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December 6th 2005 5:41 am
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Hello! My name is Cinnamon although my Mamas like to call me Canela! I do not have a very happy beginning to my life. You see, not only was my mama a puppy mill mom, but I also have spent most of my life in a puppy mill in Missouri. My life there was not very pleasant. I was often hungry and seldom had clean water to drink. In the summer I was left outside, exposed to the extreme heat, and in the winter I was left to bear the cruel, cold weather on my own. It was so cold, even the mill owner didn't want to come outside to put food out, so often I went for days without eating. They were very mean and cruel to me, too. My little body bore much abuse and pain for so many years. In fact, if you look at my ear, my right one, you will see evidence of the cruelty I endured. Someone heartlessly and mercilessly even cut my ear!

I was almost seven years old when some very nice ladies from an organization called Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network came to the mill where I lived. There was an auction that day and I was one of the ones up for bid. I was no longer wanted, they had no use for me. I guess I was not bringing in money so I was garbage. Anyway, after many hours of waiting and wondering what was going on and what was happening, the two nice ladies put me in this things called crates and off we went, although I did not know where I was was going. I was not the only one though, there were several of us. In fact, our group came to be known as the Spice Kids, which is how I got the name, Cinnamon!

I was scared, I was terrified. It was all I had ever known. What I did not know was what a wonderful and bright future awaited me just around the corner!

After the auction I was taken to be "vetted" - I had no idea what that meant.
But it turned out to be a very nice person that gave me a thorough physical exam, cleaned my teeth and gave me some shots. Oh, and one other thing - I had to have surgery - that wasn't a whole lot of fun but it made it so that I would never have to have puppies again. From now on it was all about ME!!!

After my visit to the vet's I was put on a transport because I was now going to something called a "foster" home. I didn't know what that was but I learned later that that was a home where you stayed while they found you a forever home. I was really scared now because I didn't know where I was going or what laid ahead, but I suppose nothing could be worse than what I already came from. After a long day of travel, I finally arrived in Maryland at the home of two, very nice ladies. Well, I didn't really know they were very nice ladies but I was going to find out soon!

My first few days at my new foster home were terrifying ones. I was surrounded by many other family members besides the two nice ladies. It was sooo overwhelming. Finally, I found a corner in the living room, under a table and that's where I stayed for months. But one of the two nice ladies cared so much about me, she even crawled on her hands and knees under the table and fed me my kibble, and when I was done she brought me water. This went on for a long time until I slowly started to get daring and began joining the others. They were working really hard to get me prepared for my forever home, but at the same time they were falling in love with me.

Then about three months after I came to stay with them, one of my foster moms got really sick with the flu. She was running a real high fever and could hardly get out of bed. I was so worried about her that I worked up the courage and snuck into the room to make sure she was okay. She was sound asleep so I gently crawled in bed, real close to her and rested my head on hers. And that was the moment they decided that I would be staying with them!

So on Valentine's Day, 2005, my adoption became final! I would be staying with these two nice, wonderful ladies who loved me so much and whom I would grow to love even more than I could imagine!

I had been in my forever home the whole time!!!!!

That was three years ago, and how different my life is! My moms give me the best quality food they can find on the market and I always have clean water to drink. I am never dirty or matted anymore - I am bathed and groomed regularly. I have great medical care now, especially since we've learned that I am a bit older than everyone thought! In the winter, I no longer fear the cold but often enjoy playing in the snow, but I can also be inside where it's warm, and in the summer when it's scorching hot I can be inside where it's nice and cool! I even have a swimming pool I can splash and play in! But the best part is at night - I now have my own soft, warm bed and I close my eyes every night knowing that I am loved and safe and no one will ever treat me cruel or unkindly again!!!!!


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