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The Life of Bella


December 4th 2005 4:51 pm
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We had our first snow fall today, and did I have fun. I was eating the snow, chasing the wind and making a big old mess. Mommy thought I was very funny. Last year I didnt like the snow, I was way too small. I just cried when they put me outside. But that was last year, and I've grown up alot. Mommy was nervous about this year (i'm a big girl now and go potty outside) but I loved it! I want to be outside all day long!


I had the best week!!

December 3rd 2005 7:15 pm
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After an awesome weekend last week, my week just kept getting better. Mommy's been spoiling me a little more then usual lately, she said she has holiday spirit. I think that means that we're going to bring the trees inside soon and put lights on it. It was fun last year, but Mommy and Daddy got upset when I kept barking at it, so this year I'll try not to, but its really weird that a tree is in the house. On Wednesday Mommy took me on a "photo shoot". I thought it would be something really fun, cause she had been talking about it for a week. But when we got there, she dressed me up and some guy I didnt know put me on a table and told me to stay. I wouldnt listen and this got mom upset. She told me that Good Girls listen and look pretty for pictures. So I tried, but it was hard and really boring. I was a little nervous because usually when I'm on tables a man stabs me with a thing Mommy calls a "shot". I don't like those and I thought a shot was the same as a shoot. But I didn't get hurt, they just kept changing my clothes and putting me on weird things. Mommy said I was a good girl and bought me a present. I love presents so I was a good girl for the rest of the week hoping to get more.
Then finally my dream came true. Tucker asked me to be his girlfriend!!! I am so excited. Hes so cute and dreamy and he really is the best boyfriend!! His mom made really cute pictures for us. Mommy was telling Daddy about us and I think he's upset thinking I will no longer be a Daddys girl, but I always will be!
On Friday it was Puge's Birthday. (he's my uncle, my grammys dog) He turned 14. Mommy said thats really old. He doesnt act old though, hes always chasing me around. Grammy didn't want to get him a cake like we did on my birthday so we got lots of treats all day long.
I hope next week is this great!!


The best Thanksgiving!!

November 25th 2005 8:27 pm
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I had the best Thanksgiving ever!! (it is only my 2nd, but still!) First I got to see all of my mommys family. Everyone wanted to play with me and hold me and feed me!! I was stuffed. My Auntie Amy cooked the best turkey, and she kept dropping some just for me :) After dinner and play time there, I got to go see my daddy's family!! Mommy and I drove all the way to New Hampshire to be with them. Daddy was so happy to see me. I got to play some more with my human cousins, and doggy cousins. Mommy and Daddy were to tierd to drive home, so we had a sleep over. It was so much fun. In the morning I got to play around with my cousin Sadie. Shes a little bigger than be, but we have so much fun horsing around!! I had the best 2 days! Now I'm exhausted and need to catch up on my sleep! Night Night


My first entry

November 14th 2005 3:25 pm
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Hi everyone! I'm so glad my mom signed me up for this!! I'm meeting so many friends and having so much fun looking at everyones pictures. I had a great weekend. My human cousin turned 1 and we had a huge party at my aunties house! Mommy dressed me up all pretty and I got lots of compliments. I even snuck in a little cake when mom and dad weren't looking. And best of all, all my favorite people were there, and I got to hang out with my doggy cousins, Bosco, Simba and Sadie. It was so much fun. I was so tired though, I slept away all of sunday.
Well off to play with ducky... I'll update later!! :)

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