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Just a silly little naughty pup named Hope

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Hope is a Hero

November 24th 2006 7:16 pm
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Thanksgiving morning when I took Hope out for a walk in our neighborhood, she really pulled me (in fact, she broke her leash). I thought she was just up to her naughty tricks. But no, she dragged me to an elderly woman who had fallen between two trash cans.

The elderly woman (her name is Gloria) was awake but confused. There was blood on the road by her head (which was still bleeding). Hope was calm standing by my side, while I yelled for help.

Neighbors came out, two men lifted Gloria up (and out of the street) and one woman had brought out a chair for her to sit on. Another woman had called 911 on her cell.

Gloria's son was not home, so she went outside to throw out some trash. She probably slipped (from the sidewalk to road) when she moved away from her walker to throw the trash away.

Hope and I waited until the paramedics got there. Hope was very calm (with lights and sirens all around us) and was gently kissing Gloria's hands. After I told the paramedics what had happened, Hope and I continued our walk. Gloria spent Thanksgiving in the hospital due to her head injury

Hope is my Hero. I'm blessed to have her in my life. So, this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Hope.

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving.


Dee (Hope's proud mom)


My adventures in PetSmart

November 6th 2006 11:54 am
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Mommy made this past weekend my Birthday weekend. Mommy took me to PetSmart on Saturday. She said I was her first doggie to go to a store with her. Brother Bubba was too territorial and sister Shayna was way too scared. Anyway, I barked all the way to the store because I would rather walk than be in a car.

When we got to the store, I saw a door opening and closing by itself. I only went through the door after I saw another doggie and some people go inside. The place was HUGE. I saw people, children, and doggies.

I pulled mommy everywhere. Finally, I smelled something yummy and dragged mommy to the pig ear and rawhide section. Since I'm on a special diet; I can't have most treats and/or cookies. I get special cookies from my doctor.

Mommy dragged me over to the side of the store, I thought she was going to punish me, but then I saw KITTIES. Mommy said they were fostered kitties and needed forever homes. One big black kitty made a face and hissed when he saw me. But, a little teeny weenie tiny baby boy grey tabby kitty looked at me. I lay down by his cage and our noses touched. We were both very calm. Mommy was feeding me my cookies as we looked at each other. Then he stuck his paw out for me to smell. When I touched it with my nose, it hurt a little bit, and I moved back. Mommy said the kitty needed his nails trimmed. I did not want to look at him after that so I got up and dragged mommy around the store again.

Mommy says we will know when it's time to add a new kitty or puppy to our family. Mommy was also very proud of me, and everyone said that I was very very sweet.

I love you mommy!




Today is my birthday

November 3rd 2006 9:35 am
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Today I'm three. Actually, we really don't know the exact date of my birth. Mommy adopted me on April 3, 2004. The shelter estimated my age at 5 months, so mommy gave me a birth date of November third. Yes, I am a Scorpio.

Mommy says that I am a big girl now, and cannot be naughty any more. I love being naughty, but I will try to be good for mommy because I love her very much.

Mommy said that I will have a birthday weekend. She may take me to PetSmart to look at the shelter kitties that need forever homes. Maybe, she will get me a kitty sister or brother.

So far my birthday is going great. When mommy and I went on our morning walk, I saw one of my boyfriends. He is big like Bubba was. We said "hello", and played for a while. His sister (pug) was also there. We said "hello" too. Mommy says I must be careful with little doggies and kitties so that I don't hurt them.

That's all for now.



PS: I got extra cookies this morning too, and mommy sang "Happy Birthday" to me several times.


My Adventures

October 16th 2006 11:00 am
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Saturday mommy took me to the Dog Fair. We saw lots of doggies. There were several Mals; they were hyper and mouthy just like me. One mal was too hyper to sleep with his mommy. He had to sleep in his crate. I love sleeping with my mommy.

I barked at all the doggies when they ran around the agility course, some barked back.

Oh, I met a very very big boy doggie. He weighed 210 pounds, and he was very tall too. He was with his mommy, and we said "hello". He was very friendly and his mommy wanted him to be a therapy dog. He also likes to swim in the ocean.

Mommy let me say "hello" to lots of doggies as we walked around. Most were friendly, but some growled at me. Mommy also lost my cookies as we walked (they fell out of the cookie pouch).

We stayed at the fair for a couple of hours and then we went home. I had lots of fun. I have the best-est mommy in the whole wide world. I love you Mommy!




Friends, friends, and more friends

October 10th 2006 9:58 am
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Mommy's been letting me say "hello" to more doggies and kitties when we walk. The kitties still puff up, make faces at me, and make a strange sound, but the doggies are friendly (esp. the boys - BOL).

Saturday, mommy is taking me to a dog fair. We went last year, and I had a very fun time. Mommy says I'm a big girl now, and I must be good. But, I still love being naughty. Next month, I will be three years old.



PS: Mommy took me to the park on Sunday. My doctor was there with his big boy doggie. We played a little, flirted, and I had fun. I met some smaller doggies too. I love my mommy very much. She is the best-est mommy in the whole wide world!


Grandma's Colon Cancer is in Remission

September 5th 2006 2:10 pm
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Grandma has Stage 4 Colon cancer. She told mommy (and mommy told me - mommy tells me everything) that her Oncologist in Florida said her cancer was in remission. This is very very good. I'm so happy for my Grandma. Grandma had her 82nd birthday on Sunday the third of September. I love my Grandma very very much.




Sunday, a pigeon pooped on my head

August 21st 2006 10:16 am
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When mommy took me for our walk yesterday morning, a pigeon pooped on my head. Mommy had to wipe the yucky green slimy goo off with a wet nap, and then she threatened me with a bath.

Naughty naughty Pigeon!




Bath time again

August 7th 2006 11:16 am
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Mommy, mommy, mommy, why must you bathe me?

So what if my hair sticks up, and I smell like a stinkleweed!

So what if my toes are dirty from all the miles we walk together, and I scratch and chew myself a little (after all, I AM a dog) and that's what WE dogs do!

I don't like to take a bath. Every doggy (and sometimes a kitty (or 2) too) sees me naked and wet. (BOL).

Anyway, my friends, mommy took me to South Bark Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful day, and I wanted to go on another walk, but noooo, mommy wanted to bathe me. When we got there, we had to wait, so mommy brushed me in the patio, and I said hello to some doggies also waiting to be bathed. Finally, my name was called (drat), and mommy had to drag me in the tub room.

Carlos put me in the tub (I wasn't going in without a struggle), and gave me my (calming) blueberry scented facial and head massage. Mommy left the washcloth on my head (with the blueberry scent on it) so that I would stay calm. Yeah, right! Would you be calm with your head and rear tethered to the tub, naked and wet for ALL the world to see? Well, would you? I didn't think so.

Mommy chose an Aloe shampoo followed by an Apples/Oat conditioner. She scrubbed and rubbed every inch of my body until I was squeaky clean and sweet smelling. I shook really hard many times (just 'cuz I knew I could get away with it) and got mommy very very wet (BOL). Finally, I got to jump out of the tub (no help needed from Carlos), and we went back to the patio for mommy to dry me.

More doggies were waiting their turns to be bathed and other doggies were getting dried. One doggie's mommy was using a noisy tube to dry her doggie. Mommy had lots of big clean towels for me to use. She also sprayed some smelly stuff on me and brushed it in. She paid for my bath and we finally went home.

Mommy took me for my long walk several hours later. All-in-all mommy is the best-est mommy in the whole wide world. Baths, now that's another story!



PS: When we got home, I scratched and chewed myself some more. After all, that's what doggies do, don't we? (BOL)


My diary is a today's pick

July 27th 2006 2:06 pm
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I was so happy when I got the E-Mail from Dogster. They chose me (the naughtiest of the naughty). Anyway, things are going OK here. It's still very hot.

My mommy is the best-est mommy in the whole wide world. She hasn't missed taking me out, and always has a spray bottle (with cold water) to cool me off. She has cookies too.

I try so hard to be a good girl , but I like to be naughty. I can't help it. It's just the way I am.




My Tail of Devotion for Hope

July 19th 2006 2:43 pm
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Hope, Hope, Hope,

Little did I know that when we adopted you on April 3, 2004 our family would eventually (actually, sooner than I thought) be just you and I.

After Bubba's big brother Nicholas (cat) died and his big sister Shayna died, within 7 months of each other, he became very depressed. Even Bubba's favorite vet tech Nina noticed that he was mopey. Bubba needed a little sister to love.

I knew Bubba's little sister would have to be large enough that he wouldn't hurt her if he fell on her, but she also had to be young enough to accept him as the leader.

I remember the first time I saw you in your cage (alone) at Helen Woodard's Animal Center. You were the only puppy that came to me when I called you. The people at the shelter named you "Sugar" because you were so sweet. When I called you, you sat in front of me, cocked your head from side to side (your half up ears were so cute), and kissed my fingers through the bars. Right then and there, I knew you were going to be part of my family.

Bubba and grandma were waiting in the car. We went into a little room to see how you and Bubba interacted with each other. You went over to Bubba and wanted to play immediately. Bubba was not so eager, so you nagged him until he played with you.

I decided to name you Hope because I hoped that you would be a good sister to Bubba. Instead, you were the best sister.

It took several hours before we could take you home with us. When we got home, you barked for joy and gave us all kisses.

Because of you, the last two years of Bubba's life was filled with joy, nibbles, and kisses. So many kisses! You loved your Bubba so much.

While grandma was living with us, you kept her on her toes (by being "naughty") for two years. I truly believe that your "naughtiness", kisses, and love kept grandma's colon cancer in check.

Because of you, we walk many miles twice a day. You are my best friend and I hope and pray that we have many many many more years together.



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