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Back in the groove! :-)

November 27th 2006 1:39 pm
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Well, I'm doing a lot better. We think the back-to-back seizures were a result of wearing a new sweater that hadn't been washed first, so that's an easy fix. And the last mild one , dad had taken a tumble in the back yard while he was out there, (didn't get hurt) but it scared me! But I think I'm back on steady ground, eating extremely well, loving my yummy turkey compliments of Thanksgiving leftovers. (hee-hee!) Let's hope I can stay well for a while!


Crap! Luck not holding...... 10/28/06

October 29th 2006 6:40 am
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It appears that we are running out of luck with my little man's seizures. Darn it! The one's he had in August and September were mild, but without any real warning and different in character, more violent shaking and 1 followed by another, although brief. Well he had one last night, that although I kinda' knew he was "in the mode", still caught us off guard. He hadn't played tug-o-war before bed on Thursday night with his dad, which was out of character. And he didn't eat his nightly muffin bedtime treat and wasn't all that energetic yesterday morning. Last night's was again him shaking more and trying to get up and move around. We got him settled with the sugar syrup and valium, and he slept well and ate ok this morning. But then a child rang the doorbell around lunch time, and he got all excited, and he had another. He became disoriented and then tried to crawl around on the sofa, and then it subsided a bit and he threw up. He had another brief episode and I remedicated him with his valium and sugar, and he's been OK. It looks like we'll be headed to the vet this week to see what our options are. He wasn't put on phenobarb due to compromised liver function to start with, and we thought that was under control, but lately he's acting like something's not right again, licking his paws a lot, etc. We'll keep everyone posted. Maybe we can do KBr since it's supposed to be less damaging. Poor little boy :-( Just thought we'd update everyone and ask for good thoughts while we figure this out.


My Tail of Devotion for Poquito

June 29th 2006 12:39 pm
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Pokie's mom here. - Such an innocent little boy, eyes that speak volumes from unbridled joy when he's happy -- to frightened confusion during one of his nasty seizure episodes. As a neglected stray staring out from the confines of a cold metal kennel at the local animal shelter, he could only shiver as people walked by, hoping to attract someone who would rescue him from despair. And I, on my lunch break from my daily grind, had just stopped in on a whim, not expecting to find a new baby. But there he was, all 4 pounds, standing so proud in his worn brown sweater, eyes pleading "please take me home, I'll be a good boy, I promise!" I swear, I heard that plea, loud and clear. As a newly captured stray, he had to wait the requisite number of days for adoption in case an owner came looking for him. I hoped and prayed they wouldn't. On the day he could be adopted, when the shelter opened, I was first in line to claim him. When I stepped into the lobby of the shelter, my heart sank! He was tied by a leash to one of the chairs up next to the adoption clerk, and I just knew he'd been given to someone else! When I inquired, they explained that they were holding him for someone who had said she wanted to come and get him - and I said that someone was me! Even though he had the first of many seizures on the day he came home with me, I've never given up on him. And because I don't take no for an answer, I've not only learned how best to treat his seizures, but how to make them go away! I liken having Pokie in my life now to the days when my children were infants. They, too, could not speak to tell me they were hungry, soiled, in pain, etc. It takes a mother's intuition to communicate during those months as a baby grows. I consider Pokie to be a perpetual baby, and I have learned to monitor his every move, mood, expression, every sound he makes and every bite he takes - and I know it is a lifelong effort. His life depends on it! So this is my tail of devotion. I am completely devoted to this tiny little creature to provide him a loving, long and happy life and keep that tail waggin' for a long time.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Close, but no cigar, darn it!

May 24th 2006 6:34 am
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We were THIS close....almost made 2 months without a seizure, darn it. Mom thought she had covered all the bases, and I've been feeling like a million bucks! Even eating my Royal Canin food for chi's and sometimes my Science Diet L/D kibble too. But she let her guard down :-(, and now she feels bad. I'm OK, but she worries 'cuz she's MOM. She let me have part of a lean beef pattie last weekend, and then some really lean cooked ground pork. Well, I only eat chicken and my home-cooked muffins most of the time, so adding both of those within a couple of days upset my tummy, and she saw it coming. And fleas, we have fleas! Mom's put Frontline on Gizmo and the cats (and I was OK with it this month) and even had put some of the Frontline spray on me a couple of weeks ago, and I did OK. Dad has sprayed the yard and mom's sprayed the house and keeps washing all the rugs and blankies, but we're still fighting fleas. So last night, mom thought she'd give me a bath and put some more Frontline spray on me. Well, in the back of her mind, she knew my system was a bit "shaky" due to the tummy upset, but I was fine with energy and stuff, so she took a shot. About 1 a.m. she woke up, and I was just laying in the crook of her tummy and legs like always, but not moving at all and my eyes were half open. She called, and I didn't respond. She petted me, and I still didn't budge. She really thought I'd crossed the Bridge even though I was fine when we went to bed, and she was just about to pick me up when I got up and stretched and then walked around on the bed. Yay! I was just sleepin', right? Uh, no! I walked back to mom and layed up against her and started having a seizure. Well, she keeps my valium right by the bed, so she gave me a little bit, and I started to be OK, but I felt sick, so I got off the bed and went to throw up on the rug by the shower, which is mine if I need it. But then, I had to go potty, and I didn't want to mess up the house, so I asked to go out, and I went way out in the yard to poop. She looked out, and I had started to have more seizure outside, so she grabbed some slippers and came and got me and brought me back to bed. After she gave me another little piece of valium and some sugar, I settled down and went back to sleep. This morning, I was fine. As usual. Ate some of my Royal Canin kibble and some of my plain chicken and then went to woof at "boogers" on the front porch. So, we're back to NO FRONTLINE on me any more - ever. Mom got this new stuff called Sentry from Petco, and it smells really spicy 'cuz it has clove oil and eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil and stuff, but at least it doesn't make me sick, so we'll just stay with that and keep treating the house and Gizmo and the kitties with the Frontline and stay after the yard. Ah! Living in Texas is a pain when it comes to bugs! Anywoof, Mom says we're gonna set a record now and make it past 2 months, so I guess it's chicken and muffins for me for a while. Woofs!



March 14th 2006 2:55 pm
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Mom wrote this in the forums today: Most of you know Pokie has epilepsy. After over a year of detailed journals and observation, we have pretty well identified triggers and gotten him to a state of guardedly optimistic health. I still had a nagging suspicion that his last seizure, albeit mild, was triggered by the application of Frontline onto the cats and the outdoor dog. He likes to sleep with the cats and will lay his chin on the back of their necks. Within a couple of days of application ON THE CATS, not him, he had that petit mal seizure. Well, since it's been "winter" and not a bad flea problem, I extended the application of Frontline to 6 weeks instead of 4. I even had Pokie's dad put it on the cats on Saturday night after Pokie was tucked in, knowing that it could dry overnight and then the cats would spend most of Sunday outdoors. I hoped that was enough. It wasn't. He began to act "out of it" on Sunday, poor appetite. He ate a 'fair' breakfast yesterday. But when evening came, he wasn't that interested in eating. I picked him up and felt the 'mini-tremors' I have come to associate with onset of a full blown seizure. So I gave him a half valium and took him to watch TV, which was fine. However, later, he was on the bed with the cats before bedtime and began to wheeze quite a bit. Got that settled down and he ate his bedtime treat OK and settled down - that is until about 2:3o. He woke me by scratching at the covers on the foot of the bed, then seemed to jump down and ran around to get back up into my arms, then crashed! I dashed to the kitchen for his valium and gave him first one that was pre-crushed just for such emergencies, which was easy because he was licking and smacking the whole time. Once he settled a bit, I gave him another tablet, and he went on to stabilize and went back to sleep. When it was alarm time, he got up, hungry as a horse and ready to go outdoors to do his business. I am confident that he will be fine today. My point is to let others know that if you have a seizure prone pet, Frontline has shown itself (at my house anyway) to be a trigger, whether applied directly to the pet or to another in the household. If I save one more pet owner the aggravation and one more pet the misery of these seizures, it will be worth this dimestore novel I've written. Now that I know for certain how to avoid the seizures, my time will be spent searching out the best non-toxic flea control methods.....

- Pokie's mom


By George, I think we're onto something!

March 2nd 2006 9:49 am
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Well, everybody knows I have epilepsy, but mom thinks we're winning this battle. Woo hoo! See, she just doesn't take "I don't know" for an answer. So when the vet put me on supplements and I got a lot better, and then took me off and I got worse....h-m-m-m, duh! I need to stay on it! But besides that, mom has noticed that certain foods cause problems, even though most doggies would kill for 'em. If I eat more than a few bits of lean beef, it's like too much protein and lowers my carbs, so I get in a funk and kinda queasy. However, if I stay with my chicken morning and evening with my turkey muffins for bedtime snacks, I can whip the best of 'em! And...if I do get a little "off" or show signs of pre-seizure activity, mom has given me half a valium, and I get leveled off and never have a seizure! Now, it's only been a month since my last very minor one, but hey, we think we're getting it figured out. Sometimes if I'm just low on energy, I get sugar, and that's enough to get me going again until I eat. It's getting warmer, so I get to go out more. Yay! Gizmo tries to intimidate me 'cuz he's bigger, but he's just a pile of hair if you ask me! BOL! Mom says she has to get back to work. Something about that's what she gets paid for so she can afford me....


What Great Pals!

February 23rd 2006 8:46 am
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Wow! When mom joined Dogster, we didn't think we'd find so many cool friends and so much useful information! We have learned a lot and made doggie friends from all over the world! What a great thing! Mom's not too keen on Paypal 'cuz the last time she used it, she started getting "phishing" scam e-mails, so she killed her account. But we just sent our check to join Dogster Plus so we can have even more fun! And my epilepsy is getting better. Mom has figured out what I can and can't eat and how to "head 'em off at the pass" so to speak. We are going to see if we can break the record between seizures. We're keeping a diary, but we're nearly to a month, and I feel great! I'm eating really good and playing like a happy boy. When the big boys (my kitty brothers) chase my baby kitty sister, I jump in and chase ALL of 'em so nobody gets hurt! Mom was glad she had the camera at her desk last night. That crazy Millie! Dad looked at the bed and asked mom what in the heck that cat had done now, and mom thought, well it could be anything with that maniac cat! So she looked, and there was Millie with her head stuck in a kleenex box! BMAO! Mom remembered that she had wiped her sticky fingers on a tissue and it was the last one, so she stuck it down in the box and was going to throw it away, but she hadn't done it yet. Her fingers were sticky from handling one of my muffins for a bedtime snack, so Millie thought maybe there was one in there, I guess. Anyway, we got pictures! Mom is going to get that camera unloaded and put all the kitties and Gizmo back on the site. I'm the spokesdog, but she thinks it's time to put the family back. Well, we're waiting for some really exciting news about a new Dogster pal, but we're not barkin' until it's official. Mom says she better get to work so she can afford me.

- Pokie, lovin' his pals


Happy New Year?

January 9th 2006 7:50 am
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Well, it woud be if I could be healthy. Darn it. Mom had to work on Jan. 2, and I had been doing pretty well, but she noticed I had been "hacking", kinda like dry heaves, which she has noticed coincide with my liver function being off, or at least my blood sugar. I'd been eating good, maybe too good, because I sure had a lot of ham and turkey since the holidays. Hey, I LIKED IT! Well, it was too much protein I guess. She was in the bathroom changing clothes like she always does after work, and of course I was there waiting for her to change into something that she didn't have to worry about snags or doggie hair on, so she gave me a few bits of turkey to keep me busy. But I took a couple of bites, put my head down and started pacing in circles until I fell over. She had to call dad to bring my valium, and she carried me to her bed. It ended up being another cluster, where it kinda' stopped and then came back stronger, but after the valium kicked in, it went away. I hate these things! Mom says I need more muffins and less meat, so we'll see how it goes. She made me a new batch last night. I like the ones with the shredded zucchini in them best, so that's what we made, and I had 2 of 'em for supper! I really gotta watch Millie, my baby kitty sister, or she'll get 'em too! Darn cat! I'm gonna get better like I was before we took a break from my medicine. It's just taking a while this time.


Sneezes lead to seizure

December 19th 2005 2:05 pm
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Well, I am back on my Denosyl - the wonder drug, but mom thought she could help me EVEN MORE with adding Milk Thistle to my home cooked treats. Wrong again! Darn it, she just wants me to be a happy, healthy little boy. I started sneezing, and then last Friday evening, I began to sneeze with every bit of energy I could muster, over and over again! Well, luckily, mom was holding me, and I went into a seizure. This time though, mom said my breath smelled weird, and it seemed more violent. I guess I really worried her this time! So she decided if I was sneezing, and it has been happening more and more since she made my new treats, then the cats and my brother Gizmo could have THOSE and she would go get fresh ingredients for me and make new ones that I could have. So far, that seems to be the solution. (Keeping my paws crossed). Man, it sucks being sick! But on a good note, mom & dad decided to cheer me up and took me for a ride, oh boy-oh boy! I got to go see Christmas lights. The display is a 7 mile drive. Wow! So much to see for such a little doggie. I really liked it, though. I got so tired, I went to sleep on mom's lap, but I was glad I got to go for a ride without going to the doctor for a change!

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