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MIMI - aka 'Ashamber Field of Dreams'

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ANKC Agility & Jumping Trial - My 1st Full Trial

October 4th 2009 1:42 am
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Well today I had my first FULL ANKC Agility Trial.
I was entered in 2 Novice Agility, and 2 Novice Jumping runs.

In the morning Trial I ran in Novice Agility first. It was a nice course mum said. I missed the weave entry so incurred 5 penalty faults, and that was all I did wrong :) Mum was sooooo happy with me, I listened to her as we went around the Course.
Mum hasn't run a dog in Agility for 8 years, and she has mobility and breathing problems now :( so she was very happy with me she said.

Mum loves to take me to training and we're improving she says :)

In the morning Novice Jumping Course I was a bit excited, and did some little zoomies, and wasn't listening to my Handler :(
But I was just so happy being out there and running and jumping with Kate :)

In the afternoon Trial, my Jumping Handler (Kate) got tied up with running her 2 dogs in another Course, so at the last moment someone offered to run me. I had never practiced with this person !! But after a few missed bars at the beginning of the Course we finished off great, and I did some distance work and finished off the last 4 obstacles way ahead of my Handler - I was running & leaping like never before !!! :) I felt like I was flying - Woo Hoo !!

My last run was the afternoon Novice Agility Course - it was long. Mum knew she would have trouble getting around the Course, but she wanted to try and see how we'd do. As we are just starting out in Trials, she's looking at them being a good way to see where we are in our Training and how we work together as a Team :)
Plus I can get used to all the different noises and sights of an Agility Trial.

Thanks for reading,

Mimi - The 'Sparkle Queen' :)

In all, I had a great day :) I got to meet lots of other dogs and watch some of the Masters dogs also, plus, I got to watch 'Jade' (my BFF) run in 2 Masters jumping Courses. I hope to be as good as her one day :)


NADAC Trial - Big Improvement

September 20th 2009 7:19 am
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I was entered in a NADAC Trial with Mum, and she was really happy with me said :)

At the last Trial (my first) I did lots of zoomies, so mum wasn't sure what to expect this time !!
It had been 4 mths since my last NADAC Trial, and in that period, mum was sick with the flu/virus for 10 week, so we hadn't done much Training since August.

I was entered in 1 Jumping event and 2 Agility events. It was a very windy day. In the Jumping course I only did 1 thong wrong, I went into the tunnel obstacle instead of doing a hard left turn !!
Mum was so happy with me because it was a 'tight' course, and I am long bodied & have a big stride and jump. So there was mum doing lots of calling to me throughout the Run. I was under the Course time as well, which made mum very happy.
With the 2 Agility runs, I made some mistakes in the first run, but in the 2nd run I did much better and only 'back-jumped' one obstacle. My time was great mum said, I had nearly 20 secs to spare !!!!

Mum was thrilled that we had improved so much since the last NADAC Trial, she didn't care that we didn't get any Passes, even though it would have been nice I think, but if Mum was happy, then so was I :)

We have an ANKC Trial in 2 weeks, so we'll see how we do at that one :)

Stay Cool pups,



NADAC Trial today

April 18th 2009 2:39 am
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Today I went to a NADAC Trial, where I was entered in Novice Jumpers, and two Novice Touch 'N Go Competitions.

We got up really early, 5.30am !!!! and I didn't get any Breakfast either !!
"What's that all about", I said to Jade, but she didn't know, and told me that she & Scout didn't get any Breakfast either.

Hmmm, there must be logic behind it I guess - and there was, I was to find out later.
Anyway, I was doing really good in Novice Jumping till about halfway around, and I got just a little bit excited, and started to do 'zoomies'. !!!! So mum 'excused' us from the Ring BOL :) Pity I was having soooo much fun :)

We then all got Breakfast :) Mum didn't want me running on a full stomach, in case I threw it up, so she did the right thing and made me wait :) Gee, Mum's are smart.

Later in the afternoon I did the two Touch N Go Trials. Mum was hoping I wouldn't do zoomies again, and I said that I'd try to not be silly. Anyway, the Ring has obstacles that I'd never practised on before - hoops !!! So mum wasn't sure how I'd react to them, but I was OK, she had nothing to worry about.

There were lots of tunnels (yipee !!!), the 'walk, A-frame and hoops in the Ring. Mum was really happy with both my runs, even though we didn't get a Pass. I listened to her more she said, and I even did some distance handling for her, which made her really happy :) and I didn't get silly and do 'zoomies' in the Ring.

I got a really yummy Dinner when we got home too, so I think I like doing NADAC. :)

Well, I'm one tired puppy, so I'm off to bed - Night all.

Mimi - The Sparkle Queen


Christmas, a new pup & Demonstrations

January 19th 2009 4:34 am
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Thought I'd do an update as it's been awhile since my last one.

Well, Christmas was great, got lot's of presents - especially stuffies.
I've been practising some Agility and Obedience during our Summer break here.
In February, I'm going to a National Conference being held by Purina, for a 'Team Building' exercise at a Golf Club Resort, so that should be fun.

Then a few weeks later I'm doing an Agility and Obedience Demonstration, at the Melbouren Pet Expo. So I've had to get some practice in with the tyre and jump hurdle obstacles, and with Obedience too. Hope it's not going to be too hot for us !!
Hurdles: You made it!! Now hurry and pmail the complete list to Buddy

In the Dec/Jan issue of "Dogs Life" Magazine, I'm in the pull-out Calendar. You can see my photo in the Month of October :)

There has been a new addition to our Family also."Scout" a Min iature Long Haired Dachshund, DOB 18th August, 2008, came to be a paert of the family on Nov 5th.
She is soooo tiny and loves to snuggle up to me :) She thinks my beautiful flowing tail is a tug toy, NOT !! and also my ears & lips !!! I'm too nice and don't tell her off, she's just a puppy still :)

See ya, till next time,

"Mimi" = the Sparkle Queen


September 17th 2008 2:35 am
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Wow, what a week it's been.

On Monday, Mum receieved a letter from 'Dog's Life' Magazine, to let her know that I had Won a Competition !!!

I had Won $100 worth of dog food, plus a 'Surprise Hamper, AND I'll be appearing in a Calendar in 2009 - how good is that :)

Then, that same day, my brother 'Scooby' came to stay for a week. He's never been away from his Family before, so I'm making sure he's having a great time while he's here. We (Jade and I) are sharing our 'stuffies' with him, and have made him feel really welcome.

Mimi-the Sparkle Queen


Obedience Trial - CCD : 2nd Trial

August 3rd 2008 3:37 am
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Hi again,

Well, I have to start this with some exciting news :)
The 2nd day of Obedience Trials was today, 3rd August, and it was the National Obedience Trial.

Anyway, when we arrived, Mum went off to find my Breeder, and when she found them, they told her that they had a Sash for me !!!!
I had won the Sash yesterday for the Highest Scoring Golden Retriever in Trial, and it was Donated by the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria.
How cool is that :)
Mum had left the Trial not realising I had won something- dumb Mummy !!!

Wow, my very first Winning Sash at a Trial. :)

Now onto today.
I was in my 2nd Obedience Trial in CCD. I did OK, except when it was the Recall exercise and Mum called out 'Yes' (which is her signal for me to go to her), I just sat there. She had to give me a 2nd call, and I went to her that time. So we didn't get a score for that exercise, which meant we had 'bombed' !!!
OK, so I had a 'blonde moment' - it happens you know :)
Anyway, Mum still gave me a hug and a kiss 'cause she was still happy with me. We did the Sit Stay and Down Stay, and even though the dogs on either side of me lay down in their Sit Stay, I stayed sitting - Yay :)

So it was a big weekend for me. My next Obedience Trial is in 2 weeks time, where we'll try again in CCD at a Restricted to Group 3 Obedience Trial.

I'll keep you posted pups :)
Woofs and Wags,

"Mimi" - the 'Sparkle Queen' :)


My First Obedience Trial

August 2nd 2008 3:43 am
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It's been awhile since my last entry, so I thought I'd do an Entry and tell you what I did today :)

I was entered in my very first Obedience Trial today at the Victorian State Obedience Trial today.
I was entered in CCD (Community Companion Dog), and I had to do a Heeling pattern, Stand for Examination, Recall and a 1 minute Sit Stay and a 2 min Down Stay.
It was quite cold and windy , and the ground was wet from a lot of rain overnight :(
Anyway, in the Heeling pattern around the Ring we (mum and me) have to do normal, slow and fast pace, with a total of 3 'stands', 'halts' and 'downs', plus do a figure of 8 around 2 people.

I missed 1 'down' command, and only went 1/2 way down on another. You have to do 2 out of 3, so it meant I didn't qualify. But Mum was happy with me, as I did the stand for examination and didn't move any of my paws (Yay), and in the Recall I came straight to mum and sat directly in front of her. ( Double yay !!)

All the dogs then had to do a Group Sit Stay and Down Stay, with their Handlers facing us about 20 feet away.
I did that too, so Mum was very happy with me.
She gave me some chicken afterward as a reward for doing my best :)

Tomorrow we are entered in CCD again, and it's the National Obedience Trial, so Competitors from around Australia will be there too.

So, we'll have another go and see what happens, but no matter what, I I know that Mum loves me so much :)

Bye for now,

"Mimi" - Ashamber Field of Dreams TD
(aka - The Sparkle Queen)


My First NADAC Competition

April 21st 2008 6:15 am
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Well I had my very first NADAC Comeptition on Saturday, 19th April , and I did OK :)

It was a warm, hazy day here in Melbourne.

I was entered in Touch 'n Go & Tunnellers.

In Touch 'n Go I had never been on a 'Walk' or 'A-Frame' with a rubber surface. Mum thought I might not want to go on them, but I didn't hesitate at all :) I didn't get a Pass, but I got all my contacts & had fun going through the tunnels. People were saying how happy I looked in the Ring, which was good, and I didn't do zoomies in the Ring, as Mum was expecting me to.

In Tunnellers I did better, and I got my first Qualifying Pass (happy dance), and I came 3rd.
Mum is very happy with me, and I had a great day.

Till next time,

"Mimi" - the Sparkle Queen


Obedience Club Competition

April 12th 2008 5:12 am
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Hi, Today I was entered in a Club Obedience Competition at Mornington O.D.C. I was in RED Class and I had to do some Heel work, a Stand Stay, Recall, Finish and a 1 min sit stay & a 2 min down stay.
I did really well and scored 144/150 pts, and I won :)
Because Mum has already trialled another dog (Jade) to an Obedience Title we're not allowed to take 1st Place, but she was given a lovely Medal to acknowledge our success :)

It also means we go up to GREEN Class which is the equivalent to CCD here, which is the first level of Obedience Trialling.

It was a good day too, 'cause in all, 3 Golden Retrievers came 1st in the Classes, and 1 came 2nd - Go the Golden's !!!



I've been Tagged by Flicka

April 8th 2008 3:19 pm
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I've been tagged by Flicka We have to answer 4 questions in our diary and tag 4 friends.

Here it goes...

Name 4 jobs you have:
1. Plate licker !!!
2. Stuffies tester- see how soft they are !!
3. Security Guard, I guard my Mum, "Jade" & "Poppy".
4. Bed Tester

Name 4 places where you have lived (or stayed at):
1. My Breeders in Hoppers Crossing,Victoria
2. Seaford, Victoria, Australia
3. ---------------
4. ---------------

Name 4 places that you have been:
1. Melbourne Pet Expo - Agility Demonstration
2. Broadford for Tracking Trial
3. Morwell- Tracking Trial
4. Inverleigh - Tracking Trial

Name 4 places you'd rather be:
1. The Dam at KCC Park
2. Catching up with my brothers & sister
3. Playing with my canine friends
4. Snuggles with Mum on the bed.

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