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The truth behind the ball in the tree

I was rescued from MYSELF!

January 31st 2008 10:56 am
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Mom thinks I have a minor case of obessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She always thought so and then read an article in BARk about it and said she was sure glad I didn't have it as bad as many of those dogs. Ok, Ok, so I do get a bit into "Where is my tennis ball? Can we play again with my tennis ball? I know we've done it many times already today but there's still some daylight left. I know your arm hurts and you've gone through several Chuck-Its, but I'd really, really like to play AGAIN. Last time today.Promise. Maybe.
Hey why'd you get a retriever if you didn't want to have sore arms? "

BUT YESTERDAY I had to be rescued when my penchant, ok, passion, for retrieving all the tennis balls I find got me stuck under the back deck and Mom couldn't fine me cause it's all closed in with lattice. I was whimpering and whining as loudly as I could and Mom was calling and walking around and starting to get a bit anxious. Where could I be? After passing me several times without noticing me, a light bulb came on over herhead - you should have seen it. It was really funny. I heard her say," No, there's no way he could get under there, but............" She put her eyes to one of the holes and there I was - hoarding two balls I had taken in with me to protect them so the other three dogs wouldn't DARE get t hem - and trying to get one loose from the frozen ground I ofund under the deck. I CAN do three balls in my mouth at once. But not four.

She walked all around and pouched on the lattice to determine where I in my OCD enthusiasm could possibly have pushed through. She found no loose place. She plowed through a couple feet of snow on the north side, past a giant ice stalagmite, and found a small opening a rabbit could get through.
She called me, but I wouldn't leave those two loose balls behind and besides I couldn't fit through that hole going OUT, only IN. Off she went. Was I to be abandoned?

No, she brought a saw back and cut through the lattice to enlarge the opening, called me over, took the two ballsaway from me told me to FORGET the one frozen to the ground, grabbed me by the collar and pulled. She showed little mercy, I must add. She'd make a terrible nurse. But then she had to pull me UP to get me OUT, so it was kinda hard.

Shaking her head in amazement and worried I'd re-enter to try and extricate the third ball, she found a cardboard box to block the now- larger hole and rolled the now- broken stalagmite of ice to hold it in place - until it melts - which probalby won't be anytime soon.

I heard her say she's going to visit the vet today; hope it's not for some Prozac. Oh, I just heard her tell Zoe it was her turn to be examined by the vet, so I'm safe. I think I'll cool it for awhile............and stay away from under the deck. Or not. Probably not. Definitely NOT. I hear the call even now...


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