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Farewell my friends

February 12th 2015 1:23 pm
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On February 3 of the year 2015, I said goodbye to my earthly body and now fly free. I am once again able to run at top speed and I do...... through the beautiful green fields at the Rainbow Bridge. Some of my friends ... Banners, China Moon and Francis are there. I got to meet my Unkle Stormie, the always smiling Angus and so many others....I also met the ones Mom and Dad have loved before me, Dakota and Shawnee.

I got tired of fighting the Fanconi Syndrome along with the other health issues that I recently endured. Mom tried hard to get me to take all my pills but when she saw the look in my eyes one day while fighting me to get them down, she knew I would not take them anymore and that I had made the choice to leave.

I know her heart is could it not be, I was AWESOME, but I was tired and just couldn't go on. That she loved me enough to let me go is why she's a great mom.

I know I will see her one day and I hope that knowledge keeps her tears at bay and that someday she will find another little basenji boy to love.

Until we meet again.........


I've been tagged by Angus

December 2nd 2008 12:00 pm
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I have to tell 7 things about myself and tag 7 others

here goes....

Seven things about myself

I'm handsome :-)

I don't really like food, but Mom says it's a necessity

I'm afraid of loud noises, kids and strangers...

I LOVE to chase squirrels or any other little critters...even small dogs

I will probably get Fanconi's Disease sometime during my life. Mom is really worried about that.

I snark at Marlowe a lot but in reality I think he's the greatest big brother...shhh, don't tell him I said that though.


Someday I think I'll be nice to mom and actually NOT pull on the leash...

I also want to say we're sorry to Maggie for not doing this when you tagged us.....

Now I have to pick 7 dogs to tag.....

I'm going to tag

Rex..he's pretty new around here and we need to know more (899366)

Beshi...because he's a snarky old guy and I think that's COOL! (448325)

Daisy...because it seems Cleopatra takes all the limelight...not that it shouldn't be that way mind you...but we want to hear from Daisy (880494)

Dewey...because the dudes CRAZY, and I like that! (509632)

Mr Twister...because I LOVE his ugly face...HAHAHAHA!!! (506286)

Otis Campbell...because Marlowe says I have to, he's his pal, and i can see why! (546956)

And SUKARI...My barootiful, barootiful Sukari...I could never get tired of hearing about her (477611)


I am now a Champion

June 8th 2008 9:38 am
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Mom and I drove to Flagstaff for a show and I WON!!!!! It was a 4 point major and I got Winners Dog and Best of Winners. I am now CH Astarte's Apache River With Pips. A BIG THANK YOU to the judge...Mrs Murrel Purkhiser!


OMD...I did it

March 4th 2008 7:27 am
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I got a 4 point Major!!!! WHOO HOO! I know Mom thought it would never happen, but I was GOOD!
We went all the way to Scottsdale to do it and I only need one more and I'll be a Champion!



June 5th 2007 8:31 pm
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So, Mom and I have been doing this show dog thing. It's actually starting to get to be fun. Mom doesn't get so nervous anymore and if I screw up and pull a running man or do my crazy dog routine in the ring she kisses me and says "there's always next time". To date I have won 6 times and have 7 points. We still have a ways to go for my championship and I need majors...those are going to be harder to come by. All in all it's ok and when I'm not showing I'm at home chasing squirrels with Chey or jumping on Marlowe telling him how much I love him. I guess life is pretty darn good!


My second win

April 15th 2007 8:07 am
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Mom and I went to a dog show yesterday and I got Winners Dog!!! That's one more point towards my championship!!! It was a real long day but I got to play with China and Francis ...that was loads of fun! I think China likes me. She lets me sniff her butt and climb all over her and she likes to drool on me! I was one pooped pup when we got home and mom says we have to do it all over again today. I may sleep all day tomorow!!!


Support a Good Cause

March 4th 2007 9:01 am
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My friends Lexi and Miles signed up for the Pet Fiesta Day at Reston Town Center....... (for those in DC, you've gotta get in on this!). They'e also signed up to help homeless doggies find loving homes. Being that Miles was once homeless, he knows how much they need us!! Please visit to support thm!! or donate from my page...on the right hand side...



December 31st 2006 7:33 pm
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WOW, another year gone by! Hee hee, it's really the first whole one for me and it's been great...can the next one be even etter...I can only hope!



Oh why do we have to listen?

December 13th 2006 7:22 am
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Boy, it's been awhile and I have lots to write about but I'm going to tell you about the fun morning I had! It's Basenji birthday time and all my b pals are having parties left and right. This morning on our walk I was looking for a perfect present for all my pals and I FOUND IT!!!! We dragged Mom up a hill into a big empty field and there it was. Some ole coyote must have been scared away before he got his goods. All three of us dragged Mom to a spot in the middle and I was the fastest. Yep, grabbed up the goods and almost forgot it was for the party and thought of eating it right then and there. We ARE hunters you know and a bit of innards would have been the perfect breakfast. That's right. I got the prize!!!!! Bunny innards!!!!! Well, wouldn't you know it, Mom is a party pooper. She yelled "drop it"...yeah right Mom...
"drop it" I heard again. She must mean business I thought but oh man I didn't want to....finally after a few more stern "drop it" commands from the boss lady I complied and left the gift in the field. I won't forget it's there though and plan on a return trip this afternoon.



November 17th 2006 5:18 am
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I have no idea what to expect from this day as I haven't ever had a birthday before. I hear it's supposed to be fun and so far I'm liking it. I have my friends togeather for a pawty and Mom is going to bring home a cake and I'm sure some fun things to play with.
So far I got up extra early...Mom says 5:00 am...but what dog looks at those clock chase a bunny from the yard. It would have been a great day had I caught him but the chase is always fun. I got a BIG hug and kiss from Mommy and she says it's my day....yep, it's APACHE DAY today so everyone HAVE FUN!!!!!!
I just wish my daddy was here, that would make it complete..............

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