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Life Is Beautiful

Me and Mom and life I guess

January 4th 2010 11:08 pm
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Well we both sat down and talked about getting older. I am 13 and momma will be 56 on the tenth of January. She said that a lot had happened since her last birthday and that time just flies and life goes by. Mom is very Malancholly these days and does not seem to smile much any more. She said that she has no reason to . She is always loving and kind to me and Patch and Kaos and speaks so kindly to us but we cannot get her to smile. I know that dad leaving has ripped her heart up and although she is trying to get over him it is often hard when certain things come up. But momma is also sad that she cannot seem to find much in life these days to get happy and excited about. She told me that she just goes through the motions and takes one day at a time and that is all she can do. She wonders if this is all life is about, sadness loss and no one to love her and comfort her when she is sad and lonely. I know that we are here but she misses that person to hold her when she cries and feels sad . I understand this, cause when I was sick if I did not have mommy there I would be a mess. Mommy said she put on weight and that no man is going to want a porky person . I say that there must be someone out there but I guess she has got so much to learn first. Shame that dad turned out to be such a mean , unkind person. I would pee on his leg if I saw him again and leave a big lick patch on his chair if he ever sat where I was.
Oh well I guess that getting this out helps a bit. I hope my mommy can get her act together . She does work and go through all the motions but she is so unhappy inside and I am never sure if she will ever be happy again.
Well thats my woof for today and I will now go sit with her again as we both cry some more.
Love you all


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