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Crazy Puppy in My House!!!!

April 27th 2006 7:56 am
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There's another dog at my house again, sheesh! Her name is Prissy and she's small like Sydney and her hair is really long. She keeps barking and barking and trying to chase me around and getting me to chase her, she won't leave me alone! I mean, I am handsome and all so I don't blame her. And I do like playing with her, we'll chase each other around and we'll bark at each other and play tug o war. But sheesh, let me cuddle with my mom in some peace! And mom, put down the camera and pet me!!!

You can see a video of me and Prissy playing, and Sydney being smart and alpha, at . Sydney got up and wandered around - she kept telling us to knock it off, then she made them get out of her way so she could get back to her beauty sleep.

Mom says Prissy is going to her foster home on Saturday. I'm gonna miss her but it'll be good to have mom all to myself again!


I love spring!

April 8th 2006 2:41 pm
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Woof woof!! It's warm outside and you know what that means?!? Walks every day!! Mom and I love to walk around our neighborhood. She likes seeing all the nice houses and yards and getting near the water - which she can only see through people's barkyards. She says we'll walk to the beach soon, we're a mile away I think. But I like reading the pawmail on all the trees and lightpoles and bushes. There's a lot going on! Sometimes we run into this westie and shih tzu, they're my size and really nice. I also say hi to the lab and shepard mix on the corner, and the shelties and terrier mixes a couple streets over. I wonder why they're left outside though? I love being outside, but I couldn't imagine not getting to come in and snuggle with my mom.

Oh! And mom put a birdfeeder in the backyard so almost every time I go out, I can ruuuuunnnnnn to the back part of the yard and chase them all away! Mom tells me I can't fly, but what does she know? BOL!

Oooo! Gotta go bark at the birds out front!!


The Foster Brother

January 24th 2006 2:14 pm
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Sheesh! You guys! There's another boy doggy in my house! My mom brought him here the other day and said he's only going to stay for a few weeks, but that's still too long in my book. It's my house (ok, it's Sydney's) and my mom! This other doggy, his name is Scotty, he's following my mom around and climbing into her lap and sitting with her on the couch and she's letting him! She's even petting him, scratching his belly, hugging him, and giving him kisses. I'm the only one who should get those things! Ok, and Sydney too, she's cool cause she doesn't demand too much attention from mom. But this new guy, he's all over the place, sheesh! He won't even play chase the cat with me! I bark and bark at him and he won't even bark back! What's that all about?!? He hasn't even chased me yet or anything. He's all "behaved" and "sweet" whatever that means. Woof woof woof!!!


I'm a brat, hehe!

December 13th 2005 9:08 am
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I almost tricked my mom this morning! She kept calling and calling for me to come inside.. she even used the magic word treat.. but that didn't fool me, I stayed right outside. Parked my butt in one spot and wouldn't move. Then when I saw her walking towards me, I ran further back, ha ha ha ha! She won't get me! But of couse that meany picked me up (the indignity, sheesh!!) and carried me inside. I even grred at her but she told me not to talk back to her, like that's gonna stop me, sheesh! So I ended up having to go inside.. I just can't win sometimes!


Happy HOWLidays!

December 13th 2005 9:04 am
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Aroooo!! I am so excited cause I know the holidays are coming up! I love love love Christmas!! I love all the paper and presents and bows and ribbons and people and attention and paper!! Mom's been coming home with bags that smell like treats and like the doggy stores we go to.. but she won't share yet darnit.. I can't wait to see what she got.. of course I hope she wraps everything in lots of paper cause that's my favorite part!

Happy Howlidays to all my friends, woof woof!!


Thanks Shakespeare!

October 26th 2005 9:13 am
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Thanks for to my great-named and super talented pal Shakespeare for my rosette! Woof woof!!!


I love Attention!!

October 26th 2005 9:11 am
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I got lots and lots of attention this weekend! On Saturday my mom's friend came to visit and she petted me a lot. She has a lab named Billie whom I've played with before, she was fun but bigger than me (technically - I'm really the size of a great dane!). Then the next day my uncle Bob's parents came over and they love me, hehe... they gave me lots of love and attention and let me jump on them and sit on their laps. They have a technically bigger doggie than me too, I've met her before too. And then, my grandparents and Cupcake came over!!!! I love my grandparents and Cupcake!!! Arrrooooo!! So I had lots and lots of people giving me attention and I loved every minute of it! That's how every day should be for me, woof!


My cousin Cupcake

October 12th 2005 9:01 am
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Sheesh! My cousin Cupcake was a diary of the day?!? All she does is nap, and she hardly ever wants to play with me. I'm way more talkative than her. I bark all the time.. ok, so I got her barking more too, but I still have her beat in the amount of barking, woof woof woof!

I guess it's ok tho cause several of my schanuzer pals have been diaries of the day! So does that make Cupcake an honorary schanuzer? She's kinda cool sometimes.


Congrats Buddy!

October 8th 2005 8:37 am
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Arroooo! Congrats to our pal Buddy for being Diary of the Day!


Our friend Molly!!

October 7th 2005 4:33 am
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Arooooo!!!! One of our bestest friends Molly is Diary of the Day today!!! Congrats to her and her humom, who's one of our humom's bestest friends too. YEA MOLLY!!!!!

p.s. Molly is my gf Scarlet's sister!! Molly's humom, you better give my gf Scarlet some extra loving too!

p.p.s. Thanks for all my bones!! Yum!!

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