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A "Penny" for your thoughts

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Its my 2nd Woofsday!!!

October 18th 2007 4:16 am
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Woo Hoooo Today I turn 2! Mom gave me big birthday kisses this morning before she left for work, and she said there is a birthday surprise waiting in the back yard... I wonder what it could be? *jumps to try to see out the window* Darn short legs!! I guess I will wait until later to find out...


My First CPE Agility Trial 8/26/07

August 27th 2007 8:08 am
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After almost a year of training, Mom and I attended and competed in our first Agility Trial! It was a long hot day (outdoor trial). The temperature started in the warm range at 7am when we arrived on site and topped out at 97 degrees in the afternoon.

First round was Jackpot, we sat that one out, as we weren't familiar with the rules and how to score (Mom watched, so NEXT time).

Second round was Standard, I got to run first out of all the dogs there, because of my size. I 4" on a 129 yard course, level 1 CPE. The suggested time for the course was 70, I ran it in 59.28 for a FIRST place finish!!! No faults and it was also a qualifying score.

Third round was Colors, I almost made it, I knocked one bar off, got a NT for it, if I hadn't I would have gotten the Q on that too.

Fourth round was Jumpers, I was too hot and tired at this point to even finish, I made a half a dozen jumps and a couple tunnels then just stopped at the next tunnel (there was a funny smell in it too, I wrinkled my nose up in disgust, maybe some bad doggie went wee wee in it??)

I can't wait to show my ribbon to my trainer on wednesday at class!!



Penny's Pearls

March 22nd 2007 6:07 pm
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Arrooo I am so excited, Mom and I just opened my new Ebay store Penny's Pearls!! See Mom has been making dog necklaces for a few months now, and you know, Pearl and I can only wear so many! BOL! So I offered to sell them for Mom, because Jelly Bean needs surgery that is really expensive to fix his broken bee-hind *holds nose*. The Surgical Specialist is going to remove the offending gland, and Jelly Bean will no longer have weekly trips to the Vet!!


Almost Famous!!

March 8th 2007 3:52 pm
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Hey Dogster world!! I just wanted to bark that last week a photographer came to my Agility class, and this week when the paper came out I was pictured 4 times in it strutting my stuff!! (Mom only made 2 pictures HA-HA!!) Check out my pic's!! Mom is going to buy the prints from the paper too!!


Song for Penny by Beau Chein

December 14th 2006 8:21 am
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This is for my beautiful wife, Penny...

Penny for your thoughts

I've got to know where I stand
I just for to know where I am with you

So here's penny for your thoughts, a nickel for a kiss
A dime if you tell me that you love me
Penny for your thoughts, a nickel for a kiss
A dime if you tell me that you love me

Walkin' holdin' hands, you say you're mine all mine
Then soon another face steals your eyes away
It's just a guessing game and I can't help feelin' used
Love shouldn't be so darn confused

So here's penny for your thoughts, a nickel for a kiss
A dime if you tell me that you love me
Penny for your thoughts, a nickel for a kiss
A dime if you tell me that you love me

People love to talk, they say you're usin' me
Though face to crystal ball I would gaze into your mind
See what you were thinkin', if my ship was sinkin'
If you're leavin' me behind

So here's penny for your thoughts, a nickel for a kiss
A dime if you tell me that you love me
Penny for your thoughts, a nickel for a kiss
A dime if you tell me that you love me

*Beau, thank you!! You are my everything!*


O Belly Rubs, a song by me, Mommy and Daddy

December 8th 2006 5:11 pm
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Oh Belly Rubs (to the tune of O Christmas Tree)

Oh Belly Rubs, Oh Belly Rubs
How I roll over for Thee
Oh Belly Rubs, Oh Belly Rubs
How I roll over for Thee

Not only in the morningtime,
'Cause we prefer them all the time.

Oh Belly Rubs, Oh Belly Rubs,
How I roll over for Thee
Oh Belly Rubs, Oh Belly Rubs
How I roll over for Thee

Oh Belly Rubs, Oh Belly Rubs
How I roll over for Thee
On the floor, or in the bed
On the table, or Mommy's head

Oh Belly Rubs, Oh Belly Rubs
How I roll over for Thee

Oh Belly Rubs, Oh Belly Rubs
How I roll over for Thee

Oh Belly Rubs, Oh Belly Rubs
Thy fix my pains just nicely!
Each leg doth shake its tiny toes,
That makes each dog in heaven tonight.

Oh Belly Rubs, Oh Belly Rubs
How I roll over for Thee!


The Mighty Blaze and Maginificent Flame (written by Biscuit- aka Blaze)

November 18th 2006 11:21 am
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One afternoon as I was doing my rounds patrolling the skies of Dogster City, my superhearing picked up the distressed sounds of a very familiar voice. It was Schumi - the love of my life! I focused in on his voice and realized that he was in a heated argument with another familiar voice - that of the evil Auric Goldpaw!

Schumi: "You're a mad dog Goldpaw! You'll never get away with this. Blaze will stop you."
Goldpaw: "That's where you're wrong. Not even Blaze can stop my plans for dominating Dogster City. With this super lazer I can control all of Dogster and put an end to the meddling Blaze." *Reaches over and flicks on switch. Lazer starts up and the beam begins to move towards Schumi.*
Schumi: What do you think that will do? Do you want me to tell you her secret identity? Never!"
Goldpaw: "No Mr. Schumi, I expect you to die!" *Cackles evily and walks out of the room.*

I realized that I had to act quickly in order to save Schumi and to put a stop to Goldpaw's terrible plan. But I knew it would not be easy for Goldpaw has many henchmen and there would likely be a trap set for me. Using my mental telepathy I summoned my sidekick Flame (Penny) to meet me at the base of the building and explained to her the situation as I flew there.

Flame arrived shortly after I did. We looked at each and without having to speak, both knew what to do. We could not fly up to the top of the building for Goldpaw had wrapped the outside of the building with flypaper - the one awful substance that is sure to slow me down and incapacitate me.

Flame entered the lobby of the building first, using her super stealth abilities to sneak behind the henchmen posted there and knock them out. We quickly decided that the elevator would be bobby-trapped and wasn't safe to take.
Flame: "How will we get to the top of the building Blaze?"
Looking around I spied the stairwell. I advised Flame to put her arms around my neck and hold on! When she did I used my superspeed in order to run up all 50 flights of stairs in the blink of an eye.

When we arrived at the top of the building we encountered more of Goldpaw's evil henchmen. We quickly went into action. Flame disabled a couple of them with her fantastic Karate moves and I took out the others with my super sonic bark. Suddenly it went dark and I found myself being smothered by a horribly sticky substance. Oh no! It was flypaper. Another of Goldpaws evil henchmen had arrived on the sceen and shot the paper out of a gun at me. I could feel my super powers draining away. How would I save my beloved Schumi?
(Part 2)

Suddenly the paper was gone. My quick-thinking side kick had pulled a can of Pam cooking spray from her tool belt and used it to counteract the super stickiness of the paper. While I wiped the oil from my fur, Flame quickly took out the henchman.

Blaze: "Good work Flame. Every superhero should have a sidekick as pawesome as you. Now let's get to work. You find the power to the lazer and disable it. I'll take care of Goldpaw."

Flame ran off to find the electrical panel as I used my x-ray vision to scan the floor for Goldpaw, but I couldn't find him. I was able to see into all rooms except for one. "Aha!" I thought. "It must be lined with lead so I can't see through it. That must be where Goldpaw is hiding." Realizing he would expect me to burst throught the door, I decided to use the element of surprise and with superspeed and strength, I chewed my way through the wall. It was a very surprised Goldpaw I found on the other side.

Goldpaw: "Blaze! Have you never heard of knocking?"
Blaze: "Enough cracking wise Goldpaw. Your game is over!"
Goldpaw: "Ahh, not so fast my ferocious one. I have an advantage!"
Pointing his golden paw over at a monitor on the wall, I saw a horrible site. My faithful sidekick Flame had been subdued by Goldpaw's henchmen and was tied to a chair on the roof of the building. Worse yet, in another room my beloved Schumi was lying tied to a table with a lazer beam inching it's way towards him.

Goldpaw: "Ah yes Blaze. You see, I was expecting you. I know what you're thinking. You will just run in there and save Schumi. But you can't save both of them at once!" Goldpaw gave a signal to the men holding Flame and they proceeded to throw her off the roof!

Without a second's hesitation I used my superspeed to race to the room where Schumi was held. I disabled the henchmen with my supersonic bark while simultaneously using my superstrength to rip open the metal cuffs holding Schumi to the table. I instructed Schumi to hold onto my neck and close his eyes. I then burst through the window of the building and spotting Flame plummeting towards the ground storeys below me, I raced to catch up to her!

(Part 3)

Within feet of the pavement I caught Flame in my arms and quickly swooped back up.

Flame: "Blaze! You caught me!"
Blaze: "Sorry I was late."
Schumi: "Better late than never!"

Depositing them safely on the corner and telling Flame to watch over Schumi, I used my flying ability to speed back up to the top of the building. I tore back into the room where Goldpaw had been, but he was gone. There was a hastily scrawled message that read:

You may have won the battle today Blaze, but I will win the war.

As I headed off to destroy the lazer and turn the henchmen over to the authorities I thought to myself, "Next time Goldpaw you'll meet your justice."

(The End. For now!)



November 3rd 2006 6:24 am
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Great News! On Halloweenie (Tuesday) I went to the VET, JB needed a vaccination and we all weighed in (9.9lbs). While we were there my VET checked both my knees, I did not like being touched much, but she was happy to tell us that there is nothing wrong with my knees, she could not get them to slip out manually!! YEAHY!!! The very next day I went to Agility Level 2, and showed my stuff! The See-Saw was set a little higher than I had done in Level 1. We were walking by it to get to the Table...and....SPROING! I jumped right up on it! (the high end, it was higher than my head!!!) Mommy was very surprised, she asked me to do it again so the trainer could see and I did, I rode that board right to the ground, it made a satisfying BANG! then I trotted to the other end and hopped off. The trainer was very impressed, but she had to lower it for the other dogs who are still afraid of it. I can't wait to go to class next week!


Dog-date 9/21/06, weigh in at the vet

September 21st 2006 6:17 pm
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Mommy took me and Newtie along to Jelly Bean's vet visit today, she wanted to see how much we each weighed. I was a little nervous getting on the scale in front of everyone in the lobby! There were 2 strange fat doxies there, they kept looking at us in envy. I guess they remember how much more comfortable being a healthy weight is! I weighed in at 9.9lbs, right where I should be! We told the vet about agility class, she thinks the lot of us is crazy, all the silly things we do, but as long as we are happy and healthy, she can't complain!


My second class

September 14th 2006 3:06 pm
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I had my second agility class yesterday! I was dog tired after! It was so fun, we did the tire, the a-frame, the ladder, the tunnels and more! I love this sport!

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