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Me, spoiled rotten? and other barkings

April 5th 2011 1:56 pm
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I gotta tell you pups, mom called me spoiled this morning, all because I wouldn't eat my boring breakfast kibble without my sprinkle topping (the can says it's nupro joint supplement, whatever that means). She put my food bowl down, and I sat and looked up at her and told her with my cute puppy eyes that I wasn't eating that boring stuff without my desert topping. I sat there while she laughed, sheesh! And of course then she sprinkled my topping on. That's not spoiled, that's just eating what I like! Sheesh! Mom also called me rotten, which she got from Greta Grace and Roudy's mom on the book of faces.. My mom barked, er, posted about the other day when I was sitting by my food bowl filled with boring old kibble, protesting my dinner cause there was no sprinkle desert topping, and their mom called me rotten, like I'm a food or something, silly human!

I barked and barked at a neighborhood girl kid on my walk this afternoon and she told me "I'm not scared of you." Sheesh!

The squirrelz are everywhere and, to quote lots of my terrier furiends, they're driving me CRAZEEE!!!! I'd catch some too if one, mom would let me off leash or two, she'd run faster.

Gotta go, this spoiled boy and his spoiled sister are barking for another walk!



March 15th 2011 1:47 pm
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Beware the Ides of March! Anypup named Caesar who wants a rosette? BOL!


Mom’s going to my play

March 4th 2011 5:22 pm
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Mom’s going to see my play tomorrow night. See, my fancy AKC name is Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors - mom thought it'd be an appropriate registered name for me even though I was only a puppy when she named me, sheesh, thanks for the early label mom! BOL! Ok, ok, I am a big goofball funny boy, which mom tells me every day, but I’m not a comedy of *errors*, sheesh. One of her furiends on the book of faces gave her the crazy idea to make a video montage of my silliness and name it Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. I’m sure it’ll be better than some actual play written by my namesake cause, well, it’ll star ME! Momma’s silly goofball makes-her-laugh-every-day boy!

To bark or not to bark, there is no question! Bark!


Call the SPCA!

February 5th 2011 1:44 pm
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We told mom we had to go outside, but it's raining, so she decided to put my jacket on sheesh! so I sat down in defiance, and she put it on anyways, and she said, and I quote "but Shakey, torturing you is half the fun!" What the woof?!?! Not cool mom! Oh, and she also went shopping and didn't get anything for me or Lacey. She better make something good for dinner!


Talk about pawressure, BOL!

January 28th 2011 3:02 pm
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So mom was telling me last night that I'm the reason all kinds of big important life changing stuff has happened over the last several years. Sheesh mom, talk about having high standards! BOL!

She says that cause of me, she joined a bunch of schnauzer internet groups and made all kinds of good friends, and of course when we joined Dogster and made lots of great pals! Cause of me she's made lots of the bestest friends.. and me too, I have the bestest paw pals!! It's also cause of me that mom got into schnauzer rescue, and adopted Sydney, and fostered other schnauzers, and adopted Lacey too. But that's not all! She said it's cause of me, how much my grandpawrents love me and love my wonderful pawsonality (seriously! BOL!) and my silliness and character and stuff, it's cause of me that they adopted their very own schnauzers, my cousins Adeline and Samson. So cause of me two homeless schnauzer doggies got a great home with my family! And now cause of me, and ok, lots of it is mostly cause of Samson, my uncle Joey, who love love loves us so much and plays with Samson almost every day, is getting a schnauzer mix doggy of his very own.

Wow, I've accomplished so much! Aw geez, now mom's looking at me with leaky eyes again.. that means (s)mothering's coming... gotta run!


Chiropracted again

December 30th 2010 1:56 pm
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The nice holistic vet lady messed with my back and neck again today, and although it was kinda weird and I tried to stay in mom's lap, by the end I was making my happy grunts. The nice vet lady said I looked good - duh, of course! (Mom doesn't let me jump on anything anymore.) I even lost a pound, hey mom, where are those howliday treats?!? I gotta eat up! BOL!


I don't need no stinkin jacket!

December 16th 2010 2:20 pm
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I was woofin at the door cause I wanted to go out. Mom put this jacket on me and leashed me up and out we went. I did my business but I wanted that jacket off! So I dropped to the ground to roll around to get that stupid jacket off and OMD the ground was COLD and covered in SNOW! Do not like! Jacket or snow! And mom was laughing at me! I'm gonna go woof neat the treat cabinet instead!


I got kiropracted!

November 15th 2010 2:30 pm
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Mom took me to the holistic vet on Saturday. I remembered the office and the nice vet lady. I did my charming wiggle nub butt wiggle when I saw her. She asked mom a bunch of questions while I hung out and sniffed around. Then the vet lady started poking at my back. Then she took me back to get xrays, which I’ve had done before but don’t like! I was all wired up to leave after that torture! Then the vet lady poked at my back again, but she started moving part of it around, and twisting my neck, and it was kinda weird but it felt pretty good. I did my low grumbly happy sound so she’d know I liked it. Then when she was done I ran over to mom and panted all over her so she would know how I felt, BOL.

The vet lady told mom that I have some “chronic change” in my lower back, but it’s nothing to worry about, it just isn’t as neat and clean as the rest of my back. But overall my back is good! See mom, my back is pawfectly fine! Now let me start jumping on my, er, your bed again!!!


Diary of the Day!

October 30th 2010 2:35 pm
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Wow!! Thank you Dogster!! Thank you for picking me for Diary of the Day! Thank you to everypup for the cool presents! Aroo! Mom bragged all over the book of faces (tm Fizzy) too, BOL!

Mom's making me and Lacey chicken tonight for celebration, arooo! I'll share if you pups want to come over!


I almost got a squirrel!

October 28th 2010 1:52 pm
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And I would have too, if it weren't for my meddling mom! Sheesh! She looked and saw I almost had that sucker by the tail, and she wasn't gonna let me off leash, and I could tell she wouldn't know what to do if I caught it (ok, er, I don't know either, I just know I want one!)... so she stopped and we stopped and that darn squirrel just ra.. er.. crawled quickly forward. Mom squealed that the poor thing (what?!?!) was hurt, and kept walking me and Lacey out of the squirrel's way so it could go somewhere where we weren't scaring it. Which was in a apartment drain pipe, BOL! A pipe with a bushy squirrel tail, BOL! So yah, I was thisclose to catching a squirrel, mom kept squealing about the poor hurt thing, I don't care if it was hurt mom, that's nature and stuff ya know!

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