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Kovu's Journey

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Happy 1st B-day to ME!!!

October 25th 2006 7:44 am
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Today is my 1st Birthday!!! Time for adult food!


Recording 3rd Haircut

October 23rd 2006 5:48 am
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Kovu's 3rd haircut at "The Barking Lot" : October 21, 2006

(pictures to follow)


Recording 2nd Haircut Appt

August 31st 2006 10:17 am
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Kovu's 2nd Haircut at "The Barking Lot" was on August 5, 2006.


Misunderstood =(

August 22nd 2006 9:59 am
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Why do some people think I'm crazy? I just get excited to see other people and other dogs. Ok, I admit, I can appear to be a bit crazy, but I'm still a pup =(. When someone bends down to hug me, I get excited and jump up at their face to lick them, and I end up headbutting them. I do apologize for that but I just can't help myself. When someone puts me on their lap to pet me, it usually ends up with me going for their face and licking the hell out of them instead. I'm just really happy to be receiving affection, but I'd rather show my appreciation and give the affection myself. Everyone sees me as a very hyper shih tzu, but when it's just my Guardian and I, it's not like that at all. We have the best time together, even if it's just sitting on the couch or laying in bed and doing nothing. We rarely have guests, so when I do see other people, I get really excited =). But, when it's just the 2 of us, I'm actually pretty calm. I'm sorry, no one really gets to see that, but hopefully my excitement level when I see other people will go down as I get older. I'm not even 1 y/o yet. Almost though..... October 25 =).

Please have patience with me =(.


Doin' the Scruffy Hump!

July 31st 2006 6:33 am
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On July 30, 2006, Simba and I went to visit Scuffy and Chloe. My Guardian wanted to borrow their old playpen so he could put it around the perimeter of his apartment balcony. He's gonna let me go on the balcony WOOHOO! but the bars are too wide for me right now and I might fall through. We're only on the 2nd floor but my Guardian doesn't want to take any chances of me getting hurt.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've seen Scruffy. I don't even think I was wearing a topknot yet when I met him that one time. I was such a little ewok back then. Now I'm a big buff shih tzu! I'm even bigger than Simba and Chloe. I don't know who's genes made me this big. Maybe it was my mommy =). I kinda look like her now.

Well, some point during our visit, I started going after Scruffy trying to mount him. Now Scruffy is a mini-schnauzer, so he's a lil bigger than me, but I didn't care heehee. I followed him around and tried mounting him from behind and my hips just started pumping away. Even when he ran off, my hips would still be pumping in the air. And Scruffy would just sit somewhere and I'll stand right next to him and my hips would suddenly just start pumping automatically. I don't know what's wrong with me.... I'm already neutered! Should I seek professional help???

Anyway, that was my visit to Scruffy and Chloe's house....


Weight Update

June 19th 2006 5:40 am
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June 5, 2006 (neutering clinic) - 12 pounds

June 17, 2006 (vet check-up) - 12.9 pounds

How did I gain all that weight? Will I keep growing and growing? When will it end? Maybe I need to diet?


Kovu's Journey DVD Movie/ Vet Check-up

June 17th 2006 12:36 pm
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Today is June 17, 2006 and I had a vet appointment just to check on my healing from the neutering, to check my eyes because of some cloudiness, and to get more heartworm medication. Everything went well =)! My eyes are fine and nothing to worry about, my healing is complete, and I got my meds. However, one little thing was that a babytooth is still in place that should've already come out and it just needs to be watched. Hopefully it will come out soon so it doesn't have to be extracted. Other than that, they all said I was a very good dog and that my Guardian is really lucky =)!

My Guardian also has been working on creating a DVD movie documenting my development from his 1st visit to my neutering/1st haircut. He just completed his project and has been sharing copies with all his friends. He is very proud of me and wants to show the world, but he's especially proud of his DVD creation heehee. It's his 1st movie project =). I think his next project will be working on Simba's movie =)!


Meeting Lexi

June 9th 2006 6:30 am
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Lastnight, June 8, 2006, I met a girl named Lexi. She's a tiny 9 week old yorkie, but she's a feisty gal with lots of energy. Right now I'm like 4 times her weight and totally tower over her, but that didn't stop her from playing and rough-housing me.

When I 1st entered her den, she was zipping back and forth across the kitchen floor with quite some speed, even with her short legs. Then we did the whole sniffing thing. I of course went straight for the butt. I just tried to follow her around the whole kitchen. This was exciting for me because I never met a dog much younger and smaller than me before. I was always the baby, the one with the puppy power. However, Lexi seems to have more puppy power than I ever had.

I started to chase her around and barked at her when I couldn't get to her. When she got more comfortable with me, she started to play with me and bite my ears, my tail, my neck, my face, everything. I wasn't too rough with her but when she got my tail, I'd drag her around in circles until she let go. If I got her on her back, I'd just lay my neck on her and pin her down. But she's squirmy so she can just get back up and start nipping at my ears or whatever. I can tell she's gonna be a handful.

I know I just got neutered, but I started to hump her a few times. Maybe it's just a force of habit. My Guardian is hoping that behavior will eventually go away.

Well, after all that play and eating all her food and drinking all her water, it was time to go back home.

I can't wait to see her again! Hopefully, she'll grow fast so she'll be big enough for me to really play with. And I can't wait for her to meet all my friends =)!


Neuter? Why? Was I A Bad Boy?

June 8th 2006 7:24 am
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On June 5th, 2006, I had my neuter appointment scheduled at the Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees, NJ. My Guardian dropped me off at 7:30am and they gave me a shot that put me to sleep, but before I fell asleep, I heard my Guardian asking for me to be microchipped ZZZZZzzzzzz......

My Guardian got a call at 1:30pm from the AWA and was told that I woke up and all ready to be picked-up. When he arrived, he was told that I haven't been licking my incision area, but he decided to purchase a cone for my head anyway, just incase, to prevent me from licking it. He knows I'm a licker! It's better to be safe than sorry. He took me out to pee, but I was like WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED TO ME?!? But, I was able to pee and then we went straight home.

I was totally out of it when we got home. I just sat there and stared at nothing. I couldn't eat and I couldn't drink. All I could do is just lay down. My guardian put the cone around my neck but I didn't like it at all =(. Then he took it off to see if I'd start licking but I didn't. So, he left it off and we went to bed. He heard my stomach growling all night long.

The next morning, I was so hungry I just ate ate ate and didn't even notice my Guardian had already left for work. By mid-week I was already back to my old self. Hopefully, I don't have to experience anything like that ever again!

I promise to be good FOREVER!


Having Fun While I Still Can

June 7th 2006 10:09 am
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On June 4th, friends came over for poker and Chloe's Guardian's brought her with them WOOHOO! I have to try and get my kicks while I still can! The moment that she arrived I would not leave her alone. I followed her everywhere and sniffing her as I followed. I'd inch forward to play and she'd turn and snap at me forcing me to run for my life. But that wouldn't keep me away for too long. I'd quickly run back to her and bark to let her know I'm a true man. But everytime I'd inch forward, she'd snap at me again and again. She even got me to lay submissive on the floor a few times. Man, Chloe is a feisty one, but I must keep at it! We basically did this whole routine all night until we got tired and collapsed. Simba just watched us most of the time. He's more into getting lots of affection from people.

Well, this was my last chase.... I think.... to be continued....

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