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If Fenway Could Talk... The Stories She'd Tell


February 24th 2006 6:06 am
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It was a cold snowy morning, a couple weeks ago. My mom took me out to do my business early on a Sunday morning. Just like every other day, she let me back in the house and asked "Fenners, doyouwantyourbreakfast???" She sounds so silly when she talks that way. I mean, duh, of course I want my breakfast! I give her the standard tail wag and sit pretty and wait for the OK. She fills my bowl with my venison and sweet potato kibble. Mmmm! She thinks I have allergies, but I just pretend to itch so I get the good food. Who's the boss in this relationship?! Anyway...

Mom goes upstairs to sit in front of that wierd box on her desk. I hate that thing. She never pays attention to me when shes "checking her email." I finished my breakfast and started the daily routine of checking the house out. I went to the top of the stairs, and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! The front door is WIDE open. I sniff, check my back for signs of my mom, then bolt out the front door. FREEDOM! It is snowing and windy and it is glorious. No cars out, no snow plows, just me and the entire block ahead of me. Whats that! OMG OMG OMG a SQUIRREL! AND! I can chase it! No leash, suckas!

I'm off. 'Round and 'round the tree we go, I am in hot persuit of cats, squirrels, mice... snowflakes... and since I am all white, no one can see me! HA ha! HAhahahaha- What? Whats that?? Uh oh, its Mom. She know's I've escaped. She sounds mad. And kinda panicked.

I look around. I dont recognize where I am. Wierd bushes and "goforrideinthecars" and fences... Its cold out. Snow is fun at first. But its really evil and cold. My feet hurt. My mom sounds scared. I start running around looking for her but everytime I get to where I think I hear her, she's gone! I think I find my house and go inside. Its not my house. There is a person that I don't recognize looking at me. I better leave! I need to find my mommy.

It feels like hours (it was almost 2) until I see a dog walking his man. I am so scared and cold. I miss my mom and my toys. I run towards the dog, hoping he can tell me where to go. Would you believe the second I burst through the bushes, there my mom was?? She looked sad and... very cold. Whats up with that? She never goes outside without gloves and a hat.

She grabs me by the collar and hauls me back home. She seems very happy to see me. I am very happy too, but I am too cold to show it. When we get home (I realized that I never actually left the block, I was only 2 houses over) I was all excited to get inside where its warm and be loved and snuggled and get some cookies. But what my mom did next was really wierd. We sat on the stoop!

What the heck! Its cold! And snowy! And we've been outside playing hide-and-seek for 2 hours now! I want in!! I looked at my mom, in her sweatshirt and sweatpants, and felt bad for her. No hat, no boots, no gloves, no coat... she looked miserable. She told me that she ran out of the house to come find me and the door closed-- and it was locked! I felt really bad, cuz it was all my fault!

Soon, I saw the bigredtruck barreling down the road. It's Mark! He's my "daddy." He pulled in the driveway and was laughing at mommy and me. We looked really pathetic, I bet. He let us in the house. Finally!

It felt so good to be safe and sound. My mom cleaned my foot that got cut, and gave me some cookies. I curled up next to the heater and snoozed all afternoon. That taste of freedom was fun at first, but I'm too young to be out all alone. I won't be trying that again any time soon!!


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