I love oranges and grapes,,,,,,,,,,I take food very gently,,,,, mum calls me her baby boy,,,,,,,, I love my bath. Now my 7 names are. Pudge Jr. Ralfee. Kitty. Adeline.Hana Chana. Rocky. Java cheesy Britches."

Ralfee the Lil Savage back again. 1) I bark at the vacuum. 2) I bark at the cats. 3) I like to sleep under the covers. 4) I like to lick peoples' noses but oddly enough they do not seem to like it much. 5) I like to pull my brother's tail. 6) I like to eat peanut butter out of my Kong. 7) I used to lift my leg and pee on peoples' feet at the Dog Park.

I picked Guy Noir, Pebbles, Lola, Chaunsey, Captain Jack, Gizmo and Milton!


How I Came to Be

May 22nd 2006 5:08 pm
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Once upon a time, there was a gal and guy who thought they were right for each other. They were so happy they wanted to spread their happiness even more by adding to their loving habitat a little pug puppy. So I was acquired right before Christmas as a mutual Christmas gift to one another. I was worshipped and adored as I rightfully should have been. I was cute and adorable and loved being the center of attention.

Then the time came that the gal and guy decided they were not right for each other after all. They wanted to part ways. By now I was living with the gal's parents and found myself having a big brother named Moose who happened to be a golden retriever. Moose and I got along so well that even when that guy wanted to take me to move away with him, my new mommy said no.

My new mommy said, even though she would not have considered getting a pug of her own before getting to know me, that she would never want to part with me now. I wormed my way into her heart and became part of her family. So that is how I came to be living where I am now, having a Moose as a brother and a mommy and daddy who love me very, very much. I am one lucky pug.

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