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Monster the pug....

I've been TAGGED, are you next?!?!

May 23rd 2007 9:41 pm
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I've been tagged by my pals Xena, and Sootie!!

The Rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post in their diaries "The Rules" and their "7 Pawsome Facts."

Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and tell them to read your Diary, or send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

7 Pawsome Facts About Monster:

1. I am the park police. I will bark at any dogs getting to rough!
2. I love to sniff armpitts, mmmm, salty (better that sniffin' crotches momma says, BOL!!
3. I am very particular about my treats, and I eat my treats very delicately, savoring every bite.
4. I can howl like a wolf, but it sounds alien!
5. I am like the Buddha...
6. I whirl around and then lay down, playing dead, when momma says "bang"!
7. I love my stuffed animal "Chucky the Chimp". I cuddle with him every night.

Pups I'm Tagging:

1. Monkey, my brother!
2. Mr. Pants
3. Mooshu
4. Guy Noir
5. Guinness
6. Mr. Elliot Jay
7. The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh

Have fun!




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