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Dear Diary .......

Big Bird Scare!!!

February 18th 2008 3:49 pm
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And no we dont mean Big Bird from Sesame Street! BOL

This morning mommy was running late for work (nothing unusual BOL). Daddy asked if we had been taken out to potty and mommy told yes earlier (430am now 730am). He also asked if we had been fed and mom again said yes, earlier. So daddy was going to take us out. I wouldnt get out of bed so he took the boys. Mom didnt know it but he said if Cashew comes out, let her out. Mom saw me come through the living room and thought I made it out with them, but I didnt. Dad came in and said its winter again and snow is on the ground. He told mom to go start her car and take me with her. She did .......... BUT ............ he is where the Big Bird ...I mean, birds came into the story. We go out and I want to run across the street to a grassy area but mom calls me back. And then she hears it "SQUAK SQUAK SQUAK!" She looks up and here is this hawk flying towards us/me and swooped down to about the height of the building (2 story). Too low for moms liking. Mom hollars at me to come to her and I do. She picks me up and watches the bird fly away. She puts me down. "SQUAK SQUAK SQUAK!" Here a 2nd bird perched itself up on the roof of the building across from us and is watching us. Mom makes me come to her again and she picks me up. Here comes the other bird flying back around to us, circling. Mom holds me while she starts the car and then carries me inside. Oh yeah, and she yells at the birds "go away.... you aint getting my dog'. Mommy told Daddy about Tico and about what was going on outside and told him he better take her seriously too. She went to officially leave and there was that darn bird sitting on top of our building, just watching mommy and squaking when mommy made big movements. She went back inside to tell daddy about the bird still hanging around and to make sure he really understood what mom had said. Its no joke!!!! Mom was scared! Maybe a little paranoid but she wasnt taking any chances especially since that bird flew so low.

*out of breath now * Sorry so long but every pup BEWARE ... them birds are probably getting hungry at this time of year.


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