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The Barking Machine

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Thanks!! Also, We Moved Again

July 2nd 2008 2:13 pm
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First I want to thank Milly for picking me as Schnauzer of the Week at Schnauzers Rule last week, and I also want to thank everypup for the pressies and rosettes and pmails! I had a *pawsome* week and had fun answering all your questions. It totally made up for mom packing and moving that week and thus not paying 100% attention to me. It's ok mom, my pup pals love me! :P

So we moved into an apartment this past weekend. No more yard *pout*. Our new place is right by the pet area though, so we get to see and bark to the other doggies right on our own level. We are getting LOTS more walks, and you know how Lacey and I love our walks, woof! And Oh My Dog, there are soooo many new doggie smells and pmails and friends to meet!!!!!!

All of our close neighbors have doggies too!! There are two rat terriers across the outside hall, a tiny Chihuahua above them, and a super cute lhasa/shih tzu mix named Lucy above us. Lacey and I got to meet Lucy the other morning, she is super sweet and friendly and playful, aroo! I liked her mom, I tried to jump on her to say hi, but my mom wouldn't let me jump cause my paws were muddy.. whatever, mom, spoiling my fun! Sheesh!

Mom said now that we don't have a yard anymore, she'll probably start taking us to the dog park again. Whee!! I loved going to the dog park!!

I miss my yard, but this might not be a bad move as long as mom keeps up the walks and her word to take us to the dog park.


My scary moment yesterday

May 19th 2008 1:55 pm
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Yesterday, Lacey, mom, grandma, and I went to the Paws for a Cause Festival and Dog Walk. Lacey and I had a ton of fun sniffing, marking, barking at all the people and doggies, and just mouthing off all around, BOL.

We were doing the walk with all the other doggies and their walkers, grandma was walking Lacey and mom was walking me. Mom and I went to a wading pool to get water, and next thing I know, a big doggie had a hold of me near my left front leg. He wouldn't let go! Eek!!! I could tell mom was calmly freaking out, and for sure I was! I was yelping, and the other doggie was grring. I don't know what I did, I just don't think he liked me, maybe I barked at him wrong. It was only for a few seconds but it seemed like longer. Anyways, the other doggie's walker got the doggie off of me, and suddenly mom and a bunch of other people were surrounding me, checking me out. They checked my leg and its movement, and I didn't yelp when they did that. They didn't see any puncture wounds or blood, whew. The other doggie's walker even stayed there to make sure I was ok - the doggie that got me was a rescue doggy, and its walker was nice and apologetic and made sure I was ok. I just have a few scratches and had some matted fur which mom cut out before she put medicine on my scratches. The doggie had really just gotten my fur - thank goodness for schnauzer skirts, whew!

So after I got the a-ok from the medical team and volunteers, mom and I collapsed on the grass and took a long rest. BOL I even rolled around on the grass and flopped over - mom took a pic of that of course! A volunteer took a picture of me too cause he thought I was cute just laying there on my back with my tongue hanging out, BOL. I was really hot and exhausted! Even though I could walk ok, I wanted to stop and rest so much that mom carried me for most of the rest of the walk. Nah, I'm not spoiled, BOL.

What a day!

Oh yah, someone forgot to tell mom that band-aids hurt when you pull them off of doggies too, sheesh!


We're doing a dog walk!

May 10th 2008 3:34 pm
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Mom finally signed us up for our local shelter's Paws for a Cause Dog Walk and Festival. It's next Sunday, May 18. Lacey and I went last year and we had a blast! If you live near us and want to go, here's the details: Peninsula SPCA 2nd Annual Paws for a Cause Dog Walk & Festival

Mom adopted Sydney from this shelter several years ago, so we're going to walk extra hard for her. We're very pawcited!


My angel Scarlet

April 30th 2008 1:58 pm
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My girlpup Scarlet went to Rainbow Bridge last night. Mom told me the sad news last night, and she said Sydney would be there to greet her and show her around Rainbow Bridge. So my sister and my girlpup will finally get to meet. I hope Sydney tells Scarlet only the good stuff.

Scarlet's mom and my mom set me and Scarlet up when they first met; they thought we'd make a lovely couple cause we both have one ear up and one ear down, only the opposite ears of the other one. Scarlet and I sent each other cards, messages, and pawresents. She was the best girlpup a boypup could ever have, and mom and I are really going to miss her. :( Not nearly as much as I'm sure her mom, mom's mom, and fursiblings are going to miss her.

Pawlease send my sweet angel Scarlet and her family love. Angel pups, can you pawlease show Scarlet your favorite places at the Bridge, the sunniest, warmest spots for relaxing, and where she can find the softest, cuddliest pillows and blankets.

I will always love you, my sweet angel Scarlet.


Halp! Dogz iz trapped!

April 28th 2008 1:51 pm
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Mom's keeping me and Lacey in one room during the day now, and she says she's going to have to do this for a while. Halp! Mom says it's cause she's selling our house and she can't have me and Lacey bothering people, or worse yet, running out the front door when people come in. Ok, I can see her point on that last one.... But still, we love to say hi to people! Why just last week, mom put us in her bedroom for when the realtor came by to take pics of the house, and Lacey really wanted to say hi (we like the realtor lady a lot!), so she knocked the gate down. Then realtor moved the gate so I could get out, and the second she sat down, I jumped right on her lap. Woof!

Also, how are we supposed to protect the house from all these people who might be walking tho it if we're trapped in one measly room?!?


Scarlet needs prayers

April 12th 2008 6:11 pm
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My sweet love Scarlet's sis Sophie says Scarlet isn't doing too well today; she's lethargic and having other troublesome signs. :( Please send her some strength, love, and prayers! Thanks everypup.

Scarlet's page is


Catching up!

March 28th 2008 4:37 pm
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Hi everypup! It's been a while since me or Lacey wrote a diary entry. We've both been so busy this year teaching our foster siblings, Emmy and Charlie, how to behave, or rather, not behave, BOL! After being with us for a few days, they went from quiet dogs to typical pawsome schnauzer barking machines, woof woof!!

We're in "jail" for the second day in a row today - mom says something about a guy doing work our the house and we'd get in his way. Sheesh, she knows us so well, BOL! As long as he doesn't touch my toys, I guess it's ok. Things have been changing at our house too, the carpet's gone, furniture is moved, there's boxes of stuff here and there.... I've seen this before, back when me and mom moved from my condo to the house. I think I know what's going on, but it still weirds me out. On the plus side, my grandpawrents have been over lots of weekends to help with whatever this house stuff is, so me and Lacey have gotten tons more love and attention, arooo! Cupcake has come over with them a couple times too, and we just love her!

Mom says that cause we've been in "jail" that she'll take us for extra long walks and car rides this weekend. Bwahahaha, she is such a sucker!


Valentines Tag

January 29th 2008 3:58 pm
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I was Valentines tagged by my lovely pals Samara Jean and Anastasia! I am going to tell you 5 Valentine wishes, and then tag 5 friends with a p-mail or rosette. They will then write a diary entry and tag 5 friends with a pmail or rosette, and so on and so on...

1. I wish for Scarlet to be healthy and happy for a very very very long time!
2. I wish for those foster dogs to go away furever so mom can get back to loving me 24/7 like she should be!
3. I wish for more walks!
4. I wish for more treats!
5. I wish fur everypup in rescue and shelters to have a wonderful furever home!! (esp. my foster bro, sheesh!)


Dear Santa Paws

December 6th 2007 9:24 am
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Hi Santa Paws!

Do you remember me from all the pictures I've taken with you?!? I was a very good boy every time and sat on your lap all nice and didn't jump on you or anything!

I have been the best boy this year!! Mom was always telling me, and she still does all the time, how happy I make her and how much I mean to her, so that counts for a lot, right? It definitely makes up for the scratches I've given her from jumping on her with excitement that she's home and from pawing at her to get outta bed and play with me. Speaking of, I'm a good boy cause I don't hog mom's bed when she's trying to sleep, like Lacey does, sheesh. I'm a good boy and sleep in my own beds (one of which is mom's papasan chair, but she's not using it then so I can). Sometimes I even let mom sleep in on the weekends, like til 7am and everything!

I'm also a good security guard cause I'll bark at stuff outside too, and I don't bark at every little thing like Lacy does. (Cry wolf much Lacey sheesh! BOL!) When people come over to the house, or when mom and I go to someone else's house, I jump in mom's lap to protect her and let everyone else know to stay away!! I am very protective of my mommy cause I love her so much and she loves me so so much.

I'm also a good boy cause I'm there for my mom when she gets sad. She's been sad a lot since my sister Sydney joined you and became an angel. When mom's sad, I let her cry into my fur, I'll give her kisses, I make her laugh. I even have photographic evidence of this on Sydney's Dogster page.

I make everyone laugh and bring lots of happiness to my family.

Here's what I would like for Christmas:

I want mom to give me that cozy cave bed I know she's hiding!

I would like every homeless doggy (and kitty too, sheesh!) to have a home. Just not my home cause mom has brought in enough "fosters" that take her attention away from me.

I want puppy mills shut down and animal abuse and dog fighting to stop forever!

I want my girlfriend Scarlet to be all better and healthy!!!!! I wish her family lots of love cause they're pawsome persons.

I would like chewies for every day! I'm not picky about what kind. If that's too much weight for your sleigh, could you give me the power to open doors and bags so I can get into the treat pantry and get treats whenever I want? Thanks!

Also, mom said she's getting me a fleece sweater like Lacey has. I don't want one, so if you could please give it to another cold doggy about my size, I'd really appawreciate it and so would that cold doggy.

To Lexie and Uno - my grandpaw wants a schnauzer (cause of me and Lacey!), so if Santa grants your wishes, one or both of your brothers can live with him!

Woof woof!



Update on Scarlet

November 14th 2007 7:02 pm
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Keep the power of the paw coming!!!!!! Thank you everyone for your prayers and paws!!!

Scarlet posted an update!!

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