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Abbey Girl - Jan/06

My new baby sister

October 22nd 2009 12:02 pm
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well it has been 12 days since mom and dad brought home my new human baby sister Addison Seara, she is so cute, I am still getting adjusted to her, since she is getting all the attention right now, but mom and dad still give me attention, I miss my walks with mom every night, but I understand once she feels better we will go for our walks.
Baby Addison sure eats alot and poops alot too, and when she does poops she really farts loud it scares me and I run and hide, and mom laughs so hard, I cannot wait t'ill Addison get bigger so I can play with her.


I miss my big sister Seara

February 19th 2008 5:17 pm
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Well it has almost been a month since my sister Seara passed away, and I miss her sooooo much, she was my best friend, I am so lonely and sad, I wish she was here, but my mommy is always comforting me and giving me extra lovings, I can't sleep alone at night, knowing that Seara is gone, she used to sleep on the couch, now I sleep with mommy and daddy, and I feel really safe and loved, mommy has been talking about getting another sister for me but I do not think I am ready yet for a new sister, sometimes I see mommy crying when she looks a Seara's picture, every night she lights a candle and she talks to me about Seara and we cuddle together and I lick her tears, to make her feel better and I know it does, I always want to be with mommy and daddy, i know time will heal and I won't feel so sad. Seara I miss you and love you so much and I promise I will take care of mommy and daddy for you, and I know you are watching over us, my angel Seara! I know one day we will play again.

Love Always,

Your little sister, Abbey


It has been awhile!

September 25th 2006 2:43 pm
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Hello to all my Dogster pals, it has been awhile since my mom has written a diary, she has been very busy, mom just had back surgery a month ago and I am so happy she is feeling so much better now she can play with me and take me for long walk. My summer was great, I did alot of swimming and hunting with my dad, the whole family went camping, that was so much fun. Now that the fall is here, almost everyday my dad and I have been going out duck hunting, I LOVEEEEEEEEEE TO DUCK HUNT, I have gotten five geese and five ducks and dad is so proud of me and when I get home mom has a big bowl of yummy food waiting for me, she just loves it when dad and I go hunting she says we are the best hunting team around. I love spending time with my dad and making him proud of me, anyways when mom gets the pictures of me with my birds she will post them so all my pup pals can see. Bark at you later
Your pal Naturesway Abbey!


Such a beautiful day!

February 12th 2006 5:27 pm
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Today was such a great day mom and day took Seara and I to a conservation area to let us run our little hearts out. It was so much fun, I was in and out of the trees and bushes looking for RABBITS, I love chasing rabbits. Dad plays fetch the stick with me and my sister and my sister always get the stick first, but when I do get the stick, I just keep running and running t'il my sister chases me and gets the stick away from me, and of course mom had to bring the digital camera, she loves taking pictures of me, she always tries to get my daddy to get my sister and I to do different poses, my sister likes it but me all I want to do is run, but sometimes I do not mind because I love my mommy and I like to see how happy she is when she takes pictures of me and also my mommy is always making sure I am happy. Thank you mom and dad for such a great family day!


It's my birthday soon!

January 14th 2006 1:59 pm
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Hello, all my pup pals, it is my birthday on January 17th, 2006, I can't wait I am gonna be 1 years old, and my mom wants to have a little party for me, just the familly, I wonder what she gonna buy me, I guess I will have to wait and see. Today is a very lazy day it is so cold and very windy, and I don't want to go outside and freeze my little brown butt off. What a change from yesterday, it was sunny and mild and my mom and grandma took me and Jayde (Abbey's mother) out for a long walk and Jayde was very tired she is 2 years old and she used to be a kennel dog and not used to getting alot of exercise, but she is coming around we love to run around and chase eachother and boy Jayde can run. Well I think I'm gonna go and cuddle with my mom and my sister Seara, talk to you later! Bye for now!



Daddy Stayed Home From Work!

January 10th 2006 6:05 pm
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Today, my daddy stayed home from work. This morning when mom got up to feed me, I noticed dad wasn't getting up for work, so I jumped on the bed, and layed down next to him and licked his face for him to get up, but he whispered in my ear that he wasn't going to work and that he was taking me hunting, I was so happy! So I took a little nap with dad and then we got up around 9:00am. Dad got dressed, had some breaky and off we went, I ran my little heart out and when we got home around 1:30pm, I was so tired, I went and layed down on mom and dad's bed. I know mom was happy that dad stayed home because I'm always a good girl!


All about my day!

January 8th 2006 5:24 pm
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Hello to all my pup pals, today was such a beautiful day, sunny but a little windy. I got to play and go a run with my daddy, I love spending the whole day with dad, because during the week he is usually to tired to play. After dinner, my mommy decided that I needed a bath, because she seemed to think I was dirty, I didn't think I was, but anyways she got her way and I made her chasing around the house for a couple of minutes, I love doing that to her it drives her crazy it is so much fun, but once she catches me, not fun anymore. So now I smell very nice and look so beautiful and shiny and my red highlights are really showing and now I just want to lay on the couch and spends some time with my dad, he goes back to work tomorrow, that is ok get to spend the day driving mom crazy lol......anyways bye for now!

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