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Mommy got married!

Mommy got married!

March 17th 2008 9:53 am
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OK, so my mommy met a super guy back in early 2006 (Daddy J) and now they just got married - February 29 of all days! Crazy humans.....So now, mommy drove back to Texas and I am here in Aventura, Florida with daddy and two smelly cocker spaniels. Like Aunt Jackie always says, "Boys are smelly, throw rocks at them!". But I can't throw - I have no thumbs! I miss my mom, she promised to buy me a house with a doggie door. I can't wait!


Forver catching up

April 28th 2009 5:42 pm
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So the last time I wrote all y'all, mommy had just got married and left me in Florida. Then Daddy and me got to move to Dallas with her. It was great to be back in my favorite parks and go roller blading again. And I got to see Auntie Danielle again and meet her new dog Honey. Then suddenly they pack up everythign AGAIN and off we go. So now we're in Kansas. It was OK when we got here, green and nice weather. Then all this crazy white stuff started coming down and I was so confused! Then mom decided we should be nice and take in a foster dog. We got this big brute of a German Shepheard named King. He was such a dumb bell. Daddy made a big fuss over him. I just think he smelled funny.

So now the grass is all green again and I get to see my friends Angus and Aussie more often. My daddy went away. Mom says he''ll be back but people have no idea how hard it is for me to tell time!

I hope I get to roller blade soon.

Peace Out!


Another new home

March 31st 2010 7:05 pm
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So the grass is green again. Man I don't like that white stuff, it makes mt paws cold! Mom and dad brought me to this new place and it has sooo much more space for me to run around. It even has 2 flights of stairs and a big green yard all for me! Mom has been lazy and not walked me more like she promised but I think I can nuzzle it our of her.


Petunia has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

November 27th 2012 2:41 pm
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Petunia and her new rescued brother Fletch moved back to Dallas on March 30, 2011. She's been so happy, although a bit arthritic in her hips. She suddenly got sick with vomiting the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I had her at the vet getting IV fluids and they found an infection so she got antibiotics as well. She had been diagnosed with a lipoma on her rib cage in August but when the vet saw how large it was last week, she knew it was something else. She also found a "mass" in Tuney's abdomen. They wanted to do an ultrasound after the holiday. When I picked her up they said she was better and had eaten some, but when we got home she refused to eat. She would only sip water and clearly got week, could not walk. On Friday I had to call the vet and report her not eating, not walking well, yelping each time she was touched in her back or belly area. I knew it was her time. She went to sleep with Daddy J and I petting her, telling her what a good girl she's been and how much we love her. Our hearts are broken even though she will live on in them.

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