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Misti Dog

Happy Birthday to my Misti Dog....

October 23rd 2012 8:30 am
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Happy Birthday in Heaven Mit!

I love you so much, and miss you every day. I just know you are having a Heavenly birthday party today with Bob and Fauna and God and the Angels.

Today I will think of you often and silently thank you for being a part of my life, the 14 years we spent together were such a blessing.

I love you Misti, and will miss you until the day we meet again.

Happy Birthday sweet Angel doggie


I've been tagged by my friend Saphira!

November 27th 2008 9:20 pm
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Wow, I've been tagged by my friend Saphira!

This is a big game of tag! Here is how you play: you receive a rosette from a friend announcing that you've been tagged. In your diary, you share the following:

Four jobs I have had
Four places I have lived
Four places I have been
Four places I would rather be
Seven things about myself

Then, you choose seven of your pals and YOU tag THEM! Direct them to your diary to read your fun information that you shared, and also to read these directions on how to play the game! Don't forget -- notify them with a rosette!

So here's my fun information:

My jobs:
* Mommy's doggie soulmate
* Mommy's protector
* The "demo dog" at Mommy's dog grooming school
* Mommy's bed warmer!

Places I have lived:
* Lake Tahoe (where I was born)
* Placerville
* Oregon (where me and Mommy went to learn dog grooming)
* Garden Valley

Places I have been:
* Oregon's Tara Lara dog grooming school with Mommy
* Mommy's math class at the college!
* Hiking in Tahoe
* Swimming in Lake Tahoe

Places I'd RATHER be:
* With Mommy on Earth (me and Mommy miss each other)
* Hiking with Mommy at Lake Tahoe
* Going for a long walk with Mommy
* Snuggling in bed with Mommy

7 things about myself:
* I am Mommy's "forever dog", that once in a lifetime doggie that stole Mommy's heart... I am her doggie soulmate.
* I am Bella's Guardian Angel, I sent her to my Mommy since she is a lot like me, and I watch over her and Mommy from Rainbow Bridge.
* I was the bestest demo dog at the dog grooming school -- I was so well behaved that the new students could give me a bath for practice!
* Me and Mommy love each other very much, and when I was on Earth I was always with Mommy, everywhere she went, I was always there too.
* I love to take showers! I would get in the shower with Mommy whenever she'd let me!
* I was my doggie brother, Bob's, boss. He was a lot bigger than me, but I was always his big sister and top dog of our house!
* I was always the perfect doggie, and I could go everywhere with Mommy! I even went hiking lots with no leash on, and to the beach, and on vacation with Mommy! We had lots of fun together!
* I can't wait to see my Mommy again someday when she and I are in Heaven together

This is fun being tagged -- Thanks Saphira!!

I am tagging:

Lakota Sioux "In Memory"
Oreo (In Loving Memory)
Maya (Bridgekid since 2003)
Zyp 9-16-03 ~ 5-1-05
Pele CGC In Memory
Kelly, My Brightest Star
Molly ~ My Heart

Love, Misti


Merry Christmas from The Bridge

December 12th 2007 11:57 pm
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Merry Christmas to all of you down on Earth! It is so wonderful up here, so many beautiful twinkling Christmas lights in the trees, snow softly falling (we're having a White Christmas!), Angels caroling, and lots and lots of wrapped presents for us to open on Christmas morning (and I LOVE opening presents! I love ripping wrapping paper off of presents so much that when I was on Earth, Mommy had to keep the presents out of my reach or I would open all of them, whether they were for me or not!). Fauna and I are having a lovely holiday season up here.

Mommy has been thinking about me a lot, I know because I can hear her thoughts. I know she misses me so much, and I miss her too. I look down on her and whisper softly into her heart, telling her that I will always be at her side and that I love her so much. I also like to whisper little ideas to her, such as, "take Bob and Sam and Bella for walkies every day" and "play ball with them" and "sit quietly and pet your sweet doggies, cuddle them, listen to them breathe as they sleep and feel the love that flows between you and them"... these are little things that I think will make her life more like mine here at Rainbow Bridge. It is Heavenly to take long walks with beloved doggies, to abandon your worries and turn your attention instead on spending quiet time with your dogs, dozing together in a patch of sunlight on the bed, or softly petting velvet ears. There is something so uplifting in just being silly and playful and tossing balls and playing Hide & Seek with your doggies. The wag of a beloved dog's tail is pure, unfiltered happiness. To join your dog in that kind of pure joy is a gift from God, a little piece of Heaven on Earth. Mommy and I shared lots of moments like that, and I cherish the memories just as Mommy does.

Merry Christmas, Mommy. Give my love to Bob and Sammy and to little Bella, for whom I have a soft spot in my heart. I love you and will always be with you.

Christmas wags and barky caroling, Misti


Fauna is at the Bridge with me!

August 1st 2007 5:56 pm
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One day not long ago, I was relaxing in the early evening after a day of hiking and cookies here at The Bridge, when I heard a familiar bark. I looked up, and just across the meadow was a German Shepherd, running straight to me. I jumped up and started wagging my tail -- I knew that bark, that dog -- it was Fauna, my fur-sister! I raced towards her and we play bowed and leaped and chased! I was so happy to see her! Then our Angels took us for a walk in the woods and then treated us to the most delicious cookies, heavenly cookies! It was wonderful. That evening, Fauna and I looked down on Mommy on Earth, and she was very sad and missed Fauna very much. Fauna and I sent her our love and said a little prayer for her that she would feel better soon, and that she would know that we were okay here at Rainbow Bridge. We miss Mommy, and we know that we'll see her again someday, and Mommy knows that too. Fauna and I are together and happy and young and healthy here at Rainbow Bridge, and I am so thankful to have my fur-sister here with me. We are both Mommy's Guardian Angels now, and we will watch over her until she joins us.

Wags to my fur-sister, Fauna, so happy to have you with me now.



The Doggie Park

April 2nd 2006 9:46 pm
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Today Mommy was at the dog park with Sammy and she was thinking about me a lot. She misses me all the time, I know. At the dog park there was a very sweet 16 year old dog that made her think of me. She wishes she took me to the dog park -- she didn't 'cause she always thought that it was mostly for doggies who love to play with other doggies, but really there are lots of dogs who go there to sniff around and hang out with their people. That's okay, Mommy, up here at Rainbow Bridge it's like one giant dog park, but really really beautiful with all the best smells and no dog fights. Someday we'll walk aroung here at the Rainbow Bridge dog park. I miss Mommy and am watching over her all the time. We are joined at the heart and soul. Someday we'll be together again here at Rainbow Bridge. Love, Misti


Winter fun at the Bridge

March 5th 2006 10:57 pm
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I was sitting up here at Rainbow Bridge, looking down and watching Mommy taking pictures of Bob, Sammy and Bella in the snow the other day, and it reminded me so much of when she and I lived in Tahoe and we would go for lots of snowy winter walks together. I know she was thinking of me too, remembering all the same things I was. I, like Mommy, was feeling nostalgic about the snow and our times together, so I decided to enjoy some snow here at the Bridge. There's a place you can go here that is all winter fun, fluffy powdery snow with lots of big flakes falling from the low clouds. It is so crisp and cold, the air so clean, it feels so energizing to run through the snow, just like it did when I was on Earth. There were sure lots of Huskies and Malamutes around the Winterland area of the Bridge -- I think they hang out here a lot! I like to follow Mommy through the seasons, visiting Spring when it's Spring on Earth, and enjoying Summer with Mommy and Fall and Winter, too. I miss Mommy a lot, and I know she misses me every single day. I will always follow her for all of her days, through all the seasons, and we will be together again someday here at the Bridge. Until then, we will just know that each is thinking of and loving the other, and we'll both be looking forward to our reunion at the Bridge. Bye for now, I'm going to go enjoy a little winter fun here at Rainbow Bridge!


From the Bridge

February 6th 2006 7:27 pm
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I'm writing this from up here at Rainbow Bridge. It's truly beautiful here, there's everything a dog could want. There's lots of delicious food (steak, YUMMY!) and bones to chew and balls to play with and stuffed toys that need de-stuffing and de-squeaking. There are wonderful fields of wildflowers to run through, and lovely wooded paths to walk along. The weather is beautiful, warm and sunny for those dogs who loved summer, and there are places where is snows and the air is crisp and there are endless fields of soft powder for dogs to run through (the northern breeds especially love this!). There are beautiful houses with lavish furnishings, where dogs are absolutely allowed on the furniture, for dogs who cherish indoor living. At night, you can bed down beneath the stars, if that's what you like, or you can have your very own human-style bed, complete with a comforter and pillows (this is where I sleep!). The only thing that is lacking at the Bridge is that everyone here is missing someone they left behind. I miss my Mommy. But I look in on her all the time, I'm never really so far away, and many of the doggies here keep there eye on their Mommies and Daddies down on Earth. We all know that we will see our guardians again, and we look forward to that day. And when that day comes, that's when Rainbow Bridge is truly Heaven, because you are reunited with the one you love and you will be together for all eternity.

I am really excited that Mommy has put me and Bob and Sammy and her new little girl, Bella, on Dogster. It's fun to share our stories with other dogs and their guardians. I will be keeping up on things from up here at the Bridge -- especially things like Mommy getting Bella! She is very sweet and she has lots of qualities like me: she is protective, she's loyal, she's a "follow dog" (she follows Mommy everywhere) and she snuggles with Mommy under the covers just like I did. I'm really glad Mommy rescued Bella from the pound, she's a really great doggy. I will enjoy watching Bella and Bob and Sammy and especially Mommy, and I will be writing in my diary on Dogster so as to be a part of their lives even though I live at Rainbow Bridge now. What fun!

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