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Just a silly little naughty pup named Hope

Our Ninth Anniversary as a Family

April 3rd 2013 11:38 am
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Nine years ago today, mommy, grandma, Bubba, and me became a family.

I was about five months old. I was in a large cage when I saw mommy for the first time. The nice people at Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego, Ca. called me Sugar ‘cuz they said that I was very sweet.

Mommy called me over to her. When I came to her, and stuck my nose through the bars, she touched my nose. I kissed and nibbled her fingers. Then she was gone. I was sad. Why does everyone leave me all alone?

Soon the woman who feeds and plays with me opened my cage, put my leash on, and there was mommy. We walked for a while, and then I was back in my cage all alone again. Again, I was sad. What's wrong with me?

Next, I was taken to a room where I saw grandma and Bubba for the first time. Mommy was there too. I went over to play with Bubba. He was so big. He moved back when I jumped at him, wanting to play. I think that he was afraid of me ‘cuz I was so young and he was much older. Finally, he sniffed me with his cold nose and barked. After that, they took me away. I was sad again. Was I a bad girl?

The woman took me into another room (so many rooms that I didn’t know about). She weighed me. I weighed 30 pounds. She looked at my tummy boo-boo. She called it a “spay”. She also brushed my hair, sprayed me with something smelly, and told me I was going home. What is a home?

Soon, I saw mommy, grandma, and Bubba. They were smiling at me. Mommy put a red collar and leash on me. She called me Hope. I was happy and wagged my tail.

We walked outside. Grandma held my leash tight and mommy held Bubba’s leash. I had never been outside the shelter before. I was so excited. I jumped on grandma and knocked her over in the grass.

Yes, I've always been a naughty girl. I felt so bad so I kissed her face. Mommy helped grandma up, and we went into mommy’s car. Bubba sat in the back, and grandma held me in her arms, while mommy drove us home. I was very happy.

Even though my grandma and big brother Bubba are in heaven, leaving just mommy and me, I’m still so happy that mommy, grandma, and Bubba chose me to join their family.

Please, adopt your next dog and/or cat from a shelter, the humane society, animal control, and/or the pound. They need homes too!


Hope, NPC
Queen of Naughty

PS: All of mommy's babies (except sister Sarah) were adopted from a shelter. Mommy knows how much we need forever homes. Mommy found sister Sarah (approx. 3 months old) in 1981; she was tied, gagged, and thrown in a dumpster. Naughty naughty people.


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