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Gizmo is Free!

September 20th 2011 10:55 pm
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Thank you, Dogster!



September 18th 2011 11:32 pm
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Dear Dogster/Catster,

Please release Gizmo and Luke from the dog/cat of the week spots. It was wonderful to read all about them but now I would like to see another dog/cat honored there. For all of our pals out there please feel free to copy and paste this message and spread the word to Dogster/Catster that we would like to see Gizmo and Luke set free. FREE GIZMO (and Luke)!!!!!


Buffy the Basset from TN just came to the Bridge

June 21st 2010 2:23 pm
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I told her not to rush, but she was tired and needed to come here.

She's one of my oldest friends on Dogster.

She had 12 good years on Earth with her Mom and Dad. Her Dad is already here- they look very happy to be together again...

This is Buffy's page if you want to comfort her Mom:

Ms. Pie


Chester wants me to teach a class?

March 24th 2010 12:19 pm
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The little shrimp grew up to think he's a professor- who would have thought it?

On the other paw, I do know lots about his topic- Crossing the Bridge- and I am not selfish with my knowledge. Cranky, yes. Alpha Girrrl, hell yes! But not selfish.

I'm sure I can make an appearance to teach those pups a thing or two... It might even be fun.

Hmm- I should probably work on my Powerpoint presentation...


Thank you, mystery zealie giver!

December 30th 2009 1:23 pm
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Some nice pup gave my family 70 zealies yesterday- WOW!

My family promptly had a snowball fight... Blap!

Now we can give presents to lots of other pups- hurray!

I'm going to have trouble staying cranky if this keeps up...


This is ridiculous

May 4th 2009 3:15 pm
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Mulligan, a mere 6 year old, unexpectedly arrived at the Bridge today. Mokey, Ben and I still had room to share on our cloud, but NO MORE! The rest of my still-living friends are hereby directed- there is no more room 0n our cloud- NADA. Once you have completed your rich, full life on earth, you may find a lovely cloud in my immediate celestial neighborhood. Do NOT rush to get here (hear me Brandy and Buffy?)

I'll be happy to welcome you at the appropriate time, but this piling-on is unseemly.

I realize that dogs arrive at the Bridge not by choice, but be careful out there- your families love you and I've got plenty of company already.

Ms. Pie, completely serious- aka Don't Make Me Come Down There


Mr Ben, the sweetest Southern gent you'd ever meet, has- joined us

January 15th 2009 3:12 pm
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Mokey doesn't mind, and neither do I. Our cloud has memory foam, so we can sleep without disturbing each other.

Except for the occasional pillow fight, of course... This causes terrible blizzards on Earth, so we'll try to keep it down. (Sorry, Chicago- Mokey was snoring!)


I'm sharing my cloud...

December 2nd 2008 5:46 pm
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..with my dear friend Mokey, who just arrived.

She'll probably want to go digging in mud clouds tomorrow, if she's recovered from her journey.

Please hold her family in the Light.


How did I move to Wyoming when I'm dead, you may ask

September 25th 2007 3:58 pm
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The answer, of course, is that when your body is no longer alive you can go anywhere at anytime. I can check in on my loved ones- Mom, Dad, Mac, my annoying surviving sibling (that's you, Chester), visit other deceased souls, sunbathe, NAP, keep tabs on my special Dogster Pals, test clouds for sqooshiness...

Mom & Dad also brought my urn and ashes with them to WY, along with Domino's & Lizzie's urns. We're in the "sun room" now, which is much nicer than the storage unit, the moving van and the garage! Alpha Girrrls like to be comfortable, regardless of their circumstances...

Confidential to Ms. Minnie: Of course you can use my lawyer, dear. I have no need of him now; keep him busy!


My dear, dear friend Seva joined me at the Bridge today

September 9th 2007 8:06 am
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While I am happy for me, I'm sorry for all those who love her and are left behind.

I have spent many months since my arrival at the Bridge, preparing for Seva's arrival. I hope she likes everything!

Everybody kiss your dogs today and hold them close.

I'm sure Seva will want to go shoe shopping right away at the Prada outlet near her cashmere cloud; there's a 1/2 off sale today, in her honor.

(Igwe', you can stop hiding now. Seva's forgiven you, just like her Mommy predicted. What? Oh, the hammer. I'm sure she's just keeping it so she can hang pictures later. Yes, really. Um, pretty sure. Maybe you'd better play a few clouds over, just in case...)

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