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Dog days of Mr. Bobo Jangles

Bad Vibs.. Now I know what it was

August 5th 2006 4:18 pm
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Sorry for the delay in my entry, but I've not been in any mood to talk about this. It's just starting to settle in my own head and I'm almost ok with it. Last Monday morning (5 days ago) Mom took me to the vet and left me there. When that happened I knew I was in trouble. One of the ladies there took me from Mom and said I'd be fine. Mom said "Good-bye." and I knew things would go from bad to worse.

I'm not going to go into details from that point, but I can tell you that it wasn't good at all. A lot of it is still a blur to me. I can barely remember Mom coming back to pick me up. I do remember her almost in tears and telling me it'll be aright. What was going to be alright? I was back with her and not feeling any pain at all, so everything WAS alright except for that dang stupid thing around my head keeping me from seeing what was stinging me below. Yeah right!

Once at home Mom took that thing off from around my head, but later that night after I came down off the meds they pumped into me at the vets, I thought a certain part of my body was on fire. It hurt so bad all I wanted to do was to die. Mom put my bed close to her computer desk and I crawled in and she covered me with a blanket. She seemed so sad, yet I couldn't understand why. She was very gentle and she made sure no one bothered me. She helped me up on the bed and put me close to her and barely slept herself all night worrying about me.

The next day when I was really off the meds I started to walk around more. I was still feeling that stinging sensation and so I went to lick at it.

OH NO!!!!!! A part of me was gone!!!!!

At first I thought my life would be just about over, but since it happened Mom seems to love me even more (if that's possible) and I don't really feel any different. I still think Ben needs to know I'm boss and Annie.... well I'll have to think about that part at a later date. So for now I'm ok with what was taken away from me.


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