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~DoGGie DReAmS, of DoGGie ThiNgS~

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It's My Birthday!

July 18th 2009 6:28 am
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Can you believe it?

I'm turning 5 today!


Who Likes Frozen Treats~?

July 17th 2008 1:47 pm
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Raise your paw~!

For my birthday tomorrow, mom made frozen yummies~!
She took the basic "Homemade Frosty Paws" recipe and tweaked it just a bit...

She used-
32 oz of Yogurt (vanilla instead of plain because i'm not a huge fan of plain yogurt)
A couple spoonfulls each of All Natural Peanut Butter (smooth), and Honey
1 Mashed up Peach (skin removed)

First she spooned the PB into a bowl and microwaved it for about 10 seconds (it came out of the fridge and was a bit stiff). Next she mixed in the honey and blended until smooth. Then she added the yogurt and mixed it all together. You can use a blender if you want, but it's just as easy to stir it all up with a spoon *^_^*. Most of the recipes for Frosty Paws use a mashed up banana.... but i don't really care for bananas, and we didn't have any bananas at home either- so mom mashed up a very sweet and ripe peach with a fork and added it in.

Then she filled little 3 oz paper Dixie cups, and now the cups are in the freezer, freezing for tomorrow.

Oh~! I got to lick the bowl when mom was done.

Isn't that always the best part~?

I hope my friends all like the treats~! It's supposed to be pretty hot tomorrow, so i'm sure they will be quite refreshing~! *^_^*


Birthday Countdown

July 14th 2008 6:51 am
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The countdown to my birthday begins~!

I even got an anonymous *Crazy Squirrel* Rosette to begin the countdown~!

Can you believe I'll be turning 4 on Friday~?
Mom is making doggie frozen yogurt treats for all the pups at work to take in with us that day. *^_^*

Logan from work has a birthday at the end of the month too... so i think we're having a mini celebration together. We're not going to have a BiG ol' PaRty, but just a little *HaPPy*.


TCM Update

June 12th 2008 3:09 pm
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I saw Dr Chris again today. I finished my last 2 chinese herbals for opening my liver canal and liver strengthening... so it was time for a recheck to see how i am doing.

My pulse is not longer choppy~!

That's a really good thing. That means that the Qi is not stagnant like it was before... it's moving much more freely. We first needed to treat the acute issues (they were not very "cute") and now we can treat the deep chronic stuff.

The next step is to address the underlying Blood Deficiency.

I got a new herbal called Si Wu Xiao Feng Yin, or Dry Derma Relief. Even though i don't have the "dry derma" symptoms, the herbal will nourish my blood.

One major improvement mom has noticed with me is with my noise sensitivity. This year i'm not even phased by the roaring thunder. It's obvious i notice it, but it doesn't make me jumpy. Last year mom worked with desensitizing me to the thunder and helped me with distracting and using calming massage/reiki/EOs, i had gotten a bit better with ignoring the thunder with mom's help... but this past month it's as if it's just not scary to me anymore. The other day mom was able to keep a window open during a thunderstorm and i wasn't even bothered by the pounding of the rain and booming thunder.
Another example is that mom was using the food processor to chop up stuff for Puppy and i didn't run away- in fact i layed on the kitchen floor right under where mom was loudly chopping away. In the past i would have disappeared as far away from the commotion as i could go, but it didn't bother me at all.

Since we are doing treatment as a preventative measure and not to treat a specific obvious issue, it's been hard for mom to tell how it's "working", but the sound sensitivity improvement is a nice positive step in the right direction.

I'll go back for another recheck in 2 months.

Keep ya posted.


I Have a Feather-Brother

June 10th 2008 3:09 pm
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I'm sure we all saw this coming....

From the day that little birdie flew into our lives, we all knew he was probably going to stay. Mom made an honorable attempt to find his owners, but it's now official~

I have a new brother.

Mom took him to get his "Well Birdie Check-up" today, and he now has a name- Puppy.

Yes, it's a silly name for a bird... but you see, lately mom has had a MaJoR case of *puppy fever*~! The budgie has scratched that itch, so mom was calling him her "little puppy".

It seemed fitting that he should be called Puppy.

So i have a puppy.

Anywho~ he saw the avian vet today, and got a clean bill of health~! Mon contemplated on what vet she would take Puppy to see- but decided that for his well-exam he should see an avian specialist as opposed to a non-avian specialist who is holistic. So Puppy saw a highly recommended avian vet in the area.
Dr L said Puppy looks great, and is the perfect size for his frame... weighing in at a svelt 30.4 grams~! Now i see that he wouldn't even make a decent sized snack... so i'm being super good about not wanting to "eat him" anymore~ BoL~!

Hey, if you haven't watched my video yet take a peek at it.

Ok, back to the bird- Dr L said he looks like he is at least 2, probably somewhere between 2-5 years old. He also did a conservative wing-clip on Puppy. Mom was a bit torn on whether or not to clip his wings, but decided that it would help with the taming. Puppy is still a bit hand shy, and likes to fly away from mom. Since feathers will grow back with a moulting, it made mom feel better about clipping them. Eventually she thinks it would be nice to have a flighed bird... it's only natural for them to fly, but until he is tamed and reliable the clip will help. Instead of the usual 7 flight feathers they usually trim, DrL clipped only 6, and left them longer than usual so that he could still get a little lift. Because of *me* Puppy is only allowed out of the cage for limited amounts of time in one small room anyways.

Mom also had them remove Puppy's legband. She feels much better about that because it was obvious he didn't like it. He would chew and bite on it all the time. It wasn't a closed band, and it wasn't on properly and looked like it was a hazard waiting to happen. Mom didn't want it to get caught on anything.

So now i really have to get used to the fact that he is here to stay.

I guess he's not so bad, he does make good entertainment.


Bird Update

May 27th 2008 10:50 am
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Ok, so here's what's been going on with the bird...

To try and find this little guy's family, mom put a listing on Craigslist, placed a free Lost&Found ad in the local paper, called a dozen different vets in the area leaving her name and number in case anyone reports a missing bird, and put up flyers in the neighborhood (which probably didn't survive the rain the past couple days).

The only call back she got was from a Petsmart employee that said it's possible he was an escaped bird from their enclosure- and that if mom didn't want him she could bring him to Petsmart or if she wanted him- to just keep him. First off, i'm 99.9% sure this guy is not a Petsmart escapee.... and secondly if he were, i don't think mom would take him back here.

At any rate, we're basically nowhere when it comes to finding his original people. He could have flown a pretty far distance because his wings are not clipped and he has full flight.

Now, mom has never considered herself a "bird person". It's not like she doesn't like birds- she feeds the wild ones year round... it's just that it has never occured to her to have one as a pet.
Personally i like that she is a "dog" person~! That suits me just fine~!

But this little guy is slowly turning mom into a bird person.... and i don't know how i feel about that.

I mean, in the last 4 days i have gotten a little used to him- but he still drives me NUTS~! I'm not completely obsessed with watching him anymore... but i'm still not sure if i can like him or not. I really wanna "get him". But mom won't let me....
And to make matters worse, she spends alone time with the bird~! Can you believe it~?! She takes him into a room and closes the door for an hour... and leaves me out IN THE HALL~!!! And even though i cry and plead, she won't let me in.

I guess she's letting the guy come out of the cage and hang out or fly around if he wants to- and i guess i'm not allowed to be in there when he's doing that... but i don't like the idea of him taking quality mom time away from me.

So anyways... mom felt bad that he was in a little hamster cage- and even though the people on the Budgie-list she joined told her it was fine as a temporary home (especially since he's getting time out of the cage) mom went out and got him a real birdcage. It's a modest 18x18- but definately more budgie-sized.

She figured if his owners do come to claim him, she can sell the bird stuff on craigslist or something... or *gasp* get a new bird~ Oh Geez~

I think mom has a birdie-bug~ because this little bird is such a "charmer". He's already getting up onto mom's hand (with a millet bribe), and he sings sweet songs....

Doesn't mom remember that i sang her songs first~?



I'm *ObSeSSeD*

May 23rd 2008 5:23 am
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Where's the bird~? *BiRD* What's he doing~? What's he saying~? bird. Bird~?


Mom Found a Budgie~!

May 22nd 2008 1:18 pm
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So, mom went outside today... and heared a "tweet! tweet!", looked up and there was a little budgie sitting there looking at her~!

She didn't want him to fly away, so ran back in and grabbed a t-shirt, went back out and tossed the shirt on top of him and caught him.

There was an old wire cage from a hamster she had a LONG time ago, so mom dug it out and put the birdie in there. He seems healthy and uninjured.

He's very pretty.

I want to get him.

He makes me SuPeR excited... even though mom is keeping me away from him. I can smell him through the door, and i keep crying cuz i want to see him.

But mom won't let me near, because she doesn't want me to stress him out.

But i want to see him.

We think he must have been very loved. He looks like he was taken care of, and he isn't super skittish considering he's been "out in the wild" and mom just caught him... so we're going to try and find his people.

But until then, mom is going to take care of him... anyone know anything about birds~?


10,000th Viewer Revised

May 14th 2008 7:10 am
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So, yesterday i said that i didn't know who my 10,000th viewer was... because no one had p-mailed me. But this morning mom was checking her regular e-mail and lo and behold there was an e-mail from Ruger Dachshund Mama Dawn-Renee~! She's not here on Dogster, but she was my 10,000th viewer~! YaY~!
Dogster stats for *~YiPPy~*
Corralled:68 times Pals:827 Views: 10000
You see, Mom will regularly visit her site and drool over the dachshunds there- BoL~! She loves to see what is up with the pups and how they are all doing in their busy busy lives. When there are puppy pictures, mom goes "Sqeee~!" with joy looking at their little faces.... and dreams about the day she will bring home a little wire baby brother for me.

Well, yesterday she went to the Ruger site and was delighted to see that they had updated their look. She scrolled down and saw this picture, and well.... well, why don't you see for yourself~!

Evie is my HeRo~!!!

I just had to leave a comment on her spectacular catch~!

So Mama Ruger *popped* over to my page and happened to be my 10,000th viewer~! YaY~!

Hmmmm.... i wonder if this is a sign that mom should start thinking about a baby brother for me again...? I mean, if she really wants a puppy in the next two years or so she really needs to start thinking about it now and get on a waitlist~!



May 13th 2008 10:12 am
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I went over Ten Thousand Views today~!

It took 862 days from the date i joined Dogster to today, but not including today since it is still early~ *^_^*

That's 2 years, 4 months, 11 days.

Which is about-
74,476,800 seconds
1,241,280 minutes
20,688 hours
123 weeks (rounded down)

I had a little note in my profile asking for whoever was my 10,000th view to let me know. I was going to give them a little pressie, but it looks like that went unnoticed.... as no one contacted me. Shucks~!

Well, thanks for everypup who has stopped by my page. I really do appreciate it~! And thanks for getting me to 10,000 views~!

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