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Getting my Schnauzer on!

March 7th 2007 9:12 am
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We have mice in our house! Mom's really freaked out and setting traps and putting food and treats in containers, but, like the good terrier I am, I'm kinda wound up about it. Last night I showed mom where a mousie hole was - I was pawing at this big pillow that's against the wall in the living room, I needed mom to move it so I could get to the darn mouse or mousies... but by time she moved it, the mousies were gone, altho they'd left behind some evidence.... Mom also fussed at us doggies cause there was a lone piece of kibble there and she wanted to know how it ended up there.. like I'm gonna know, sheesh! Anyways, mom found that the round cable hole had been chewed out so mousies could fit through, and she boarded it up. So now, sheesh, how am I gonna be able to stake that corner out and get my mouse-catching schnauzer on?!? I work better than any trap she's set, woof woof!

Oh yah, and after the hole discovery, mom remembered the other day when I was pawing near my crate.. she was a dummy and didn't get what I was trying to tell her at all, sheesh.. so last night she checked out that area and sure enough, the mice had left evidence there, but not a lot cause I scared them off, BOL.... But then mom fussed at me not to leave treat crumbs in my crate, like I'd ever do that, arruuf!

She was proud of me after the fact though. Can you blame her?!? Woof woof!


My Sister the Snot

November 15th 2006 9:11 am
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Sheesh, mom's been taking Lacey all over and I'm so mad, doesn't she know she's my mom first and Lacey can just stay outside for all I care! *phhhbbbttt* Ok, I do like her, we play and watch for squirrels together, but I don't like her taking attention away from me! Although I gotta say that she's a good student, I've been teaching her how to outsmart mom and get away with being a brat, just like I do, er, I mean, used to do. Mom says she's teaching Lacey how to behave just like me and that Lacey's going to class just like I used to. I bet she's nowhere near as good as me tho!!! Actually I guess Lacey learning is ok, but only if she does it at home cause then I get treats too cause I am so smart and know everything and knew everything first! When mom tries to get Lacey to do a Down, well, I know how to do a really good Down, so I get to show off and get treats. Mom's starting to give us hot dogs and boy do I love hot dogs!


Today is My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

August 28th 2006 9:20 am
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Happy Fifth Barkday to ME!!!!

I gotta sneak on mom's puter so I can tell everyone it's my birthday today!!! AROOOOO!!! This morning mom wished me Happy Birthday and said I'd get a CAKE! and all my PRESENTS!! later today when she gets home from work. I think she should have just taken the day off to play with me, but I guess she has to pay for my presents somehow. Woof!

Yesterday she took me on our annual "visit all the pet stores in the area" trip. I barked and marked my territory all over yesterday, woof! First we went to Care A Lot, where I barked hellos to everyone of course, and mom picked up food for my sister Sydney and lots of yummy chewies for me - which I couldn't have, sheesh! I gotta wait until later. I left my mark in several places there, mom was embarrassed but sheesh, mom, a boy dog's gotta do what a boy dog's gotta do!

Then we went to Petsmart where I got a free birthday toy!! Thanks Petsmart! I picked out a fluffy porcupine, just like one I had when I was a puppy that mom lost. Sheesh! She made me try to pick more expensive ones cause it was a free toy, but I just wanted that porcupine! I also barked hi to everyone and it echoed all over so even people across the store got my greetings. Woof!!! Oh! And I made a mini schnauzer friend!

After that we went to Petco, where once again I barked very loud hellos to everyone. I loved those little hamsters and rats! Arooo! I barked like crazy at 'em, and stood up on my hind legs to get a better view (mom helped). Ooo, then mom picked some treats from their Treat Bar and I got to eat those on the way home. Aroooo!!!!!

I can't wait to get my cake and my new toys and all those yummies mom got me yesterday!!!


My Tail of Devotion for Shakespeare

August 1st 2006 3:50 pm
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Shakespeare, you were my very first doggy. You wiggled in my arms and crawled on my head and I knew you wanted to come home with me. Best decision I ever made. You've taught me what true love and devotion are; you make me laugh and cry and love. Shakey, you are such a silly goofball and such a smart, wonderful boy. I never thought I could care for anything so much as I do you. You're my baby boy, my heart, and I love you more than anything.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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My new little sister!!

July 31st 2006 9:03 am
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I got a new sister! Her name's Lacey, she's a girl schnauzer, and she's even my age (although I am technically the older brother, woof!). My mom fosters for her schnauzer group, so sometimes I get a playmate for a few weeks. But this time my playmate gets to stay! I'm so excited! Lacey is so much fun! We play and play and run and chase and tug and play and wrestle! So we have lots of fun and my other sister Sydney gets more nap time - mom used to fuss at me for bugging her when I wanted to play. But now I can bug my other sister to play with me and she will actually play! Arooo!!! My mom says Lacey and I are make good playmates cause neither of us alphas the other, and we take turns in our "bottom" pack position. (My older sis Sydney's the alpha ya know.) I just love my new little sis!


Haircut, sheesh!

July 12th 2006 1:41 pm
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My mom took me to the groomer's today and he shaved me except of course for my great beard and eyebrows. Sheesh! I'm all naked n stuff, I'm so mad at my mom. I won't let her take photos, haha. She keeps saying I must feel better, but whatever, I just want to look like a normal schnauzer again.


Another Foster Playmate

July 7th 2006 4:16 pm
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Whew, I'm all worn out this week! My mom's fostering another mini schnauzer, this girl's name is Lady and she's four, which is just my age! She was kinda scared and shy at first, she wouldn't stop following my mom around (sheesh!). But after a few days, she settled right in. My mom and I have been showing her how to play. She's a lot of fun to play with! We'll play tug o war and chase each other around. She's pretty cool, woof woof! My mom even made a video of the first time we really played.

She is a pretty good foster sis, but I hope she finds a home soon cause I want my mom all to myself again, woof woof!!


Finally, a Walk!

June 28th 2006 2:13 pm
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Sheesh! It's been raining since Friday and mom hasn't taken me for a walk since Saturday. It's been forever! But today we finally got to take a nice long walk around my, I mean, our neighborhood. I got to mark everything again, woof woof! I met three new doggies too - two nice medium black doggies and a fuzzy weiner doggy. The daschund, as my mom called it, rolled right over for a belly rub! Sheesh! Ooooo!! I also almost got to chase the duckies that were in my front yard the other day! Mom made a stupid video of it - you can hear me n Sydney barking cause we wanted to go out and I wanted to chase them. Sheesh. Anyways, today I almost did! But I'm on this stupid leash and couldn't get to em. I didn't even have to take a break on this walk cause I was so ready to go and full of energy. It's time for a nap now though, woof!


Dog Show and Attention

May 19th 2006 9:04 am
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Mom posted some vacation photos of me, Sydney, and Cupcake. Mine are from Yappy Hour at the Outer Barks, which is a really neat place! Sydney and Cupcake's are from the deck on the house we stayed at, those silly girls both love sunbathing. We love going to the NC Outer Banks cause it's so dog-friendly. I still gotta get mom to write about our adventures.

Ok, so get a load of this! Mom tells me there's this AKC Dog Show close to us next weekend - but she says she can't bring Sydney or me! We're not registered or showable or something. What's the woof is up with that?!? I'm an AKC registered doggy and she sure loves to show us off everywhere else! I mean, look at how cute I am! I'm really leery about this, maybe some other doggies will show off to her and then there will be all kinds of crazy doggies running around the house. Sheesh! She's going to a *DOG SHOW* without showing off her own dogs!

On the other hand, I get to see my grandma today and I lurve my grandma! She's great for treats and love and attention, my favorite things besides walks and playing and running and barking. And my mom says my Uncle Joey, her human brother, will be staying with us for a while. I LOVE my Uncle Joey! He is so much fun! He loves to play with me and we can play for hours! Playing is my favorite thing besides treats and love and attention walks and running and barking.


Back from vacation

May 13th 2006 1:58 pm
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Me n Sydney n mom n Cupcake n her mom just got back from a week in the Outer Banks of NC. We had lots of fun!! I got to walk all over and bark at all kinds of new people and dogs and even went to a Yappy Hour at the Outer Barks! I'll have mom post some new pics later on.. she's unpacking and I need a nap cause I had such a great week!

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