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Oh the dogmanity!!

December 10th 2012 5:40 am
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Thank you Dogster for choosing me as Dog of the Day!!!! If only the photo on the front page of me in that stupid squirrel costume wasn't the most embarrassing photo of me ever! Sheesh! I don't care if I need mom's pawmission to get on the laptop, but I gotta change that photo to something more dognified! Not that I'm typing in my diary without mom's pawmission or anything, BOL....



October 22nd 2012 5:03 pm
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I'm so jealous of what my mom did earlier tonight. She killed a squirrel. She feels really bad about it, and says there's no way she coulda not got it cause she was on the interstate in her car and didn't see the squirrel. I wanna get a squirrel! I've been trying for eleventy years! I bark at them and chase them but I've never caught one. Yet. Mom often asks me what I'd do if I caught one, and I woof that I'd show her if I ever did catch one. Someday!


More thank yous!!

August 29th 2012 11:33 am
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Thank you Fearless Four (not gonna type all the names, BOL) and Finley for my steaks! Yum!! And thanks Austin and Doo for the baseball!

Luna, thank you for the bone and the compliment! Thank you for the cupcake Zaidie! I'm sure it's MEATZ(tm) filled! And thanks to Fizzy for the other cupcake, I bet that's cheese filled! If not, I got a burger from Rudy and Izzy, thank you, aroo!

Once mom's computer can get on the intrawebs, I'll make her post photos. I've got lots of showing off to do!


Barkday, aroooo!! And other pupdates

August 28th 2012 9:49 am
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Woof woof arooo! Happy Barkday to ME! Mom says I'm 11 today but I don’t act like it and I'll always be her baby puppy and.. sheesh.. knock it off mom! Just gimme my barkday treats and let me unwrap presents! No, I'm not spoiled, BOL! I don't act my age tho, I have tons of energy and love walks and bark at everything and mark up the neighborhood and play with toys and roll in the grass and all the things dogs are supposed to do regardless of their age. I'm still a crazy goofball! Woof!

Anypaw! It's my first barkday in our new city and with a doggy roommate, so mom says she's gonna bake peanut butter treats for us all, woof! (She's at work now making the treat money. Work hard mom! BOL!)

Sorry we haven't been keeping up lately - mom's laptop won't connect to the internet and we can't check Dogster on her iPhone cause its keys are way too small for our paws. (Don't ask how I'm posting now, BOL) Me and Lacey are doing good, and we're still getting along with doggy roommate Bela (she LOVES us!). There's lots of doggies in our neighborhood that we bark to when we're out walking. There's even several stray kitties that mom won't let me chase. We’ve made lots of new people friends from all the friends that visit mom and human roommate. Me and Lacey and Bela always make them feel welcome by excitedly barking at them!

What else is new? Oh! Our schnauzer cousins Adeline and Samson and our grandpawrents came to visit us a few weeks or months ago or somethin'. That was so much fun, we got to show off our neighborhood!

We've had stupid flea problems this summer, even though me and Lacey were on topical flea meds. (Stupid non-working meds and stupid stray cats that I can't chase.) Mom gave us baths with flea shampooo (not made of fleas, BOL, but to get rid of fleas) and morphed into a cleaning freakazoid and washed our beds lots and vacuumed and stuff. Mom switched us to Trifexis (I looked at the box, BOL) last month and me and Lacey haven't had fleas (yet, mom tends to say, sheesh) since then.

I had my teethers cleaned last week and I only had two taken out, so even though I'm "old", I still have most of my teeth! See! "Senior" my paw! BOL!

Thanks to Snarky Schnazers for the barkday hat! I may wear it for a second or two before I rub it off against the couch, BOL, Thanks to Sniffers and Dixis for the bone, nomnom!

Thanks to Sophie and Sammie for the star! Thanks to Sabrina and Duncan and Hamish and Zoe and Tux and Drover and Bella for all the steaks! Thanks to Whitley for the ice cream! Thanks to Harley D and Sophie Claire for the baseball - I'm gonna go play now!


What's worse?

July 21st 2012 3:10 pm
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Sheesh! I don't know what's worse, having fleas even though mom puts flea medicine on me every month, or the baths with the flea shampoo where I have to stand in the sink all wet and soaped up for furever. I deserve more treats!


Squirrel Catcher Job Opening!

June 28th 2012 2:26 pm
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Mom told me one of her friends has an interview at a company that gets squirrels out of attics. I want that job! Where do I apply?!?! I would be PAWSOME at that! I'd even work for free! Why even bother interviewing humans, just employ me and a bunch of my terrier friends! Squirrel hunting pawty!


Shakespeare Fest!?!?

June 8th 2012 10:58 am
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There's a Shakespeare Festival starting in my new city this weekend! I saw the poster a bunch of times on our walks and was wondering why my face wasn't on it.. and now I'm wondering why I haven't even been invited yet! What the woof?!? It is a festival celebrating *me*, right? Just like every day should be!

p.s. Who's Cymbeline and why is he going to be there and not me?!?
And who are these merry wives in Windsor who are going to be there later? Where's Windsor? Why are they merry? Ooo, are they on a walk? Maybe there will be dog treats!


We have flying squirrels!!!!!

April 12th 2012 3:06 pm
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OMD! My new city has flying squirrels!!!! If I could catch one of those I'd be the envy of all my doggy friends! Wait, mom, what? Flying squirrels is the name of our city's baseball team? What's baseball and how do flying squirrels fit in? Do they allow dogs to play baseball with the squirrels? Ooo, are the squirrels the balls?!?! Cause that would be pawsome fun! I could see me and Zaidie and Greta Grace and Fizzy and Buddy and Whitley just throwing and catching squirrels! BOL! Woof woof woof woof woof!

Lacey wants to know if anypup has a team with "bunnies" or "rabbits" cause she'd like to play catch with them!



April 10th 2012 5:17 pm
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We were out walking earlier and I barkbarkbarked at this man who passed near us. He told me "you're too pretty to be mean." What?!? Whatevfur dude! First off, I'm *handsome* cause I'm a boy, as my blue leash should clearly get across, and secondly, I am too mean, you heard me barkbarkbark! Sheesh! People need to learn dog around here! Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go get loving from my mom. And no, being a mama's boy doesn't make me a "pretty" dog, it makes me spoiled rotten, woof!


I need my space

January 10th 2012 2:51 pm
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My silly mom's been all sad and what not that I haven't come upstairs to sleep with her and Lacey for the last couple of nights. Sheesh mom, I need my space! I'm your same schnauzer that used to go in another room to nap, back when we had other rooms and no stairs in the house. It's like she furgot who I am! BOL (The downstairs here is just one big room so I don't have many places to escape to without having to climb the stupid stairs.) Besides, I also have five zillion beds downstairs to sleep in instead of just two upstairs (Lacey and mom take up the big human bed). I can also see and thus bark at stuff outside, I mean if the other dogs are upstairs with the humans, who's left to be security? Me, that's who. Ruuuffff!

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