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"My Amazing Life So Far"

10 yr Anniversary

February 4th 2009 5:00 am
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Today is my 10th Anniversary

It was 10 yrs ago (4th February, 1999) that Mum went & picked me up from the Pet Shop & brought me to her 'forever home'.

She got me a card and the words were exactly what she felt & wanted to say. She read this out loud to me & I saw her eyes leaking (don't tell her I saw - OK )
I love you because ...
you make my every dream come true,
it feels as though I've found
all that I ever need in you.

You bring me so much happiness
I feel such joy inside,
my heart is full of little else
but overwhelming pride.

I know I'm very lucky
and that's how I'll always be,
I'll never take for granted
all that you've brought to me.

The world is twice as special
and I feel like I'm on top,
loving you is wonderful
that's why I'll never stop.

I love my mum, she has let me do so many things other doggies could only ever dream of - Tracking, Agility, Jumping, Obedience, Therapy Dog, Demonstrations for the Public at Shows & Expos, enter & win Photo Competitions & Dog Walking Groups.

I have a wonderful, loving home. Mum even brought home a Golden Retriever puppy (Mimi), so that when my little mate 'Nicholas', went on his journey to Rainbow Bridge, I would have a companion to keep me company. Mimi & I are 'Best Buds', we get on together like Sisters :)

Mum has kept me healthy, and has never let me get overweight. She feeds me yummy food, & let's me sleep beside her on the bed.
I love my Mum.

JADE - aka 'Bubby' and the 'Energizer Bunny'



NADAC Competition

April 21st 2008 6:16 am
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Hi All,

I was entered in Elite Jumpers and Elite Tunnellers on Saturday, 19th April..

In Jumpers I knocked a bar, so didn't get a Pass. But that's OK, there's always next time.

In Tunnellers I ran really well and got a Pass. This was for my Title :)
I also ran the course faster than any other dog in Elite, Open & Novice combined. The course distance was 130.68 yds, and I did it in 22.06 secs, which meant I was running at 5.92 yds per sec. Not bad for a girl of 9 1/2 yrs !!

This is my 19th overall Title (ANKC & NADAC combined).
It was great to see 'Mimi' out there today in her first Competition. I'll have to pass on some tips to her BOL



My 18th Title !!!

February 18th 2008 4:32 am
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Hi All,

On Saturday night I gained my 18th Title in Agility (ANKC & NADAC combined)

It was at the K9 Agility Club's Twilight Trial, held at the Club where my mum is the Membership Officer.
I was entered in 3 events - Novice Gamblers, Excellent Strategic Pairs and Masters Jumping.
In Excellent Strategic Pairs, my Handler (Stephen) and I, with Alex & 'Ellie" came 3rd :) In Novice Gamblers I got a Qualifying Pass, and my GAMBLER"S DOG Title !!!!!
In Masters Jumping I didn't get a Pass, but Mum was thrilled with my run, as I only knocked 1 bar and I had a great time, against the much younger dogs.
Mum has decided to not continue with me in the next Level of Gamblers , so I'll just continue with mainly Jumping in ANKC Trials.

It was a very late night, we didn't get to bed till 2.45am !!!, but we had a good sleep in :)

Mimi was there too, as my cheer squad. She got to catch up with her Breeder, who was one of the Judges, and her bro' "Scooby" came down also to visit.

Till the next time - Jade

aka Tracking Champion "Echuca Jade" CDX AD JDX SPD GD


This Old Girl Sure Can Run !!

May 9th 2007 5:22 am
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Hi, On Sunday, 6th May, my mum took me to a NADAC Trial here in Melbourne, Australia. I was entered in 4 events for the day, 2 Jumpers and 2 Tunnellers Trials. In the Elite Veterans Class of Jumpers I made one mistake in both runs, so no Passes, but I got a 2nd and a 3rd.

In the Tunnellers Event, I was in the Elite Class, but the times are calcualted for your height, not your age, so I was running against dogs less than half my age.
I won both Elite sections, AND I was fastest dog overall in my first run, and 2nd overall by less than 2 secs in the second run. I ran 129 yards in 21.28 secs, which works out to be 6.06 yds per sec, and 153.3.yds in 28.06 secs, which is 5.47 yds per sec.

This was first time running in the Elite Classes, so I was pretty happy with my times, 'cause they're fast in Elite !!

Mum was soooo happy and proud of me. I just love the Tunnellers runs, it's fun running in and out of the tunnels :-)

Till next time,

"Jade" - the energizer bunny !!!


My First Diary Entry

April 23rd 2007 5:31 am
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Hi All,
Mimi (my younger 'sister' said I have to start a Diary too, like she has just done so here goes. Sit back, get comfortable, there's quite a bit to read.
OK, it all started when my Mum bought me from a Pet Shop. She'd lost her previous dog, "Tasman", a German Shepherd to cancer 9 mths prior.
I came into a Family where there was already a dog and a cat, "Nicholas" a Miniature Long Haired Dachshund (now 16 1/2 yrs), and "Poppy", a stray cat who arrived about a month before I did, she's now 9 years old.

We started going to an Obedience Dog Club for me to learn some discipline, I was a bit naughty as a Puppy. Things progressed and we started to learn Tracking skills also, as well as Agility. I started my Trialling career at 18 months, when I gained my Encouragement Certificate in Obedience. I then started getting Tracking and Obedience Titles, my TD (Tracking Dog), then my CD (Companion Dog). I followed this up the following year with my TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) and TCH (Tracking Champion) Titles, as well as my CDX (Companion Dog excellent) and JD (Jumping Dog) Titles.
I was very good at Tracking and came 3rd in the Tracking Dog of the Year Competition. Over the years I've gained more Titles, and I now have 9 Australian ANKC Titles which are :
T.CH - Tracking Champion TDX - Tracking Dog Excellent TD - Tracking Dog
CD - Companion Dog CDX - Companion Dog Excellent
AD - Agility Dog JD - Jumping Dog JDX - Jumping Dog Excellent
SPD - Novice Strategic Pairs Dog

and 8 NADAC Titles which are :
Jumpers Titles - NJC O-NJC S- NJC OJC
Chances Titles - NCC
Tunnellers Titles - TN-N TN-O
Weavers Titles - WV-N

My registered name is now :
My Mum named me 'Echuca' as this was the name of the Town where I came from (the Puppy Farm my mum found out after she got me).

I'm still competing in NADAC, Jumping and Games Trials, and practicing for UD in Obedience. Mum just has to find time to enter me in an Obedience Trial, as with both myself and "Mimi" now starting to Trial, there are'nt too many free weekends available !!

I'm still fit and healthy, I can still run fast and keep up with those young 'uns, and I love to compete in Competitions and play with 'Mimi'.
Life has been good to me, and I've not had any major health scares or injuries in my 8 1/2 years.

Hope this hasn't been too long, but I've tried to squeeze in my 'life' in this, my first Diary entry.

Woofs and Licks to all the doggies out there,

"Jade" aka 'Bubby'

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