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Sex: Male   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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In Memory of sweet Ben Who died because of Breed Specific Legislation!

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-pound dog

February 1st 2005

Life, love

Never had the chance to find out

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Arrival Story:
This dog was a victim of Breed Specific Legislation! He was found in Prince George County MD and they don't allow Pittbulls in their county. They held him for five days. We put in to do a out of county adoption of Ben and was turn down by the animal control stating they don't allow adoption of Pittys even though I didn't live in that county! My daughter wrote a letter to the governors office and ask him to intervene. Also the person that found Ben wrote a letter to the counsel of that county asking them to please review the law to allow for out of county adoptions. The Governor called my house last Wed and left a message that his execution was put on hold, but the very next day the law was review and decided to kill Ben, stating law doesn't allow for out of county adoption! So poor sweet Ben who was only 10 months old is no longer with us. Everyday Pittbulls are put to death in Prince George county for no other reason than being born a pitty. These sweet loyal and loving dogs are victims of horrible humans as owners who want them for fighting , and laws directed at the victim instead of the people who are committing the crime! This is breed selection it should be outlawed and illegal! A study was done on Prince George county program of BSL and it is estimated 250 thousand dollars are spent every year in that county killing pittys and the study shows it has had no effect on dogs attacking humans! This should be proof enough they need to address the problem by punishing the humans who mistreat these animals not the animals. A life is givin by God there fore should be considered precious! We have no right as the human race to attack the breed. The indiviual dog and the owners should be made held accountable not the sweet innocent Ben's out there! Ben had a chance of a good life and they would not allow him to have that life. Ben died on Januaray 5th 2006 at the hands of the Goverment of the state of Maryland and Prince George county. God Bless you my sweet Ben! I know we never met but I loved you and I hope while you had your short life on this earth you were able to experince love and compassion! I hope somehow you knew that many dogsters were fighting for you and praying for you and loving you! Ben I did this page so that we may never forget those innocent doggies who had the ability show loyality,to love, to be smart and in many cases serve the human race ,yet they were put down because of the breed they were born into! My sweet Ben you will never be forgotten! Ben Be at peace now your innocence will get you into the kingdom of heaven with all the Good Doggies! God Bless you my sweet baby! Favorite Poem! You made me what I am today, courage at its best. You wanted me to know no fear, a cut above the rest. Not only did master that, I’ve thrown in loyalty too. Look past my eyes into my soul, you know I’d did for you. I’ll watch your kids, I’ll watch your house, Your praise will be my crown, ask what you will I’ll do my best. I’ll even be your clown. But some of you don’t like me, I am sure I don’t know why. The only thing I am guilty of Is courage, love and try. Butt still they want to see me go They want my breed to end. Will I see you sitting idly by? You, whom I call friend? You made me what I am today, You never saw me waiver. I’ve done my best to keep you safe. Won’t you please return the favor? I promise you my sweet Ben I will help fight this illegal Ban that caused you your life! We love you Ben!

If you would like to Help us fight BSL contact, and voice your opinion to the Prince George County Maryland person incharge: Donna Wilson, Director, Department of Environmental Resources Tel: (301) 883-5810 Fax: (301) 883-5444 __________________________________ ______________ to fight the BSL in Denver sign the petition at: gned.cgi?savepits&1

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Victim of Breed Specific Legislation!

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I was born a Pittbull and I died because of it!

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January 7th 2006 More than 11 years!

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HOw can my Almost mommy get involoved with fighting BSL

Sweet Belle

January 22nd 2006 6:08 pm
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Belle we are so sorry we had to let you go. We miss you and love you very much. SInce Ellie kept attacking you we thought it was in your best interest to find a mommy and daddy who could only pay attention to you. Ellie isn't a bad girl she is just territorial. I think she was mad because no one ask her if you could stay with us. I'm sorry sweet Belle. I have had Ellie for over 3yrs now and I can' let her go. I only had you for a week and the plan was to foster you. I didn't realize how hard it was gonna be to let you go. Right now your sitting on the ground in Minnapolis mommy just check the weather and saw it is 19degrees there. Mommy is mad at the lady for not letting you wear the Parka mommy got you so you would stay warm. Mommy is scared now that maybe she made a mistake. What if the one that adopts you from the rescue, is not good parents. I know Brandi is a wonderful person and she will keep you. I hope they do a complete check on them and make sure your taken good care of. Mommy will send the rescue money every month to make sure you are well taken care of and want for nothing. I know I will send you packages. With treats and toys. Mommy is giving the rescue $250
to help pay for your vet bills. Mommy told the rescue if you need anything to let her know and I will pay for it or send it. Mommy is gonna put a package together with clothes and money to send to you to stay warm. With Parkas,sweeters and shirts. Yes that is what I'll do! I need you to be happy sweet girl. Please don't be scared. You are loved by everyone who has ever met you. You are a special doggie very smart. mommy thinks your half human. I will always think of myself as your mommy. Dear sweet Belle please be a good girl for Brandi and adopt yourselves some good parents who will love you OK! Please! Please understand why we had to do this sweet girl. Please! Have a wonderful life! Danielle said to tell you she loved you and misses you very much. I was so busy telling you I love you and didn't want you to go I forgot to tell you. I hope you know. I can't stop crying I do love you so! Please be happy Belle please.
Momma has to find a new Dance partner! I loved dancing the Tango with you!!! You were a trooper allowing me to lead. I know you didn't have time to realize it but I really love you Belle. I was thinking what is best for you. Having kids they make mistakes like today and leave the door open and you got into the part of the house Ellie was in and she tried to attack you. Mommy couldn't guarantee that you woould be safe. especially when she is sick. Mommy is not healthy and is sick allot, but you know that. I don't think I ever thank you for helping me get up that day I fell down. YOu stood there and allowed mommy to lean on you and pull herself up and you never moved instead you supported me the whole time. I was very dizzy that day and you took care of me. Belle if only I could make sure you wouldn't be attack sweetheart I would have kept you. No choice giving you up was and is just so hard and heartbreaking. The kids won't talk to me or Ellie tonight they are upset you had to go. They wanted to keep you so bad. It was hard for me because I w anted to keep you most! I even said my secret desire was that instead of fostering you was to make you a member of our family. I tried o get help from a rescue here to see if they were willing to work with us to get you and ellie to be friends but instead they just said I should have you both put down for fighting. They didn't even know you and wouldn't understand you don't normally fight it was just a territorial thing. Never has Ellie attacked anything or anyone. Until you came into her house. And never did you attack other than to try and protect yourself. But they wouldn't listen so mommy had no choice. I can't stop feeling so guilty about it all! If I wouldn't have rescued you you wouldn't even be alive right now being from Ohio. But I did rescue you so I keep telling myself I gave you a chance at life but I feel like I betrayed you and the kids. God Please let my decision be the right one and please let Belle have a wonderful life please!!!!! God Please long,healthy and happy life!

Belle I love you!
Mommy Bell


I want to fight BSL

January 9th 2006 9:33 pm
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As anyone who reads this knows, I was killed on January 5th 2006 in Prince George county MD. They have a Ban there they don't allow Pittbulls. Ellies mom tried to adopted me but they refuse to adopt out pittbulls even though she lives in a different county. She has become very upset over my death and very deterime to fight anything that will hurt dogs including these Bans.
She feels like she is my mom so I will call her mom. Mom did this page for me to remember me, get the word out about what is happening to doggies like me and to help her get started fighting BSL.
Well mommy wants to do more but is not sure where to sart. She had called the ASPCA and volunteer to fight with them on the Ban in Prince George county. They said they had her number and will call. Well mommy needs to be more involved. She is hoping that someone will read this who knows how to get mommy really involved in doing these things. The pain in her is making her crazy and she needs to focus on this to help. The more she reads about the brutality that is happening to doggies all over this country it is like opening up a whole in her heart. She crys and continues to ask WHY? Why would people do these things? She wants to stand up and yell stop!!! Just stop! mommy needs an outlet to get this frustration and pain out.
OK this is her dilemma. She is very sensitive this stuff is killing her. She doesn't understand how more people aren't doing somthing about. Why there things are being tolerated by others. Like the man who took a batt and beat to death a pittbull. Instead of the dog protecting itself it tried to hide in a luandry matt behind some dryers, the place had video camera and recorded the shaking dog limping in and trying to find a place to hide. It then recorded the man coming in swinging the batt and repeatly beating the dog in the head, knocking him unconcious! Then the man is seen dragging the dog out to the street where he finished killing the poor dog. The dog was innocent just walking minding his own bussiness. The man is later heard bragging the he got the pittbull. He will not be going to jail or anything. These images are haunting her. Along with the images of the doggies shot during hurricane Katrina, and my face who mommy sees in her mind every single day and night. It is crazy that mommy could care so much about me when she never got the chance to even meet me. Mommy feel so gulity about that. She thinks that maybe if she wouldn't have listen to the people and drove over and begg to see me that maybe she could convince someone there to let her have me, but that never happen. Mommy was sick half the time but the rest she was affraid of pissing them off and they killing me sooner so she was timid, and now I'm dead! Mommy will always feel guilty about this. She needs a way to get out and help animals each day. SO if anyone has any suggestions for her please let her know. SHe already gives away any money she has left over every month to dog rescues and ASPCA. She sent money to pittbulls for life in Canada and ordered supples for Jacks Castle who needed them. She also has donated money to them too. She also sends monthly allotments to ASPCA and children christian Fund supporting a child. mommy has no money left over at the end of the month. She still needs to do more. It is in the core of her. So if anyone knows of anything my mommy can do to help save doggies and kittes please P-mail her. She needs to get this out of her system feeling like she is making a difference. She doesn't want to get paid for doing it. If she does all money will be donated to rescues!!!!! It isn't about the money it is about her soul needing to do somthing to help animals that she loves not be hurt anymore. Her soul feeling the pain of these animals and wanting to take it away from them. She wishes sometimes she could stop feeling the pain. SHe wishes she could be like others who hear the same storys and go terrible and then continue on with their own world, but mommy can't she has a hard time getting past somthing like this especially if she fails at saving the animal like she did with me. Again anyone who is willing to help mommy helpothers please let her know. She wants to do so much more!

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