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Sparky's Diary

My Trip (5/19/2002)

May 19th 2002 5:20 pm
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[Editor's Note: This is Sparky's first diary entry, from just after he moved in with us. I still think it's a good story.]

Dear Diary,

Today was a really fun day! I found out that even though there was a blanket over the top and front of my house, if I pulled on it really hard, most of it would come through the wires of the door, and then I could see out!

Ripley and Bubba have houses, too, but they're not covered up. I must be very important!

When the big, two-legged lady dog came home, she seemed really mad about the blanket, and barked really loud. I don't know why she seemed so upset that there were strings all over my house! I don't care, and they don't have to sleep there, so what's the problem?

Anyway, I think the boy big two-legged dog (I think his name is "Dammit, Kevin" - all the animals are named "Dammit" around here!) forgave me for the blanket incident (even though it wasn't my fault), because we got to go outside for a nice long walk.

He was going to get something outside, and I decided I should go help him.

Luckily, the fence inside isn't very high, so I just jumped over it, and he was propping the door open, so I just walked out to help him. I recognized most of the area in front of him, because it used to be my potty.

However, this time, I didn't have that annoying rope around my neck, so I could get around much more easily, and he couldn't tell me which way to go.

You know, it only takes a couple of seconds to get from the front of the house to the back if you go down the alley! It took the big two-legged boy dog a bit longer, so I slowed down to let him try to catch up. This was an important day for me, because I realized I'm the leader now! He followed me wherever I went.

We went a long way down the alley, but he's not very fast, so I had to keep stopping to let him catch up. He could never quite catch all the way up (he's much bigger than me!), but I always kept him in sight, so he wouldn't be afraid.

There is a neat passage between two of the houses, and it leads across a long, hard area with no grass. Big, loud animals usually run on these long, hard areas, but none of them were around, so I just crossed it to get to the soft area on the other side.

My new follower was still behind me, but he was holding his side. Maybe he was laughing. That was probably it, since his face was all red. His legs are longer than mine, so I wonder why he can't run faster? He would also stop to cheer me on: "Sparky! Sparky!" He's a good follower.

I went down another long, hard strip, until I saw three dogs by some wires that looked like my house, but there wasn't a top on it. It was too high to jump, so I couldn't go play with them. Then, they started making mean noises at me, so I decided to let the big, two-legged boy dog catch up, so it would be an even fight. I know we could beat them up. My follower is much bigger than them.

The big, two-legged boy dog wouldn't even fight them! He picked me up (most embarrassing!) and carried me all the way home. I suppose he was just showing that I was the leader, and that I shouldn't have to walk.

Boy, I thought Ripley and Bubba panted, but you should hear this guy after our walk!

Anyway, I'm back home now and the big, two-legged lady dog cooked me a good dinner a while ago, so I guess she forgot about the blanket. I think I'll get some rest. Maybe tomorrow I can go get those three dogs!





February 12th 2002 6:50 pm
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My name is Sparkplug Ulysses Gilhooly, but most folks around here just call me Sparky. My new mom Virginia found me in the same shelter as Ripley, and was going to foster me for the Humane Society, but I convinced her to just keep me, instead! (Ripley said the sad puppy look would work, and he was right!)

I'm still at the vet's office being checked out, but so far I'm pretty healthy. I have a slight case of ehrlichiosis (er-licky-what??) which is related to Lyme disease, so I'm bonding with my new mom already. She says now I have to drink Irish whiskey, so I can bond with my new dad. I think she's kidding.

I've never really had a home before, so I'm a bit confused on my heritage and age. (I was a stray, and a nice lady adopted me from the shelter. However, I got out of her yard to go check out some interesting smells, and she took me back to the shelter the next day! I would have gone back in the yard eventually. I didn't know I was supposed to stay in there.) I think I'm a mutt, like Ripley. I'm about three years old, maybe more. It's so confusing!

Ripley said that when I joined the family, we wouldn't be a family anymore, we'd be a ranch (hahaha!)

I hope to meet y'all soon.


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