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The Life and Times of Oz - Super Beagle


April 18th 2007 2:44 pm
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Yesterday morning I went for a walk in the woods with my brother Coby, and grandmom. And as usual I was chasing Coby through the woods howling like a maniac. hehe. And then I started screaming, grandmom called me and Coby came back but I was still up there screaming.

She started yelling and running towards where my screaming was coming from. Then she saw 2 coyotes walk away from me as she approached. She thought I was dead. My tongue was hanging out of the side of my mouth, and I was unconscious by this point, and hardly breathing.

She walked back to the truck with me in her arms, then set me on the seat and drove home. She let Coby out and then went right back to the truck and drove me to the vets.

At the vets she was prepared to say "Just get this over with, put him out of his misery." Then I looked up at her. With that the vet said I would probably make it, and they took me into the room.

Right now I am covered in bandages, with 3 puncture marks on my neck. The collar I was wearing saved my life for the second time this year! The first time was because it has my phone number on it and I ran away when we were far from home. And this time, the coyotes couldn't bite through the material to get at my neck!

I'll be sure to keep posted on how I am doing!


*Listen to those wedding bells*

October 26th 2006 1:44 pm
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I don't know why I haven't written in here before! BOL I guess I just haven't had time.
Well as of September, I have been dating the most beautiful girl on dogster that's right.. Scooter!
And last night I proposed to her and guess what? She said yes! It was the greatest night of my life!

But of course something that great had to happen to make up for today... My best friend in the entire world had to get put down this morning :( His name was Shreddies and he was a 4 year old Golden Retriever. His knees blew out and his hips did too, he couldn't walk and nothing could be done to fix them... I'm really going to miss him, expecially since me and him all ganged up on his yorkie brother. I'm going to miss those days.

But I know that he's in a good place now, where there is no more pain and blown joints, the rainbow bridge. And one day when I get real old and my time comes, I will see him there once again!

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