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ABOUT ME!!! An Aussie Tale.......Woof Woof...

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I didn't know I could cry!!

August 27th 2006 10:11 am
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Since finding out how sick Little Bit is my eyes have been flowing water like mad. Mom says they are tears and her eyes are the same way. I did not know what tears were until I read Little Bits diary. She just has to get better or mom and I may never be able to see again. I am asking again...for every dog on dogster to pray for Little Bit and please join the stroll : Treats for LB to show her how much she is loved. I could not have any treats coz of my kidneys, but we joined the stroll in her honor. We love You Little Bit. My chanting will continue and the prayers will keep coming. I hope you are alittle better today and can feel all the love and prayers and spiritual strength being sent to you. DIE CANCER DIE!!! I love you Little Bit.
Rio...wiping the tears with his paw....DIE CANCER DIE!!!!!!


Worried about Little Bit and her Pack...sending paw hugs and- prayers...

August 26th 2006 10:48 am
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As I wrote last night my friend Little Bit is having a hard time right now with the dreaded Lymphoma. She is my strength and inspiration to battle my polycystic kidney disease. It was this wee girl that started the chants of Cyst be gone for me. She has given so much to so many that it is time for all of us to give back to her. My heart is heavy; worried that she may not come out of this last fight...BUT she JUST has TOO...for without her my heart will break and the chants will be silenced. So Please all of Dogster...all the doggies and mommies and daddys...please pray with me today for a miracle for my sweet friend. Light candles and send healing glow and pray harder than you have ever prayed before. Chant with me now...Die Cancer Die...Die Cancer Die....Leave our Little Bit alone...Die you evil Cancer Die....Sending love and paw hugs and all my healing energy to my friend and fellow chanter...LITTLE BIT!!! I love you little one.
Rio....its been a sad sad sad...twenty four hours...wiping tears with his paw...worried about his friend...LITTLE BIT


Our friend Little Bit...please pray hard...

August 25th 2006 8:43 pm
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Sometimes in your life you find a friend that means so much to you ...that you would do almost anything in the world to help her. Little Bit is one of those kind of friends. It seems her battle with that dreaded Cancer is coming to an end and we want everyone on this dogster to pray for a miracle for her. If any doggie deserves it is Little Bit. She has fought with courage and dignity and has also ...always been there for any doggie that needed her. Well now she needs us more than ever. PLEASE pray hard for a Miracle for Little Bit. If the miracle does not happen ..then pray that she does not suffer and that whatever happens...God lets her not hurt. Mom has not stopped crying after reading her diary. She is so much a part of our hearts. Mom says its like she is ours...and in our hearts she is. So please light candles, pray hard and maybe...a miracle will happen. If not...maybe Little least will not suffer and if she does happen to go to the land of rainbows...she will know that everyone was right there with her in spirit...holding her in heart...and praying for her. God Bless you Little Bit. We love you...and we will not stop chanting or praying...till you tell us you are tired...and need to go on another journey without us. Even if that will live on forever and ever and our hearts. You have been the bestest friend I could have ever have had...and if I could will you well...then I would. I am there with you my friend...Die Cancer Die...Leave our Little Bit alone. Die you evil Cancer Die..Die Cancer die...Please my friend Little Bit. Rio...chanting and praying...for a super little Girl...who is small in body but large in heart and spirt. We love you Little Bit...Your candle is burning brightly....


Mudd Baths...

July 28th 2006 7:52 pm
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Its been really hot here. We set records on the ole heat index. But the last two days it has rained. A soft soaking...rain. It was wonderful. Especially since I love water...and Lexey hates water. She is a good hole digger though and that comes in handy at times. So while mom was at work Lexey dug this hole. It was no ordinary hole it was a hole that you could almost drive a car into. Well with that hole and the made for a wonderful mud bath. When mom got home she was agast at the sight of me. I for one thought I looked pretty handsome with a mud mask and bath. My hair was caked with mud which was especially handsome. Kind of like that ole stuff People put on their hair to spike it. Then when mom saw the hole...she kind of went into shock. She has been growing this lovely green grass this year. Watering it daily and nursing it so we would not have mud. Lexey and I fooled her though and dug a hole big enough to have a wonderful Mud bath. All you doggies ought to try one. Its wonderful for the complexion. I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy. I keep praying hard for a miracle for Little Bit and I hope all of you are doing the same. She just has to get her miracle. So pray hard...and try and get in a Mud Bath. They are Fabulous!!!!! Rio...


Little Bit goes back for more treatment today...Pray hard- and light candles

July 23rd 2006 7:33 am
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Hi sweet beautiful friend named Little Bit is going in today for some more treatment for her cancer. I think if we all pray really hard and chant Die Cancer Die...while we light candles for healing glow for this special baby girl...maybe just maybe God will hear and a miracle might happen. Little Bit is so brave to go through all of this and we are so proud of her. Please pray hard with me today...and Chant...Die Cancer Die...Die Cancer Die...Die Cancer Die...leave Little Bit alone....Die Cancer Die...Die Cancer Die...
Sending in spirt love and healing glow to one brave little Girl; my friend Little Bit. (Rio ..bowing in prayer for his little friend Little Bit!!) Pray hard. Rio!!!


Thank you to a NEW Dogster friend named Caffrey

July 23rd 2006 7:23 am
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I just wanted to share my new animation photo with everyone. Isn't it cool. It shows my beating heart. Thanks to my new pal Caffrey and his mom for doing this for me. It was a get well wish from them. Dogster pals and their boss humans are just the best in the world. A very special thanks for doing that for me.
I have to go back in two weeks for some more blood work. I had some drawn last week but the lab lost my blood. How awful is that. First you get all stressed out from going to those ole vets then your blood gets lost. Makes a dog want to bark at them real bad. Well, hopefully I will get some good news with the next lab work. Moms been spoiling me alot. That usually means she is pretty worried. I just hope my blood work is OK this time so I do not have to go back again for a while. Going to the vet stresses a baby boy like me all out and being home with Lexey is even better than going to the vet.
Thanks again Caffrey. Rio...


elevated never ends with those ole Vets!!!!

July 15th 2006 2:07 pm
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Hi all my dogster pals. Life has been good. My Vet visit went ok cept for some elevated lab value. ALT..what the heck is ALT? Vet says it means something might be wrong with my liver. NOW WAIT!!! First they tell mom I have polycystic kidney disease. My kidney values were high normal...BUT HEY..they were NORMAL. Then she tells mom something might be wrong with my liver. Go figure..those ole vets always find something to give your human pack leaders something to worry about. I guess if it makes them hug you more and pet you more and tell you what a good boy you are then its OK. But what I do not like, is that now I have to go back every so often and get things checked again. Mom took me back on Friday already...thats two times in two weeks that I have had to have blood drawn. I am putting my paw down...and revolting against that ole vet. NO MORE NEEDLES!!! So..maybe if you pray for me things will get better. Now one more favor..Could you pray for my pal Little Bit, and Cedar and all other little doggies out there that are not up to snuff. Dogster prayers are powerful and I know that we can show all those ole vets how wrong they can be. So pray hard. Die Cancer Die...Cyst be gone.................. Rio...singing Little Bits Itty Bitty song....Alan Jackson Rocks Bitty


My Tail of Devotion for Dos Rio Yushula

July 6th 2006 9:24 pm
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My Beautiful baby boy. Where do I begin to describe the love I have for you? You came to live with me at seven months of age. I had just lost my Sadie Sue to AIHA. She was also an aussie. I did not believe my heart could ever heal. A wonderful angel on the Australian Shepherd board heard of my heart break and offered you to me. I drove for five hours to pick you up. You were so frightened and hid under the seat all the way home. When you arrived you did not even know what living inside a home was about. Finally you decided I must be OK....and now its been over three years that you and I found each other. I thank God each and every day for giving me such a precious gift in you. My heart and home are forever blessed for having you in it. You may not live a long life but whatever is in store for us we will fight for your health together. I love you baby boy. Thank you for giving me your heart and trusting me to always do what is right for you. I promise you my heart and I will love you always. Your mom...

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Meeting new Dogster Pals. Pray for me and Little Bit and- all those that need your prayers.

May 25th 2006 6:18 pm
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I have so much love and support from some of my new dogster pals and I just wanted to thank them. Little Bits mommie and daddy have been so wonderful. Even with their baby having cancer...they have taken the time to pray for me. Little Bits daddy made me a "Cyst Be Gone" sign. How wonderful was that. He does not even know me but he took time out to do this for me and my mom. Mom worries alot about me and she prays for me along with all the other baby doggies that need prayers. Little Bit has become very special to mom and to me. So if you pray for me...please add Little Bit in your prayers too. DIE CANCER DIE...AND CYST BE GONE!! I believe in miracles and with all of your prayers...Little Bit and I may just prove all those ole Vets wrong!! Thank you for reading my diary and for praying for me.


Life is good...Thank you for praying for me.

April 30th 2006 7:06 pm
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Well, I have been feeling great. No stomach ache, no problem with nausea. I have been eating my food really good and moms smile shows me I must be alittle better. I hate being sick and eating that awful food but if it will help me stay longer with mom I will do just that. I had to write in my diary how nice everyone has been to me. I have alot of new friends that pray for me and I want to thank them so much. I send you a paw bow and a big AHWOOOF..woof.. Thats thanks so much. I hope to stay around for a long time.
Now, if you could read the signs I have posted about Lexey...hehehee. Free to good home....I think mom found them all though and has taken them down. She sure is a pest but some times she is fun to play with. Hope every dogster is having a great day. Rio...

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