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It's a wonderful life by Charlie the Red Heeler

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Me and my new friend Tyler

May 21st 2008 7:45 pm
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Mom and I have been writing to a friend in Oklahoma named Becki. She has 3 heelers( do you belive it) Well they came to vist last week and she brought her Blue Heeler named Tyler. We had a great time . We went to the Dog Park 3 times and went to a pet Expo in town I really like Tyler He spent the night 3 nights and we got along really well. I am so glad that Mom and Becki are friends and I hope that they come to vist again soon


I have a new Friend

May 26th 2007 11:10 am
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Mom took me over to her friends house two weeks ago to meet a new Pal Named Jackson. He is really nice. He is still a baby at 5 months old and we play so together. Jackson is part hound ,part setter ( I think) and he really has alot of enery. Now we go over there once a week . Next week Jackson is having his Cousin Duke over to meet me ( He is a Black Lab) and Maybe a little Black Lab ( A Katina Rescue) named Dasiy will join in on the fun. I really like it over there and all the Ladys think that I am sooo well behaved. ( I really have them fooled) Hee Hee


My Tail of Devotion for Charlie

July 24th 2006 6:29 pm
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Charlie you are my best pal. Anytime I have a problem you are there to listen to me and not judge me. When I saw you in a cage when you were just 4 months old I just knew you were the dog for me. I look forward to everyday with you. I can't imagine my life without you. I hope that we can grow old together and you will always be by my side. I never thought that a dog could touch my heart the way that you have. I know that fate brought us together for a reason and I thank god everyday for you.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Charlie and Stevie

June 11th 2006 5:08 pm
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My mom has a little nephew named Stevie and him and I have become real buddies. He goes with mom and I to the dog park. He likes to play ball with me and I love it. I really like kids but sometimes I get to excited and jump on them and I scare them but Stevie says that's ok and he is not afraid of me. I am so glad that I have a Kid friend. He is going to spend the night next week. I can't wait.


My Birthday is comming

October 30th 2005 5:24 pm
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Hi Guys

Guess what? I am going to be 2 years old next week ( November 4th) I can't believe that I have been with my mom since I was 4 months old. I am sooo lucky to have her. Today she took me to have my ears cleaned and my Nails Trimmed. I wasn't really happy about that but it had to be done but she made it up to me by buying my a Greenie and taking me to the dog park YaHoo!!!! It is starting to get cold here. I love the snow I can't wait. Mom is looking for boots for me so that my feet don't get cold. She tried them on me but I don't like to put my paw on the ground ( It feels funny) so I guess I will have to used to them. I hope that you are had a good summer I sure did. I will let you know what I get for my birthday( I am sure it will be something fun)



Winter is on it's way

October 8th 2005 2:07 pm
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Hi Gang

Mom and I haven't written cause we have been so busy at the dog park and doing yard work. We hit the dog park every other night now but it is starting to get dark really early now. Mom bought me a new collor with blinking lights on it so she knows where I am all the time. I have made so many people and dog freinds there. I just love it. Everyone is really nice. One of my best friends is a Keish hound named Holly ( She is a real cutie) Winter will be here before you know it and then I can go up there and run in the snow. I can't wait. I just love the snow. Hope everyone had a great summer.I know I did.



Summer is comming to a end

September 8th 2005 6:57 pm
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Hi there

Charlie the Red Heeler here. Well It's been a long Hot Summer and I am having a ball. Mom found a dog Park to take me to and I am loving it. I get to run off leash with all kinds of dogs. Mom thought that now that it's getting dark early that we could only go on the week-end days BUT a couple of people there said that they go in the Dark. HOW COOL IT THAT??? Mom went out and bought me a brand new collar with 2 big blinking lights on it so she can see me in the dark. I can't wait to try it. I will let you all know how it goes. Hope you all had a great summer. I am really looking forward to running in the snow soon.



The Dog Park

August 24th 2005 7:02 pm
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Hi Everyone

Sorry I haven't written in awhile but mom and I have been having alot of fun this summer. Mom found a GREAT dog park for me and we have been going EVERYNIGHT I just love it. I have met alot of nice dogs OZZIE,MOLLY,JOEY and a bunch more. Everyone is really nice and I get to run Off leash and go anywhere I want. We only have a couple of months of nice weather but we can go in the winter too. I can't wait to run in the snow with all my new friends. I hope you all had as great a summer as I did



June 15th 2005 7:23 pm
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I hurst my leg a couple of weeks ago and mom called the vet Dr.Arron came over and checked me out and trimmed my nails. He told mom that I didn't break anything and gave me a shot to make it not hurt so much and it worked for a little while. I rested every day in the house while mom was at work. But she took a week off and I have been outside playting alot and it really hurts now. I had to pick my leg up to walk yesterday. Mom called another vet that is called a specialist and I have to go see him on Friday. They are going to take pictures of my leg to see whats wrong. Mom is really worried but I will be o.k. Meanwhile I can't play ball or nothin cause mom doesn't want it to hurt more. Maybe after I see the doctor and rest again I can go out and play in the yard and chase birds again


Dog Day's of Summer!!!!!!

June 12th 2005 2:28 pm
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WOW !!!!! It has been really hot the last week or so. Mom brought this thing that she calls a Sprinkler and the water comes shooting out of it and I get all wet. I JUST LOVE IT. I chase the water and try to catch it. Then mom drys me off and brushes me. It makes me feel really good. She also gives me Ice Cubes to chew on and it makes my mouth really cold. I really think that I like the cooler weather better. I have a double coat ( I am losing one of them I think) and it gets pretty warm. Well I am going to tak a nap and CHILL OUT for awhile.

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