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My World - by Gonzo

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Three Years Ago Yesterday...

June 17th 2010 7:46 am
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I lost my soulmate. My best friend. My rock.

Gonzo, I know you don't want me crying over you - that's why I concentrated on making your little brother Boudreaux the happiest dog he can be during the time he has left. I miss you terribly but decided that it would honor you more by giving Bou the best of me instead of wallowing in the grief that still haunts me.

I can't believe you've been gone for three years. Sometimes with Boudreaux, it's like you're still here with me. I know you are - you taught him to take care of me for you. He has become my soulmate, my best friend, my rock. Thank you for teaching him and being with him to take care of me. I know you've had your paw in all of this.

Now, I'm facing Boudreaux's cancer and I feel like not only am I losing him, but I'm losing you all over again. I'm not sure my heart can bear that. You and Bou were so close. Such loving brothers - you were such a great mentor.

I love you, my Angel and I'll always hold you in my heart.


Our Dear Friend Rosie is Missing! Please Help!

November 6th 2009 6:30 am
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Rosie escaped the morning of 11-5-09 from her pet sitter's fenced backyard. She actually managed to unlatch the gate and presumably is headed for home. Her owner is one of my best friends and was scheduled to go out of town today hence the need for a pet sitter.

Rosie is an adult, female, German Shepherd with a very black colored face. AC saw her at North Star and Northwest Blvd. at 10:00 AM this morning but couldn't catch her. If you find her or think you've seen her please call 614-297-8380 or 614-787-1405. She is normally a friendly dog but was very scared when she was last sighted and took off running. Please let us know if you see her.

Rosie was wearing a pink gingham collar, she has all her tags on.

Please help me spread the word to anyone you know who lives in the Columbus area. Share this message on Facebook and retweet on Twitter.

We are worried sick for Rosie's safety.

Thank you for any help!

Please see for more info!


Two years ago today...

June 16th 2009 4:51 am
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My sweet Gonzo man...two years ago today it was as if someone had ripped my heart right out of my chest. I lost my best friend, my rock. We had been through so much together. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and not many go by that I don't shed a tear. I know you don't want me to be sad, but I miss you so very much. You did such a great job teaching Boudy how to take care of me and you would be so proud of him. I miss you, Gonzo and I will love you forever. Until we meet again, my Angel Boy.

I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday and days before that too.
I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.
All I have are memories and your picture in a frame.
Your memory is my keepsake, with which I’ll never part.
God has you in His keeping, I have you in my heart.


My Borrowed Angel

September 14th 2008 6:01 pm
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Oh Gonzo...some days are so hard for me. I always miss you, but some days my heart is filled with so much sadness and emptiness. I miss you so very much. I have listened to the song on your page a dozen times and sat looking at all your pictures while sobbing. I do believe you were an angel sent to help me. I miss you so very much and I long to bury my face in your soft, warm fur. You are so much a part of me and I will love you always.


One Year At The Bridge

June 16th 2008 6:23 am
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Sweet Gonzoman,
I can’t believe it has been a year since I held you and kissed the little cowlick on your nose. Not a day has passed that I haven’t thought of you. I still can’t believe you are gone. I’m not sure that a day has gone by that I haven’t shed a tear for you. I still carry your collar in my purse and sometimes hold it to my heart.
My dear Gonzo, I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you. It was your love that brought me through the darkest days of my life – at least those were the darkest at that point – they don’t compare to losing you. Even as a tiny puppy, you knew just what to do to save me from myself. Had it not been for you struggling to climb on the bed and lick my tears away, I may have done something stupid and selfish, but at that moment, I knew I couldn’t leave you all alone. You were my rock, my anchor, and I’m still lost without you.
You were taken from me much too soon, too suddenly. I would have given everything I had to save you, but it was not meant to be. You took your last breath in my arms…and with it, you took my heart.
Every time I hear Tim McGraw on the radio singing the song “My Best Friend” I think of you. I used to sing that song to you because you were and will always be my best friend.

My Best Friend
Recorded by: Tim McGraw; Songwriters: Aimee Mayo & Bill Luther
Reworked for Gonzo by Gonzo’s Mom

I never had no one that I could count on
I’ve been let down so many times
I was tired of hurtin’, so tired of searchin’
‘Til you walked into my life
It was a feelin’
I’d never known
And for the first time
I didn’t feel alone

You’re more than a pupper
There could never be another
To make me feel the way you do
Oh, we just got closer
I fell in love all over
Every time I looked at you

I don’t know where I’d be
If you hadn’t been here with me
Life with you made perfect sense
You’re my best friend

You stood by me and you believed in me
Like nobody ever has
When my world went crazy, you were there to save me
You made me see how much I had

And I still tremble
At the thought
Of your last breath in my arms
and the feeling of loss

You’re more than a pupper
There could never be another
To make me feel the way you do
Oh, we just got closer
I fell in love all over
Every time I looked at you

I don’t know where I’d be
If you hadn’t been here with me
Life with you made perfect sense
You’re my best friend

Gonzo, I love you. I miss you. I hope you are having fun, running and playing with your brothers and Gertie and all your friends. I can’t wait to see you and hold you again, sweet boy. Thank you for teaching Boudreaux how to take good care of me. I see so much of you in him, and I know that you still have a paw in that. My shattered heart will never be completely repaired, but with the memory of the unconditional love you gave to me, I will go on. You will always be my best friend.

I love you, Gonzo.



Tryin' to help my pal Jay-Jay

May 16th 2008 1:05 pm
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My good friend Jay-Jay - you know, the cute little yorkie that everywoof loves - is working again to help homeless animals! Jay-Jay is the little guy with the big ole heart! I hope that all my friends that read this can help him, even if it's just moral support! Here's what Jay-Jay had to say in his forum post:

In support of the Humane Society of Ocean City, NJ - a truly no-kill shelter!

Hello My Fellow Puppers,

I wanted to let you all know that I will again be walking in the 5th Annual "Barks on the Boards" Dog Walking Event to benefit the Ocean City, NJ Humane Society (HSOC). The HSOC is a wuffderful, no-kill shelter that continues to function with the help of public support and a full staff of volunteers.

“Barks on the Boards 2008” will take place on Saturday, May 24th, and it is the ONLY day that us furry 4-leggers are allowed to strut our stuff on the boardwalk! This will be my 4th year participating in this pawsome event, and really is loads of fun! In past years I’ve even got to meet some fellow Dogsters - and am hoping to meet more this year!

Last year was my 2nd year on a row being named highest individual donor, and I am hoping to make this my 3rd year to receive that wuffderful distinction! So…if anywoof wants to send a few bones in my name please go to my Dogster page for more details in my diary, or check out my group “JJ’s Faithful Funders”, it’s free to join of course!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read!

Wuv & Licks,

Now, this big event is coming up real soon, so I hope everywoof who reads this will join Jay-Jay's group and help him in any way you can!

Thanks from the Bridge,


Meeting Sammy J

April 4th 2008 11:07 am
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My dear friend Samuel Jacob came to meet me at the Rainbow Bridge today. I am so very happy to finally get to meet him. I love him dearly and he has always been a very good friend to me and my family.

I am sad for all the doggies and people who will miss our dear Sammy. I know his mommy is sad and lonely for him, just like the rest of the Roo Crew. They are such a special family. I am sad, too watching my mommy cry for Sammers. She said that her heart is breaking - for the loss of Sammers and for his family, who we know are sad. They gave Sammy such a wonderful life full of love and Sammers has told me how much he loves them all.

Sammers and I love our families so much...please don't be sad.


9 Months at the Bridge

March 16th 2008 8:12 pm
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Oh Gonzoman, will I ever stop crying for you? I think since I've been unemployed this last week, I've had more time to think about you and more time to miss you terribly. You have been on my mind so much lately. I miss so much your soulful brown eyes and your adorable, funny "airplane ears." I miss the way you would wake me up every morning and the way you would let me know it was time for bed. I never thought I would be without you so soon. You will live on forever in my heart, sweet boy. I love you so very much and I miss you terribly.


Six Years Ago Today...

March 15th 2008 5:59 pm
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I brought a tiny little fluffball of a puppy home from the pound. It didn't take long for him to take over my heart and my life. We had our ups and downs...but we were always a team and always together. I can't believe that today is the sixth anniversary of the day I brought you home and tomorrow will be 9 months since you left me for the Bridge.

My Gonzo, I don't know if I will ever get over losing you. You were the light and love of my life. You saved my life at my very darkest moment, and brought so much joy into a life that I thought was not worth living. You took the very worst day of my life and gave me something to live for. You were there for me, even as a tiny puppy. You were there for me again each time my heart broke with the loss of a beloved pup: Mighty, Bubba, then Fritzie. You gave me a reason to keep going. You were so wise - you knew that I'd need somepuppy to keep me going when it was your time, so you taught Boudreaux how to take care of me the way you did. Had he not been there that awful day you died in my arms, I'm not sure I would have been able to handle it. Sometimes he does the exact same things you used to do - in ways only you would. I know you are still with me. I feel you around me all the time. I only hope you know how much I love you.


Happy Birthday, Angel Boy!

February 15th 2008 5:59 am
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Dearest Gonzo,

I miss you so much, sweet boy. This birthday would have been your sixth, but instead it will be the first you spend at the Bridge. I know you have Mighty, Bubba, Fritzie and Gertie with you, as well as numerous new friends. I am glad you are not celebrating alone. My heart is so heavy today as I miss you terribly. Boudreaux seems to know it is a special day, too. I've cried all night for you and I can barely function today. I always called you my Angel Boy because I knew you were an angel sent to heal my broken heart. I never thought you'd become a Bridge Angel so quickly. You will always live in my heart and I will forever cherish your memory. I love you more than words can say and through my tears I smile when I think of you.

I love you, Angel Boy!


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